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Darwin wanted to let ECKists decide about PT's teachings!

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  • prometheus_973
    It seems that Darwin wanted ECKists to read the unrevised writings of Twitchell and decide for themselves. Perhaps, Darwin thought that since Twitchell was the
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      It seems that Darwin wanted ECKists to
      read the unrevised writings of Twitchell
      and decide for themselves. Perhaps, Darwin
      thought that since Twitchell was the only
      Mahanta for the next 1,000 years that
      the words of HK (the LEM) were secondary.
      [HK has never written a Shariyat 3 & 4]
      After all, how long do EKists (Masters in
      training) need to follow a lower plane LEM
      with lower plane words and teachings via
      a lower plane org (ECKankar)?


      I wonder how much ECKankar is
      worth today? The EK Membership
      will never know!

      It seems that Gross wanted to make
      Twitchell's unrevised writings available
      when/if ECKankar is dissolved and let
      people decide for themselves. Later,
      Gross was inspired to started up A.T.O.M.

      This letter shows that Darwin mistakenly
      wrote to the EK Board of Trustees thinking
      they had the same authority as when he
      was the LEM. Unfortunately, Klemp revised
      the organization's rules, thus, giving himself
      sole authority and power over the EK Board.

      Post Office Box 68290
      Oak Grove, OR 97268
      April 15, 1992

      Officer, Directors or Trustee
      ECKANKAR Corporation
      3001 Louisiana Avenue North
      Minneapolis, MN 55427

      To Whom It May Concern:

      This is to recommend a means for making
      Sri Paul Twitchell's original writings available
      to the public when the Eckankar Corporation
      is dissolved. I have proposed a non-profit
      trust whose task it would be to distribute the
      writings in their original form, letting Paul's
      writings speak for themselves. I came to
      appreciate their importance first hand, even
      before Paul designated me his successor;
      guardian of the teachings he so eloquently

      The original writings of Sri Twitchell were
      appraised as having little residual commercial
      value a decade ago. Subsequent events are
      certain to further that opinion. I would however
      attempt to find ways and means of making the
      original, unrevised writings available once more.
      It would be a very considerable task and require
      serious funding, something I have declined to
      pursue in recent years. I have been unwilling
      to start a second organization and create the
      appearance of two paths. Paul wrote of one body
      of teachings promulgated by one line of teaching
      masters, a tradition I have earnestly sought
      to preserve.

      I can't honestly predict what might be done
      in the face of such daunting obstacles. In 1971,
      when I was chosen to lead the organization, it's
      net worth was considerably less than $50,000.
      The organization's finances flourished during
      the decade which followed. In 1981 we had
      a liquidation value in excess of $35,000,000.
      Circumstances have greatly changed over
      subsequent years however. One would need
      to approach it very differently today, taking
      into account all that has transpired.

      My goal would be to simply make the original
      writings of Paul Twitchell available and let the
      public decide, those who are sincerely interested
      in understanding what he believed and taught.
      I would also hope to create a Paul Twitchell history
      exhibit, one featuring his manuscripts, memorabilia,
      tapes and the recollections of those who knew
      him well. He was a gifted and controversial teacher,
      not to mention a prolific writer. I believe making
      his life work available in that manner would shed
      light on the man and his message.

      The original writings of Paul Twitchell and their
      public availability are my sole concern, as outlined
      in this letter. This is to request that I be put in
      touch with the appropriate person(s), that suitable
      arrangements may be worked out as soon as possible.

      Yours in the Spirit of Truth,

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