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Re: The Mahanta (God) Sometimes Gives Protection & Blessings

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  • Non ekster
    All of this sounds a lot like the Mafia mentality. Klemp is just a Mafia Boss. Of course it s all a Hoax. Actually, it is on the same level as a playground
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 18, 2009
      All of this sounds a lot like the Mafia mentality. Klemp is just a Mafia Boss. Of course it's all a Hoax. Actually, it is on the same level as a playground child Bully or any idiot claiming to have psychic powers that no one else has, conning everyone who will believe them. The eckankar fraud is no different than some of the Greedy Creditors who raise your interest rate for being one minute late on making your payment. It's all about trapping you into a debtor belief system, a debt that can never be paid off.

      In reality there is no debt and no protection. Klemp has no clothes! Just like the Emperor had no clothes. Klemp in Air Ports certainly has no clothes and would be arrested right away. lol

      Non ekster ; )

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "prometheus_973" <prometheus_973@...> wrote:
      > Yes, Klemp's so-called "Protection" and
      > "Blessings" i.e. "Gifts from the Master"
      > are rather arbitrary! But, Klemp, (the M/LEM),
      > claims He is "always with you" (the chela).
      > Thus, anything and everything can be
      > attributed to Klemp. BTW-Who gave these
      > gifts and blessings to ECKists prior to
      > Klemp and even prior to ECKankar? Plus,
      > who (or which God or Godman) takes
      > care of the other billions of people in
      > the world via "gifts" and "blessings?"
      > Even the most mundane (Positive) events
      > are attributed to the intercession of the
      > Mahanta (Klemp). HK's motto should be:
      > "No job is too small!" Actually, it could
      > very well be that this motto was originally
      > "inspired by" EK Master Fubbi Quantz!
      > However, with Negative events it gets
      > rather confusing for ECKists. Most chelas
      > wonder, at times, if their problems were
      > caused by: past life Karma; present life
      > Karma; the KAL testing them; the Mahanta
      > "testing" them.
      > Klemp tells "Lower" Initiates their Negative
      > effects/experiences was "Karmic" while
      > he tells "Higher" Initiates it was a "test."
      > If "tests" are mostly Negative and "blessings"
      > and "gifts" are Positive aren't all of these
      > from the KAL instead of from the Mahanta?
      > Since KAL is in charge of the Lower Planes and
      > Karma is both Good/positive and Bad/negative
      > aren't the "Gifts of/from the Master" also White
      > or Gray Karma and thus White Magic? Sure!
      > Or, are ALL the "higher tests" by the Mahanta
      > because these are his H.I.s and are "above" Karma
      > and Magical Effects? Thus, the tests of KAL (the
      > devil or satan) only affects those H.I.s who have
      > "fallen" from the Mahanta's grace. They've gone
      > to or have been influenced by the Dark Side of
      > the Force. Sounds both Bibical and sci-fi doesn't
      > it! That's because PT's and Klemp's ECKankar
      > is both Myth and Science Fiction!
      > But, why do H.I.s leave ECKankar when they
      > were under Klemp's "Protection?"
      > Klemp recently said, in The Mystic World - Ask
      > the Master - March 2009, "Giving a Gift or doing
      > a 'kindness' is in the Grayish White Area of White
      > Magic.
      > Therefore, from the mouth of the Master, Klemp's
      > protection, blessings, and gifts are White Magic!
      > In truth, Klemp gives nothing but hope, empty
      > promises and delusional thinking. After all, he's
      > selling ECKankar, another, Religion of God!
      > Prometheus
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