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Re: Youth in ECK - Letter of Light - April 2009 Q&A #1

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Mish and All, IMO I m thinking Klemp s father was trying to get him to man-up and pull his weight with the farm chores, and that weird little Harry took
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 29, 2009
      Hi Mish and All,
      IMO I'm thinking Klemp's father was trying
      to get him to man-up and pull his weight
      with the farm chores, and that weird little
      Harry took exception to this and thought
      his father was bullying him when he pointed
      out his screw-ups and responsibilities.
      HK's father was, actually, teaching him
      and trying to toughen him up by having
      him go through a rite-of-passage via hard
      work and discipline. In truth, HK's father
      was his first Guru, Twitchell his second,
      and Gross his third and last.

      HK decided to reject his parents and the
      farm life (chores) and escape with his cousin
      into the all boys Lutheran seminary when
      he was to enter Junior High School. It had
      nothing to do with seeking God via religion.
      HK's cold-hearted dislike of his father is the
      real reason behind why Klemp didn't attend
      his father's funeral (circa October 19, 1971).
      I doubt that little Harry experienced any bullying
      at seminary school due, in part, to the all boys
      environment. However, I also think that this
      fact (the all boys environment) contributed
      to HK's arrested development which still
      rises its (his) ugly head. After all, it's
      apparent that Harry shows no empathy for
      his chelas when he continues to cap off higher
      initiations, with the 7th for almost all EK H.I.s!

      If I was in charge of ECKankar there would
      be around 3 12ths, 50 9ths, 300 8ths, and
      3,000 7ths by now, and that's being conservative!


      I believe studies show that bullies were once victims
      of other bullies. Instead of learning how to deal with
      the problem in a positive way, sometimes victims then
      become bullies themselves. I believe that Klemp was a
      victim of bullying in his youth. His anti-social behavior,
      withdrawing from interactions with others, and his anger
      point to having been hurt when young. He's felt picked
      upon and his solution has been to put himself in a position
      of power so he can bully others--his chelas! This is why
      he cannot turn the other check and punishes his chelas
      when they step out of line. Klemp's anger issues prevent
      him from having a forgiving nature and my hunch is he
      has never gotten over being bullied!


      prometheus wrote:

      > Q: "Why do people bully other people?
      > When I'm at school and when I go on
      > the bus in the afternoon, kids will fight
      > in the bus line and push each other.
      > What should I do about it?
      > --Leif, age 11
      > Phoenix, Arizona"
      > [ME]: If one rereads this they will see that
      > this kid isn't saying that he's being pushed,
      > or is the one being bullied. However, why
      > aren't there any teachers, or the principle,
      > watching what's going on? Why haven't Leif's
      > EK parents gotten involved or contacted the
      > school? Why isn't the Mahanta protecting
      > Leif and giving him (or his EK parents) "inner"
      > awareness, guidance, or reassurance of the
      > situation?
      > Klemp's Answer-
      > HK: "Dear Leif, Bullies are cowards or brutes.
      > What they have in common is a desire for
      > power over others. They may feel it gets them
      > respect. Others may demand lunch money.
      > [ME]: If Klemp would look into a mirror he
      > would see himself too! HK demands respect
      > and, also, has a common "desire for power over
      > others." This is why Klemp "slowed down" those
      > initiations! Instead of demanding "lunch money"
      > Klemp demands an "annual membership fee"
      > for ECKists to be eligible for initiations!
      > HK: "Have you noticed how animals often see
      > bullies in their own groups? There is generally
      > a top dog, a top cat, a boss chicken, cow, bull,
      > deer, wolf, and the like."
      > [ME] Isn't Klemp the "Boss Chicken" (Bully) over
      > the other "Boss Chickens" (RESAs)?
      > HK: "The leader of a group enjoys more privileges:
      > more freedom, better food, a choice of mates--
      > or all the mates. They respond to a law of the
      > animal world, which is, the strong rule the weak."
      > [ME]: This is why little Harry positioned himself,
      > at the ESC, under Gross. Klemp wanted to be the
      > "Boss Chicken" in the EK Henhouse!
      > HK: "Humans, unfortunately, often act like bullying
      > animals. They have not learned the social graces."
      > [ME]: True, and Klemp hasn't learned anything
      > except how to emulate Twitchell and his make-
      > believe heros (EK Masters) "as if."
      > HK: So what can you do about a bully in your
      > case? Avoid him or her if possible. Or team
      > up with one or two friends and stick together,
      > challenging a bully who decides to pick on
      > you or them."
      > [ME] Has Klemp ever heard of Columbine?
      > This might have been good advice 30 or
      > 40 years ago, but today it could be ill-advised.
      > HK: "Also tell a teacher or parent about the
      > bully. Ask them for help."
      > [ME] Shouldn't this be the first step for the
      > kid to take instead of adding it as an afterthought?
      > HK: "Above all, ask the Mahanta for assistance.
      > This should give you plenty of ideas on how to
      > deal with bullies."
      > [ME]: I'm betting that "asking the Mahanta
      > for assistance" was the first step that this
      > kid took. It's obvious that he has ECK parents!
      > The "Mahanta" didn't come through because
      > belief in the "Mahanta" and his "powers" is
      > an imaginary game that all religions play!
      > Actually, writing this letter and asking HK
      > these questions, for answers, is how Leif,
      > and all ECKists, have to "ask the Mahanta for
      > assistance." The "inner" channels are simply
      > for pretend when one looks to a fake Master
      > like Klemp! All should use their own Divine
      > SOUL Awareness and eliminate the middleman!
      > Prometheus
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