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"Hu the Serpent"?

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    (A cross post from A.R.E.) Looking for more information about Hu the Serpent . [see below] [....] The Druids had a high veneration for the Serpent. Their
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      (A cross post from A.R.E.)

      Looking for more information about
      "Hu the Serpent". [see below]


      "The Druids had a high veneration for the
      Serpent. Their great god, Hu, was typified
      by that reptile; and he is represented by
      the Bards as 'the wonderful chief Dragon,
      the sovereign of heaven'."

      [George Oliver, Signs and Symbols, 1906]


      "The serpent is the symbol and prototype
      of the Universal Savior, who redeems the
      worlds by giving creation the knowledge of
      itself and the realization of good and evil."

      [Manly P. Hall, 33 Degree Mason, The Secret
      Teachings of All Ages , the Philosophical Re-
      search Society Press, p. lxxxviii.]

      "It is the body of the Holy Spirit, the
      Universal Agent, the Serpent devouring its
      own tail."

      [Morals and Dogma, teachings of the 28th
      Degree, Knight of the Sun, or Prince Adept]



      Charles Heckethorn, in The Secret Societies
      of All Ages & Countries, says:

      "Their temples wherein the sacred fire was
      preserved were generally situate on emin-
      ences and in dense groves of oak, and
      assumed various forms--circular, because
      a circle was the emblem of the universe;
      oval, in allusion to the mundane egg, from
      which issued, according to the traditions
      of many nations, the universe, or, according
      to others, our first parents; serpentine,
      because a serpent was the symbol of Hu, the
      Druidic Osiris; cruciform, because a cross
      is an emblem of regeneration; or winged, to
      represent the motion of the Divine Spirit.
      * * * Their chief deities were reducible to
      two--a male and a female, the great father
      and mother--Hu and Ceridwen, distinguished
      by the same characteristics as belong to
      Osiris and Isis, Bacchus and Ceres, or any
      other supreme god and goddess representing
      the two principles of all Being."




      The books referenced seem to be 1906 and

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