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HK's "The Holy Fire of ECK, Book 3"

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    Getting Back to Basics More from The H.I. Letter - March 2009 - Page 5 The book is full of Vahana (missionary) pep talks and over uses quotes from
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      "Getting Back to Basics" More from
      The H.I. Letter - March 2009 - Page 5

      The book is full of Vahana (missionary)
      pep talks and over uses quotes from
      Twitchell's 39 year old Shariyats, as
      well as, The Tiger's Fang.

      The following is a preview excerpt of
      Klemp's latest book for EK H.I.s and
      is taken from The H.I. Letter-March
      2009-Page 5:

      Fire of ECK Book 3 by Harold Klemp-

      HK: "People can test the very limits
      of your patience. And so often they do.
      That robs you of whatever peace and
      contentment you thought you had once

      [ME]: Isn't this basic to any aspect of life
      whether one is following a religion or not!
      Thus, Why do H.I.s need to be spoken to
      in this manner? There's "basic" and then
      there's the distraction, denial, and cover-up.
      Apparently, the Mahanta promoted people
      that didn't deserve it because he didn't
      "Know" any better and neither do they!

      HK: "So how do you get back to the
      basics of life? Go back to the big picture."

      [ME]: The "big picture" is that everything
      that comes to you (the H.I.) is Not due to
      the intercession of another person (HK)
      who claims to be more Divine than you!

      HK: "In The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad, Book
      Two, it says:

      'If a chela of ECK can have no peace within
      himself, it is written that he cannot bring
      peace to others. The mystery of peace
      is found only within one, and he has to
      distribute his state of selflessness to others
      to bring degrees of peace; that is, if they
      are ready and willing to accept this quality
      of God within themselves.'"

      [ME]: First, this philosophy of having peace
      within oneself before bringing peace to others
      is in many secular writings before Jesus' time
      and is No mystery! However, even Jesus said
      something about removing the sliver from
      your own eye before removing it from your

      However, it seems that the chelas' mission
      is to sell or "distribute" his new found state
      of consciousness to others in order to have
      more "degrees." Of course, if others don't
      want to accept the con of ECKankar then it
      only means that they aren't "ready and willing"
      or can't handle the "quality" of EK. This attitude
      has the effect of producing arrogant and
      deluded H.I.s.

      HK: "Doesn't that evoke the very picture
      of Peddar Zaskq in The Tiger's Fang as
      he looks upon the warring worlds within
      him? Somehow, he had to learn to resolve
      that ruinous conflict within himself. He did,
      and you can too."

      [ME]: What? Being the observer outside of
      the field of action without true participation?
      Or, is Klemp saying that Twitchell's "travels"
      to these warring worlds and other Planes
      didn't really happen? Maybe that's why P.T.'s
      Master, Kirpal Singh, had problems with
      The Tiger's Fang manuscript too! Or, maybe
      it's all up to the individual to work it out
      (within and without oneself) and by oneself
      via Self-reliance and omit the middleman

      HK: "Again the Shariyat, Book Two
      says this:

      'Those living in the state of selflessness
      will speak gently and carefully, selecting
      their words to give life to others.'"

      [ME]: Shouldn't one be selfless to Self
      instead of to ECKankar? This is simply
      a promotion for H.I.s to get out there
      (or remain out there) and do intros, EWS,
      workshops, volunteer, sell/buy books,
      and sell ECKankar.

      HK: "Now, this can only happen when
      you are at peace within yourself....
      So everything begins with peace.
      Without it, there is no selflessness.
      No reaching a true seeker. No dealing
      effectively with the many people you
      run across in your everyday duties and

      [ME]: I think that the "true seeker"
      is an innate part of everyone as Soul.
      One Does Not have to be seeking
      inner or outer peace. One could be
      seeking Divine Love, knowledge, or
      understanding. Of course, this does,
      usually, lead to introspection and to
      greater awareness and inner peace,
      and this tends to produce greater
      outer peace as well.

      HK: "It is vitally important for you
      to periodically make a careful assessment
      of yourself.

      Who are you?

      Where are you?

      What are your spiritual goals?

      Have they inadvertently slipped from the
      lofty standards you had once set for yourself?

      Lots of questions, these." [thanks Yoda!]

      [ME]: I'll answer these questions "as if"
      the average H.I. would answer them.

      HK: "Who are you?"
      H.I.: Soul!

      HK: "Where are you?"
      H.I.: Here (and) There... Everywhere!

      HK: "What are your spiritual goals?"
      H.I.: To become an EK Master, or
      to reach God-Realization in this lifetime,
      and to never come back to the Lower Planes

      HK: "Have they inadvertently slipped from the
      lofty standards you had once set for yourself?"
      H.I.: Not inadvertently! But Yes! You (Klemp)
      slowed down the Initiations and created more
      and more hoops (requirements) to jump through
      for Clerics, Initiators, and EK Spiritual Aids.
      ECKists can claim God-Realization but does
      one's level of initiation prove that this claim
      is valid? And, since Mahanta reliance has become
      a requirement, where has Spiritual Liberation
      and Self-Mastery gone to? Thus, the goals
      that were once seen in the beginning have
      been taken away (switched) with a slight-of
      -hand trick by another Black Magician!

      HK: "The Shariyat, Book Two, puts it all into
      perspective. It's a reminder about the
      power of the Spiritual Exercises of ECK."

      [ME]: Both Shariyats were written by Twitchell
      around 1970 -1971. This is 2009! Don't H.I.s
      deserve more from Klemp than quotes from
      a 39 year old publication that is available to
      the public! Plus, since "the Shariyat, Book Two
      puts it all into perspective" why spend $16.00
      on Klemp's book? Besides, as I once said, why
      not offer these redundant words of wisdom in
      a FREE EK Discourse to H.I.s?

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