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Klemp Repeats What Gross Mentions in 1979 & 1980

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, In the March 2009 The Wisdom Notes Klemp states that Twitch s last lecture took place in Portland, Oregon, in 1971. Of course, Klemp wasn t there,
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      Hello All,
      In the March 2009 The Wisdom Notes Klemp
      states that Twitch's "last lecture took place in
      Portland, Oregon, in 1971." Of course, Klemp
      wasn't there, (in Oregon), however, Darwin
      was the Seminar Director! BTW- I'm not so
      sure that PT's last "lecture" took place in
      Oregon if he had one on Friday (Sept 17, 1971)
      evening in Cincinnati. Darwin mentions this
      same info, Klemp gives, in his "A Profile of
      ECKankar," and in his autobiography.

      Has anyone read Darwin's 1980 autobiography
      "From Heaven to the Prairie." It's the biography
      that Klemp wasn't capable of, or feared writing.
      For one thing, it has many family pictures!

      Darwin claims he was given the 5th, by Paul,
      in September 1970. He also states that Gail
      presented him with a Blue Carnation when
      he took the stage at the 1971 EWWS.

      Also, there is a quote in DG's book, by 8th Initiate
      Millie Moore, stating that when she was first introduced
      to Darwin that she immediately knew that he was
      the MAHANTA! I wonder what the true blue ECKists
      think of this statement by an EK icon like Millie.

      Another thing, Darwin claimed that the Silent
      Ones choose the LEM and then tell the outgoing
      LEM who his replacement is. Thus, Gail was told
      by Paul, in a dream, that the Silent Ones had
      chosen Gross!


      "Eckanker, the science of soul travel"
      by Philip H. Lochhaas, Commission on Organizations,
      Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod; Rev edition (1978).

      Has anyone read this book? I found it on Amazon.com
      (page 4) when I searched for Eckankar Books. It's also
      interesting that this is a 1978 "revised edition," (when
      did the first edition come out?). BTW-Klemp belonged
      to the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod!

      Maybe HK's ramblings about Eckankar, when he lived at
      home, was a discussion topic on Sundays at Church and
      this Philip guy decided to do some cult busting.

      I also noticed some interesting comments in the 1979
      "A Profile Of ECKANKAR" (which was still being sold into
      the mid-1980s).

      On page 8 it states that Twitchell had completed all of
      his "tasks by September, 1971 when he translated (died).
      His last appearance was at a regional ECKankar seminar
      in Portland, Oregon." Of course PT didn't get around to
      the "task" of choosing a replacement, or of finishing his
      Shariyats Books 3 & 4. And, of course, PT's "last appearance"
      was not in Portland, Oregon but was at the September
      Cincinnati EK Seminar where he died.

      It should be noted that Klemp was a 7th initiate and on
      the EK Literary Council at this time and helped to write,
      proof read, and edit these pamphlets and brochures.

      Here are more quotes from this EK booklet:

      The Old Testament is More Valid Than the New Testament

      "As to the Christian tradition, since the Old Testament
      is primarily based on dreams of the principal scribes of
      that time, it is more accurately reported than the New
      Testament, which is based on hear-say reported decades
      later." [page 8]

      So, a time when consciousness was lower, Old Testament
      an Eye for an Eye times, has more validity and relevance,
      than the New Testament times of sacrifice and love, because
      some "scribes had dreams" or wrote about the dreams of
      others (hearsay) then edited them over the years. Actually,
      (IMO) the Psalms are the only thing with any redeeming
      value from the Old Testament.

      Influencing Others - A Violation of Spiritual Law

      "It is a violation of spiritual law to attempt to influence
      another for any reason whatsoever." [page 9]

      I believe Jonathan wrote about an ECKist named "Heidi"
      whom was trying to "influence" a person with the HU. And,
      aren't EK intros at bookstores or Myspace Videos designed
      to "influence others!" Of course! Vahanas violate "spiritual
      law" all the time and Klemp encourages them to do so!

      No Worship in ECKankar - Nor is ECKankar a Sect


      The word, cult, indicates a peculiar form of worship.
      In ECKankar there is NO WORSHIP unless the individual
      chooses to do so at the temple WITHIN HIMSELF. NOR
      is ECKankar a SECT or SPLINTER from any other organization."
      [page 14]

      Of course, ECKankar does have the "ECK Worship Service"
      (EWS) and conducts these in rented rooms, EK Centers,
      the Conn. and Chanhassen EK Temples and at Seminars.
      ECKists "pray" by singing the HU. Also, ECKankar is, in fact,
      a "Splinter" group (sect) from Ruhani Satsang (Twitchell's
      former religious sect). After all, PT's former Guru, Kirpal
      Singh, still had possession his "The Tiger's Fang" manuscript
      in 1966! Klemp evens admits to this on ECKankar.org!

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