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Re: Does EMF really cause health problems?

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  • Leanne Thompson
    I bought a q-link. I dont get that spaceyness fromt he computer. also, i have an timer that goes off in 1 - 2 minute intervals to remind me to blink. My eyes
    Message 1 of 26 , Feb 22, 2009
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      I bought a q-link. I dont get that spaceyness fromt he computer. also, i have an timer that goes off in 1 - 2 minute intervals to remind me to blink. My eyes love me for that.

      --- On Sun, 2/22/09, jonathanjohns96 <jonathanjohns96@...> wrote:
      From: jonathanjohns96 <jonathanjohns96@...>
      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Does EMF really cause health problems?
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, February 22, 2009, 6:05 AM


      I too have felt that EMF causes me problems. I tend to get spaced out
      while working at a computer. I also have difficulty concentrating
      while looking at a computer monitor. I also have noticed that if I
      print something out it is much easier to concentrate and focus on it.
      So you aren't alone.

      I have two questions that I will attemp to answer:
      1. Is the problem really caused by EMF?, and
      2. Did Klemps' discussions about this unduly affect my evaluation of
      what was going on with me?

      Question 1
      I don't know if it is really caused by EMF. My problem seemed to get
      better when I stopped using a CRT and switched to a laptop. A laptop
      gives off very little EMF, but I still do better printing things out.
      I once read that the human eye/brain has great difficulty focusing on
      any computer monitor because your eye/brain can't figure out what is
      in the foreground (text) and what is in the background. So your eyes
      are constantly struggling to figure this out. I would see that
      causing eyestrain, but I think that ability to focus/concentrate
      could also be impaired.

      Another issue is that the image on a CRT refreshes. When I used CRTs
      I found that the "60" refresh rate was really hard on my eyes. For
      home use, I always bought the high quality NEC CRTs where I could
      turn the rate up to "100." It made a huge improvement in reducing
      eyestrain. A laptop screen does not refresh; it is constantly there.
      For a flat panel connected to a desktop computer, it depens on the
      video card. An analog signal going to the flat panel produces an
      image that refreshes. A digital signal going to the flat panel
      produces an image that doesn't refresh. In the early days of flat
      panels on Windows computers, they kept the old digital-to-analog
      cards. But I would think that present-day desktop computers have the
      option of digital output.

      Every time I went to my chiropractor and had this problem with
      computers evaluated, muscle testing indicated that the EMF wasn't
      adversely affecting me, but rather the energetic bodies of my
      coworkers was adversely affecting me and making me weak.

      Question 2.
      Klemp's didscussion about his alleged sensitivity to EMF from his
      computer no doubt affected me because at that time I was a faithful
      member of Eckankar and pretty much believed everything he said. But I
      would like to point out that Klemp is not the only person to come to
      this conclusion. If you remember, manufactures of CRTs made a
      concerted effort to reduce the EMF of their monitors. I know that the
      EMF was reduced because I actually bought an EMF detector and
      measured a lot of them. Of course, the monitor manufacturers may have
      simply been protecting themselves from possible lawsuits.

      Spaced out in malls
      On a realted subject, you mentioned that some department stores have
      a similar effect on you. I have the same problem and so does my
      chiropractor. I am spaced out there and have difficulty focusing and
      concentrating. My chiropractor told me that when they shop at a mall,
      they buy ten things, take them home, decide what they really want to
      keep, then they return everything they don't want. So this is a real
      problem too.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAn onymous@yahoogro ups.com, "prometheus_ 973"
      <prometheus_ 973@...> wrote:
      > Hello All,
      > I wonder if Klemp is supplying his ESC
      > staffers with protective EMR underwear?
      > Why would the M/LEM expose his chelas
      > to these dangerous emissions when he
      > can't protect himself from it? BTW- Why
      > can't he protect himself? Since we're not
      > ECKists any longer we can ask questions
      > like these. Of course the real answer is
      > that Klemp never experienced the effects
      > of EMR. If anything it was the effects of
      > Karma for being a liar and deceiver.
      > Prometheus
      > etznab wrote:
      > About the EMR disease, if there is truth to it,
      > one could still have someone else use the com-
      > puter and print out pages.
      > I mean, a person could read printed pages &
      > communicate with those who do surf the Net. In
      > this way one would not be so limited to reading
      > only books in a rocking chair.
      > People are sensitive to EMR, but I don't see -
      > in today's world of technology how a person can
      > not be exposed to the Internet and modern tech-
      > nology. Even without using a computer!
      > Myself, if it's a long text and I really want to get
      > as much as I can out of it, I generally like to print
      > it out (if on the computer) and read printed text
      > without staring at a monitor. I don't concentrate
      > as well with the radiation hitting me at the same
      > time. It's subtle, but I can feel it. That's just me.
      > Some department store lights and atmosphere
      > have a similar effect on me. It's subtle, but I can
      > sense it. Not everybody is the same.
      > My point about the EMR is that I doubt Harold
      > Klemp has not taken advantage of the Internet &
      > computers, what they can do. One could use them
      > indirectly by having someone else do the search-
      > ing for them. Like sending someone to the library
      > for information on on a particular topic.
      > "Eckankar" is on the Internet (I suspect) even if
      > Harold Klemp is not. He can still write things and
      > approve of what goes on the official Eckankar
      > Web site.
      > I think he is "using" the Internet and computers to
      > some extent. I don't know how a person - in his job -
      > could remain totally oblivious to the Net and what is
      > going on on it. Wasn't there some recommendation
      > about what kinds of sites to visit or not? I'm not sure.
      > I'd bet the ESC uses computers and the Internet.
      > Do you imagine nobody ever mentions to Klemp,
      > or it never gets around to him what people (that do
      > use these technologies) are seeing?
      > What about an ipod or blackberry? How much of
      > the EMR do those radiate? Maybe they'll come out
      > with a device for people sensitive to EMR (if they
      > haven't already) and Harold could do searches for
      > himself.
      > Just some thoughts on the topic of EMR. It does
      > seem odd to me if Harold never uses the Internet
      > or computers, etc. I mean, not at all.
      > I am sensitive to some extent, I don't have any
      > special clothing to protect me from EMR, but still
      > I find it possible to use many of the modern-day
      > technologies to keep up on things. If I was super
      > sensitive to EMR and couldn't use them, I would
      > have somebody else use them for me. Especially
      > if I was the spiritual leader of a modern-day world
      > religion.
      > Etznab

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