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Re: Shouldn't EKists Expect HK to Mention Darwin's Death?

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Darwin s name is actually taboo! It s not that it just feels like it is! RESAs don t like hearing about their chelas talking about
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 15, 2009
      Hello Etznab and All,
      Darwin's name is actually taboo!
      It's not that it just "feels" like
      it is! RESAs don't like hearing about
      "their" chelas talking about Darwin.

      I knew of one person who didn't get
      a pink slip because another H.I. told
      the RESA that the guy had been talking
      about Darwin. The RESA said, "I can't
      believe it, they're still talking about

      I was thinking again why ECKists
      can't seem to discuss Darwin or
      listen to others opinions. I then
      realized that it was due to their
      arrogance. They are just too proud
      and all puffed up from those higher
      initiations. They assume they are
      greater and more knowledgeable than
      all others... they're more special.
      Yet, they are afraid to cross certain
      lines and to think, let alone say, or
      discuss certain topics. They never
      know who's listening do they!


      etznab wrote:

      To be frank, in some places one could easily
      feel like the name was taboo to mention even

      Jonathan wrote:

      Darwin's death was an opportunity for Harold to say
      something. It would have introduced some healing into
      Eckankar. But my reading of it is like yours: HK is still
      too upset over Darwin's actions and still hasn't gotten
      over it. Then again, maybe it's the same old Eckankar
      rule "Don't talk about things. They will go away on their
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