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The H.I. Letter- March 2009 -Ask the Master

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  • prometheus_973
    Q: Sometimes we re asked to clarify that we chant only HU when together in groups. Is it permitted to chant other holy words in certain circumstances, e.g.,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2009
      Q: "Sometimes we're asked to clarify that
      we chant only HU when together in groups.
      Is it permitted to chant other holy words
      in certain circumstances, e.g., at chela or
      H.I. retreats?"

      ME: Strange, that this question is still being
      asked! What do the "EK Guidelines" say? Apparently
      H.I.s aren't reading them! Well, local H.I.s
      need to write this down... again! Don't H.I.s
      pay attention to Klemp's list of do's and don'ts?
      But, isn't it, also, interesting that H.I.s have
      to get HK's "permission" to chant a "charged"
      word! Charged word! Now that's a joke too!

      HK: "Please stick to HU for Group Chanting
      that includes initiates of levels ONE to FOUR."

      ME: Right! The Lower ECK Initiates can't deal
      with a Group Chant of any other EK words that
      are out there in the public which are more "charged"
      than the HU. It would confuse them and throw
      them off balance even if they did it in the Master's
      name. Does this make sense, or is it just another
      rule and control tactic?

      HK: "Also, sing HU in Groups of Higher Initiates
      Mixed with those levels or that include newcomers."

      ME: Don't Lower Initiates get any respect? Klemp
      includes them with "Newcomers" who are ZERO
      initiates! And, doesn't this say something about
      the HU? It doesn't seem like it's much of a "charged"

      HK: "For H.I.-ONLY GROUPS it is All Right to Sing
      Aloud SUGMAD, HU, ECK (it's easier to do if spelled
      out as E-C-K), Mahanta, Z, and Wah Z."

      ME: How about "singing aloud" and "spelling out"
      another charged, but accurate, word for Klemp,

      HK: "Those are the Essential, Most Highly Charged
      Words for Chanting by Higher Initiates in Groups."

      ME: None of these are Secret, Magical, or "Charged
      Words!" They're printed in ECK Brochures! What
      makes any word "charged" when words are Lower
      Plane! Besides, there are other, less familiar EK words
      that could be used instead for private H.I.Group
      Chants! Just look at the "Worlds of ECK" chart on
      page 232 of Klemp's EK Lexicon. BTW- Why is Klemp
      publicizing "Charged Words" if these are actually
      "Charged." After all, even "Newcomers" could get
      together (in Groups) privately and chant these same
      H.I. Group words! Really, don't these words lose their
      "Magical" Charge when they're put out there to the
      public? Isn't that like casting one's pearls before

      Anyway, this just goes to show how controlling
      and lame Klemp is. H.I.s can't Group Chant AKSHAR
      or SOAMI because Klemp hasn't given them permission!

      HK says "jump" and H.I.s say "how high?" Yet, these
      are supposedly "charged words," as well, and haven't
      been out there in the public eye like the others! Why
      is it that I know more than the Mahanta? Also, why
      can't HK just use these two little EK words, as examples,
      of what could be used without making an approved
      list. If H.I.s are ever going to practice discrimination,
      never fear, and live free with their own "inner" guidance
      why do they need an approved list of words anyway?

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