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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: Twitchell Used Blavatsky's Blueprint to Form ECK

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    Krishnamurti did what others were not able to do. Be his own person and tell the truth! In my opinion, based on the biography and parts I read. Etznab ...
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 26, 2009
      Krishnamurti did what others were not able
      to do. Be his own person and tell the truth!

      In my opinion, based on the biography and
      parts I read.


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      Blueprint to Form ECK

      There is a very interesting Biography of Krishnamurti that exposes

      Theosophy for the Fraud that it was, and by default the FRAUD that

      eckankar is. I'm not necessarily pushing Krishnamurti, but it is all

      very interesting nevertheless. At the very least, the Spirituality of

      Questioning as the true form of finding the essence of existence.

      Nonekster ; )

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      > Read the following information and you too

      > will see the connection to ECKankar. Twitchell

      > blended Theosophy with Ruhani Satsang and

      > "The Path of the Masters" to recreate a similar

      > religious scam. PT, being referred to as "The

      > Master Compiler," simply indicates that he was

      > never original, but what does that make Klemp?


      > BTW- Note that Blavatsky had a "Master"

      > (a Mahatma) appear to her kind of like Rebazar

      > appeared to Twitch. Did Twit copy everything?

      > I'm thinking he did as Klemp still does!


      > http://blavatskyarchives.com/longseal.htm



      > Here's the conclusion from the below article:


      > http://www.skepdic.com/theosoph.html


      > "The reader may wonder why theosophy isn't universally

      > recognized as the salvation of mankind. For some it may

      > have been the messenger which kept them away. Many

      > people are not likely to take seriously a Russian noblewoman

      > who claimed to have had childhood visions of a tall Hindu who

      > eventually materialized in Hyde Park and became her guru and

      > advisor. Many skeptics scoff at her noble origins and subsequent

      > employment as a circus performer and séance assistant, plus we

      > take seriously the charges of deception for whatever noble motive.

      > For others, it may be the doctrines which keep us away. Despite

      > the stated moral goals, and the desire for peace on earth and good

      > will toward men and women, there is the small problem of astral

      > bodies, evolution of spiritual races, Aryans, paranormal powers,

      > Atlantis, the so-called Ancient Wisdom, etc. To some this may

      > seem better than the Incarnation, transubstantiation and the

      > but to skeptics this is just more metaphysical codswallop.

      > others may be repelled by the self-discipline required of


      > ...the foremost rule of all is the entire renunciation of one's

      > personality -- i. e., a pledged member has to become a thorough

      > altruist, never to think of himself, and to forget his own vanity

      > pride in the thought of the good of his fellow-creatures, besides

      > that of his fellow-brothers in the esoteric circle. He has to

      > if the esoteric instructions shall profit him, a life of

      > in everything, of self-denial and strict morality, doing his duty

      > by all men.


      > '...every member must be either a philanthropist, or a scholar,

      > a searcher into Aryan and other old literature, or a psychic

      > (The Key to Theosophy)


      > *[And, PT had "The Key to ECKankar]


      > It is not an easy life, pursuing the path of the mahatmas and the

      > Ancient Wisdom, striving to unite all humankind into a Great


      > of spiritually evolved beings with secret knowledge of such great

      > vacation spots for astrals as Atlantis. Plus, perhaps there were

      > inconsistencies or inadequacies in the secret doctrines, as the

      > group seemed to splinter and dissipate after the death of Madame.

      > Her dream of a Brotherhood of Man remains a dream, although

      > there are Theosophical societies all over the world.


      > See also20Akashic record, spiritualism, Rampa, and Rudolph



      > Prometheus

      > p.s. Sorry for the duplication on the emails sent out.

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