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Klemp Doesn't Teach Non-Violence!

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  • prometheus_973
    The ECKankar teachings and Klemp himself have supported ECKists choice to be in the Military and Law Enforcement. However, why hasn t ECKankar, and Klemp,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2009
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      The ECKankar teachings and Klemp himself
      have supported ECKists' choice to be in the
      Military and Law Enforcement. However, why
      hasn't ECKankar, and Klemp, supported Non-
      Violence via Not Supporting Military and Law
      Enforcement Service choices for EK chelas?

      The U.S. doesn't have Mandatory Military
      Service (a Draft). If we did would Klemp
      support the draft just like he supports the
      military now? Yes, he has said as much!
      Isn't it strange that there aren't any EK Laws
      that clearly support Non-Violence! Sure
      there's the Law of Noninterference (pg.150),
      but EK Vahanas don't even follow that one!

      And, one would think that Non-Violence would
      come under some "EK Law," or be a Law unto
      itself... The Law of Non-Violence! Sounds nice,
      but No!

      However, wouldn't the "Law of Spiritual Evolution"
      (pg.121) include Non-Violence? Still, Klemp
      thinks that it's okay for his chelas to violate
      "Spiritual Law" via supporting their Violent
      Professions! What kind of a Mahanta is this?

      I know that ECKists try being neither for, or
      against anything, but wouldn't it be a better
      choice to choose a Non-Violent and "positive"
      lifestyle? Why doesn't Klemp ever talk about
      Non-Violence? I know HK's no Gandhi, but
      shouldn't he try to come close? Klemp may
      see this as a "White Karma" choice, but isn't
      that better than Black Karma? I don't know
      maybe that's a "Gray" area too.

      On the other hand it does seem that Non-Violence
      is the "higher" road. Why then doesn't Klemp (the
      Greatest Mahanta Ever) teach the highest path?

      On another note: I noticed that not all of the ECK
      Laws are listed together in HK's EK Lexicon. The
      Law of Non-Interference (pg.150) is not listed with
      the other EK Laws on pages 120, 122, 123.

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