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    Quote ... Comments on Postings by Soultraveler: Paul Twitchell and Eckankar Soultraveler s defense of Paul Twitchell is understandable since there is always
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      Comments on Postings by Soultraveler: Paul Twitchell and Eckankar

      Soultraveler's defense of Paul Twitchell is understandable since
      there is always more than one side of an argument. However, since
      1965, Paul Twitchell and Eckankar expended millions of dollars of
      our contributions proclaiming their side of the story to the world,
      albeit a distorted one. It is somewhat ironic, therefore that your
      defense of Paul and Eckankar has him in the role of defendant and
      you as his defense attorney. Of course, none of this would even be
      necessary if Paul had chosen to tell the truth from the beginning
      rather than to deceive thousands of sincere truth seekers, with a
      series of lies, fabrications, and distortions that rival in their
      audacity and megalomania any that have ever been foisted on an
      unsuspecting public.

      Having set forth the argument and evidence that substantiates this
      point in Confessions, some may wonder why I find it necessary to
      reiterate some of this evidence in this posting. The reason is
      simple. Seekers, just finding out about the Eckankar conspiracy of
      deception, find the evidence shocking if not overwhelming. As
      indicated in an earlier posting, many stay on the fence for months,
      even years, longing for something that will restore the sacrosanct
      position that Paul and Eckankar once held for them. So that they
      will not again be duped by an equally fabricated tale of Paul
      Twitchell's motives and intentions, the true record of what he said
      and did must be shown.

      Based on the evidence presented in Chapter 9 of Confessions, dealing
      with the history that demonstrates his psychology, the conclusion
      that Paul Twitchell was a pathological liar is inexorable. Attempts
      to show benign motives behind the extensive pattern of lies and
      deception that followed in his wake are disingenuous at best and a
      continuing deception at worst. I know this is a terribly
      uncomfortable conclusion about someone who meant so much too so
      many. Paul, in his own way, provided a base of information, which
      he gleaned from other paths that started many on their inner and
      outer spiritual quest. However, Paul used truth as a wedge to
      instill Eckankar's dogma, fabrication, and curses into the minds of
      thousands of devoted followers.

      Many of Soultraveler's explanations appear reasonable on the
      surface, they ignore Paul's words, deeds and other evidence that
      represent the real record of his life on this plane. In fairness to
      Paul and to truth, it is important to remind those beguiled by the
      inventiveness of your defense, what the real record of Paul's
      actions and words really were. When we look at them, the high-
      minded and well though out strategy that you present as his defense,
      is trumped by baser motives revealed by his excesses.

      The Shariyat Ki Sugmad
      The truth behind the bible and other "holy" books is buried under
      centuries of cover-up and ignorance. Even the few recent scholars
      who have seen it for what it is make little impact on the clergy or
      the faithful who have been educated on this deception. Neither the
      clergy nor the faithful know or want to know the truth. This
      information is not taught in divinity schools and has even been
      excised from the Catholic Encyclopedia, the popular repository of
      Christian history. Nor is it embraced by the majority of scholars
      who leap right over the historical truth about the Bible and use the
      pious fraud (fabrication) and Pseudepigraphy (inserting false names
      and false artifacts) to justify the deception. In both Christianity
      and Islam, the truth has been hidden for so long that the current
      crop of ministers and imams can to some degree be excused because of
      an honest ignorance of the true story behind both Christianity and
      Islam (the Koran incorporates much of the Torah)

      But Paul is not entitled to this free pass. Paul knew that he was
      lying and intentionally lied and fabricated in order to secure a
      following. Any argument that lying was essential to the
      establishment of Eckankar and securing a following demeans all
      sincere followers who believed that he was telling the truth and
      followed him because of it. Nor can it be argued that the truth is
      less stimulating than the lie that Paul propagated. Certainly, the
      realization that inner experiences are shaped by the belief
      structure of the individual and are not to be regarded in the same
      manner as physical plane experiences, is as thrilling and as
      revealing as Paul's (and Harold's) efforts to selectively
      misrepresent the meaning of inner experiences.

      The Church justified pious fraud because the education and state of
      consciousness of the masses was so low that they could not handle
      the truth even if indeed the Church fathers knew it themselves. But
      Paul was not dealing with such people. Many had unfolded spiritually
      and could not imagine that a spiritual leader would intentionally
      lie to them just to get a following. Why would someone proclaim
      that his religion was the oldest and highest path in the universe
      and was the precursor of all other religions if not to gain an
      advantage over other religions and secure a ready following? There
      is little that is noble or spiritual in these misrepresentations.
      The simple point is that Paul lied to get a following.

      He manipulated and interchanged the words Eck, Eckankar and Mahanta
      in such a way that it induced some of the most educated and
      spiritually advanced souls to follow his path and to believe in the
      interchangeability of these expressions. Cons are always successful
      in getting people to join or benefit from a hot new product, whether
      a money scheme or religion. Paul had a lot to offer the gullible
      (and I was one). Never having to reincarnate, all my problems taken
      care of by the mahanta and initiations leading directly to God
      Realization—a pretty good package of goodies for $100 a year.
      Besides, how could anyone disagree with the "Son of God", the Only
      representative of God in the Universe and the only person through
      whom spirit flows to all the worlds all wrapped up in a neat little
      package called the Mahanta. All of this was made up by Paul to
      mislead and gain a following. None of it was true except in the
      imagination and therefore the inner experiences of the true

      Your efforts to rehabilitate the image of Paul Twitchell are not
      unlike those attempted by Harold Klemp in the years following his
      take over of duties from Darwin Gross. However, unwittingly, Harold
      provided much of the fodder that permitted an in-depth look at
      Paul's psychological state. The evidence provided by Harold led to
      conclusion that Paul had major problems with telling the truth from
      an early age. His penchant for prevarication exacerbated in his
      later years.

      The problem with attempts to rehabilitate Paul's image is that all
      of these words essentially amount to the justification of a lie and
      a liar, no matter how well intentioned. Paint this picture with
      many colors, show that others did the same thing, and indicate the
      level of ignorance of the public and their gullibility and you are
      still left with the same picture. That picture is of a man who
      either disregarded, felt disdain for, needed the money or simply
      wanted to succeed with his new religion so much that he was prepared
      to say anything and do anything to achieve that goal.

      He appeared not to be concerned with the harm that would befall
      those who believed in his curses and entered his web or deception.
      Once they awakened to the deception, they would be on their own for
      Eckankar's only approach to those who ask too many questions is
      abandonment. This callous approach is justified by some as
      experiences anticipated, if not planned for by Paul, as a means of
      providing valuable lessons about being gullible. Some have the
      temerity to explain the lie in these terms as if they were all a
      part of the grand omniscient plan that Paul envisioned. From this
      logic, anything done by anyone can be justified and explained as the
      actions of a prescient being who saw more and knew more than
      others. Under this logic, he was above the mortal limitation of
      truth. Such is the delusion and self deception that can occasion
      efforts to transmute the history and record of a pathological liar
      albeit a holy one, into the omniscience and prescience of a
      spiritual giant who saw all this in advance as part of his plan all
      along. Under this logic, the image of many an historic leper could
      be redeemed and transmuted into its opposite.

      For those whose compass of truth is more grounded and for whom truth
      is the sine qua non, the curtain has been pulled back and the truth
      evident. However, the true believer will quickly grasp at any straw
      of redemption for the beloved leader. They are more comfortable
      with myths, legends, and masters. They are not yet prepared to
      accept the greater freedom and spiritual growth that attends
      recognition that they are no different from the "masters" they
      revere. They are One with ALL THAT IS, but find this realization to
      much to encompass at this time. Nevertheless, this is how it must
      be. Spiritual growth cannot exceed the scope of truth that can be
      absorbed at any given time. However, their encounter with a higher
      truth always leaves a mark, plants a seed, expands the envelope to
      which consciousness eventually expands. In the mean time, it is
      important not to become a cheerleader for the missteps of others.
      It is equally important not to make truth so complicated that we
      lose our innate ability to discern truth from non-truth for this is
      the most important inner compass that we possess.

      Chapters 5 thru 10 of Confessions, spell out in detail the true
      story of Paul Twitchell and the trail of deception and fabrication
      for which he and other leaders of Eckankar were responsible. If you
      have not read these chapters or have forgotten their contents,
      wishing instead to believe a latter day version of Paul Twitchell's
      life, would do well to read or reread these pages. Then you will be
      able to discern whether the alternate historical version of Paul's
      life is more "Paul in Wonderland" or a real reflection of what he
      did and said during his lifetime.

      We are left with the fact that what he said and wrote in so many
      instances were lies and stories, perfect bait for the gullible who
      would believe. As a student of the "big lie" he would make
      proclamations about the preeminence of Eckankar vis-à-vis other
      religions that his successors would shy away from if not run away
      from them. He knew that few would question or disbelieve a lie if
      it were big enough for history supported this premise. So Paul told
      a lie so grand that it trumped the dogma (the lies) on which all
      other religions were based. He proclaimed himself the exclusive
      representative of God in this universe and all universes beyond this
      one on all planes of existence. Who could get more powerful than
      this? Who wouldn't want to be associated with a teaching that had
      the exclusive representative of God on Earth as its leader? His lie
      was so grand, so outrageous that no one would ever imagine that he
      could or would lie about something as sacrosanct as this.

      In spite of attempts to resuscitate Paul's image and his motives,
      his contemporaries told the real story. Dr. Bluth, former President
      of Eckankar, his physician and close friend, told of the mundane
      facts that prompted Paul to do what he did. He wrote:

      "He borrowed my books of Radha Soami and copied a large share from
      them. I helped him write the Herb book. . . . I confronted him with
      what he had done and his answer was `since the author of the book
      said it better than I could, I copied it.' The trouble is that he
      never gave anyone credit as to where he got it."

      Another friend of Paul, who knew him during the days before and
      after he formed Eckankar, is the well-known writer and spiritual
      teacher of Kriya Yoga, Roy Eugene Davis, the director of Center of
      Spiritual Awareness and a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda.

      "On one occasion they [Orion Magazine] informed me that they had
      rejected Paul's then most recent article because he had used entire
      paragraphs from a book on Mental Science by Judge Thomas Troward.
      After that incident his articles were no longer accepted by the
      editors of Orion Magazine. I knew about this situation long before
      David Lane wrote about [it] in his book, which was published years

      One of the less well know motivations for Paul's actions was money.
      His good friend Dr. Bluth pointed this out when he wrote:

      "Problems between him and his wife Gail led him to believe she was
      going to leave him and he desperately wanted to keep her. So when
      she demanded more money and better living, he started to write
      things and copy from other books."

      Observing similar monetary motivations for his work, Roy Eugene
      Davis noted:

      "Unmarried at that time, Paul lived alone. . . . He told me that he
      had been initiated by Kirpal Singh but was no longer affiliated with
      him. During one of my visits Paul pointed to some notebooks and
      binders on a shelf by his writing desk and said, "One day those are
      going to make me rich." At a later meeting he said, "To be
      successful in a big way, you have to have your own movement.
      Paramahansa Yogananda had his Self-Realization Fellowship; L. Ron
      Hubbard has his Scientology; Eckankar is my thing."

      He also observed:

      "When I next visited San Diego, Paul and I had lunch. . . . I asked
      him about the claims of various people that he visited them in
      dreams and by astral projection. He chuckled, and said, "You know,
      if you tell people something long enough they'll start to believe

      "Paul's claim that he was representative of a line of enlightened
      spiritual masters was fiction. My impression of him was that he had
      a deep psychological need for recognition and to accomplish
      something that would impress others."

      These are the observations of friends who knew him over a period of
      time and who were willing to share their insights into the man.
      These observations are quite different to the nobler and well-
      considered strategies that Soultraveler puts forth as the
      revisionist version of Paul's motivation and history.

      These are just a few of countless quotes and facts that evidence a
      very different and calculated Paul Twitchell who knew what he was
      doing and did it anyway. He wanted to build a religion and a
      following and he did not seem to care too much how he did it. Even
      Harold Klemp drew this conclusion, as he justifies Paul's
      promotional prevarications in Machiavellian terms:

      "I saw an article in the obituary column in one of the West Coast
      newspapers a few weeks ago about a seventy-seven-year-old lady who
      had founded a certain church many years ago. But who ever heard of
      it? This talent of self-promotion was necessary for Paul's mission."

      This was also one of the reasons that Paul changed his perspective
      and turned Eckankar into a religion. He was well aware of the
      deceptions and fabrications in his writings. If he made Eckankar a
      religion, no one could legally question the truth of what he wrote
      for it would constitute religious dogma protected by the
      Constitution of the United States. If it were merely a non-profit
      organization, like HCS, it would be subject to a much higher legal
      standard of truth. It has none of the legal protections that the
      dogma and myths of religions can look to for protection. That is
      also why Scientology became a religion. When you have something to
      hide, such as the truth behind your public story, there is no better
      protection than that provided by the First Amendment to the
      Constitution of the United States.

      This is the real Paul. This is not to say that he did not have some
      sincere and positive motives also. I believe he did. But his
      penchant for prevarication, which fit all the clinical parameters of
      a pathological liar, stand at the ready to offer a far more
      factually based explanation for Paul's actions and his words.

      But you have to give it to Paul. Like the magician who tricked the
      public in full view, some people seem far more inclined to believe
      the trick rather than the truth behind the trick.

      Finally, this attention on Paul Twitchell and Eckankar does not
      help the truth-seeker. Focusing on someone else and whether they
      were honorable or not is not the essential spiritual question. We
      are our own path to the ONE. While others can teach, their teaching
      should lead the seeker within him/herself not into hours of debate
      about the ethics of the teacher.

      In the end, Paul Twithchell and all the others who perpetuate the
      deception, the dishonesty and the cover-up will have to deal with
      the consequences for their spiritual growth. The justification
      that "our mythology and dogma is as good as any and better than
      most" is fine for the "gatekeeper" but not for the truth seeker. In
      the final analysis, that is what it boils down to: are you a
      gatekeeper or a truth seeker.

      The notion that in the inner worlds all beliefs have value and truth
      becomes what we believe, does not translate to the physical plane.
      This is the basis for most of the self-deception that taints the
      thinking of the rationalizers. The physical plan was created
      specifically to teach us how to distinguish truth from non-truth and
      to learn how to produce an effect. Here, if no footprint is left in
      the sand and there is no record or evidence that supports a
      statement or declaration, it is not truth. When we mix the
      variability of belief and faith and how it manifests as truth in the
      inner worlds with the standard of truth demanded in the physical
      plane, we are bound to confuse ourselves and lose our footing. Paul
      knew this (even though he had great difficulty practicing it) and
      that is why he wrote it in his oft-quoted statements on truth:

      "Man is able to tell what comfortable lies he likes to others but he
      must beware of telling them to himself — not because it is immoral
      but because, unfortunately, he will not be able to deceive himself.
      One cannot live happily with a person he knows is a liar."

      "Before you can give Truth to others, Truth must be known as the
      absolute need in your life. We must see Truth and know Truth and
      think Truth always."

      "This is the time for Truth, "the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing
      but the Truth." This is no time for half-Truths, for bewilderment
      and lack of understanding. These constitute the soil in which grief
      grows. In Truth alone is there comfort, understanding and courage."

      "Refuse to see Truth, pretend that it is impossible to know what is
      true and what is not, distort Truth, seek to mix it with Untruth,
      attempt to deceive both ourselves and others, give Truth in an
      unattractive manner, then chaos will reign in our lives."

      Therefore, we must let Paul Twitchell and all others go and begin
      the often lonely but essential journey that lies within. We can
      share it with others who are on that same journey to higher
      consciousness and learn from them just as we also teach. However,
      too much attention on the good or bad of others takes our attention
      away from the most complex problem we are here to solve: ourselves
      and our spiritual heritage as one with ALL THAT IS.

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