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Truth-Seeker Bulletin Board Post, by TS 8/30/2005

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  • mishmisha9
    TS has posted excellent comments about Paul Twitchell and Eckankar in regards to some imaginary stories that Soultraveler has posted as a means to justify
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      TS has posted excellent comments about Paul Twitchell and Eckankar
      in regards to some imaginary stories that Soultraveler has posted as
      a means to justify Twichell's lies and fabrications in setting up
      his "religious" teachings (Eckankar). Some of the posters on TS were
      quite enthralled by Soultraveler's speculations which he presented
      as a real encounter with the deceased founder of Eckankar Paul
      Twitchell. Some even remarked that it made them feel better to have
      this new understanding of why Paul did what he did. Some said it
      tied up the loose ends and so forth. Talk about leading people
      astray! But thankfully, Ford has made a very good effort to set the
      Truth-Seeker BB readers straight. I truly hope they "get" Ford's
      message, because it is very clear about how Paul was able to make
      even the educated and smart seekers gullible! I guess that it is
      still hard for so many to admit to the fact that they fell victim to
      the scam--it is a bitter pill for some. I find it interesting at how
      some ex-eckists are abhored by our postings here, because we vent
      and point out the lies and deceptions that have been uncovered. I
      wonder how they will view Ford's new post which brings them back to
      one of his central messages (the other message of course is his New
      Spiritual Paradigm) in "Confessions of a God Seeker?" It has been
      debated as to who has been healed and who has moved on. I think we
      can agree that all of us who post, either pro or con, have not moved
      on--that is why we are all still here. Of course, we on this site do
      want to keep the lies and deceptions out there in the public for
      those who hopefully will follow us and leave the cult! I plan to
      hang around to continue this message for some time still.

      I would really like to post Ford's message intact, but darn, I
      haven't figured out how to insert it on this site. Can any one of
      you do that? I do see a lot of value in his post and it would be
      nice to archive it here. I'm sure Ford would not mind.

      I will quote a few of his comments, though:

      "Paul knew that he was lying and intentionally lied and fabricated
      in order to secure a following."

      "The simple point is that Paul lied to get a following."

      "All of this was made up by Paul to mislead and gain a following.
      None of it was true except in the imagination and therefore the
      inner experiences of the true believer."

      "The problem with attempts to rehabilitate Paul's image is that all
      of these words essentially amount to the justification of a lie and
      a liar, no matter how well intentioned."

      "We are left with the fact that what he said and wrote in so many
      instances were lies and stories, perfect bait for the gullible who
      would believe." (Ford admits in his post that he was one of the
      gullible--so, see it is okay to admit to that! : ) )

      "One of the less well know(n) motivations for Paul's actions was
      money." So, imagine what Klemp and company's motivation is!!!

      Ford concludes his post:

      "Therefore, we must let Paul Twitchell and all others go and begin
      the often lonely but essential journey that lies within. . . ."

      I was very happy to read this post. It reminded me once again why I
      like Ford's book and why it is so valuable for a spiritual seeker to
      read! Too bad though that Ford doesn't pay attention to the other
      cults and scams that have been mentioned and promoted on his BBs. He
      doesn't seem to apply what he has learned about Eckankar in testing
      these other scams that keep popping up on his BBs. The Creative
      Arts/Youth page is inundated with so many links to these confusing
      and misleading sites and groups.

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