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Re: Ford Johnson's book: "Confessions of a God Seeker"

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  • mishmisha9
    Hello, Ingrid! I like your point of view--you have made excellent points! I think that the HCS and TS BBs have been on a downward spiral for some time now.
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 11, 2005
      Hello, Ingrid!

      I like your point of view--you have made excellent points! I think
      that the HCS and TS BBs have been on a downward spiral for some time
      now. Some of the best posters are long gone. Too bad, but perhaps
      there is a chance for renewed invigorating growth. Time will tell
      the tale! I have not liked the emphasis on conspiracy theories going
      on over there. It seemed that no matter what anyone posted, someone
      would always bring the discussion back to the same old talk about
      these theories. Very boring for sure. It kind of reminded me of a
      child who discovers that Santa Claus is a myth--he can't get over
      the reality of Santa being a myth, so he goes out into the world to
      inform everyone as though it is big news! Ha! The truth is most
      people already knew it, except for the younger little kids who
      hadn't learned the truth yet. : ) It's all rather juvenile I think
      in terms of Spiritual enlightenment.


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "ctecvie"
      <ctecvie@y...> wrote:
      > Hello Prometheus and Mish,
      > > I mentioned to Ingrid that maybe Ford should be more selective
      > to
      > > who he invites in to his HCS. Maybe he needs a private site
      > (within
      > > HCS) for those who demonstrate a higher consciousness via their
      > > postings to others on his BBs. Those who are truly Truth/God
      > Seekers
      > > and have their egos in control, and are capable of critical
      > thinking
      > > and discrimination would be allowed on that private site. Just a
      > > thought... do you think it would work? Do you think it would
      > be
      > > done?
      > Well it was mentioned that there should be a private e-mail
      > for those who are interested more deeply in conspiracy theory. I
      > think that this would be excellent. I'm a bit tired of all the
      > conspiracy stuff posted there lately, and I would love to have
      > new discussion topics and see new people coming to the sites. If
      > there's too much focus on one kind of topic, then it will attract
      > people who are interested in that specific topic and all the
      > who would have to say interesting things, too, will stay away.
      > Well, personally I think it will continue on the BBs as it was
      > in the past - conspiracy will always be a topic, and I don't think
      > that there will be any splitting. Perhaps more people will stay
      > and only those who can contribute something to the conspiracy
      > will stay on the sites.
      > > Do you or Ingrid or anyone else out there have any ideas on the
      > > subject. I know its just speculation, but I wonder how one would
      > go
      > > about such an endeavor? What criteria would one use?
      > I think that if there is a topic in which many people are
      > it should be discussed for as much time as needed and then be
      > closed. I think that it's also necessary to look for a balance in
      > broader range - who posts and which topics are mostly posted. I
      > see a clear imbalance at the moment because the same people come
      > back with the same topics and take up much space on the boards. I
      > can remember a time when Graham Forsyth's posts were discontinued
      > because they said he posted too frequently and tried to impose his
      > point of view onto others too much. Well, in my point of view -
      > which is limited, of course, because I don't know what is going on
      > now and what was going on behind the scene at that time - the BBs
      > have come quite close to this point again.
      > Well, this is just some ideas - in fact, I don't know exactly how
      > do this. Most of the time, I think, the balance comes about on its
      > own and doesn't have to be watched so much.
      > Ingrid
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