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"Tips For ECK Study" Misses the Mark!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, ECKankar sends out a lot of newly revised book promotions to generate more revenue on Klemp s old, overly simplistic, wordy, and redundant message.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2009
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      Hello All,
      ECKankar sends out a lot of newly revised book
      promotions to generate more revenue on Klemp's
      old, overly simplistic, wordy, and redundant message.

      Case in point: When the notice for the costly EK
      Springtime Seminar is sent out to the membership
      the ESC, also, includes promotions for many older,
      but repackaged EK Books.

      Mary Carroll Moore is promoting the repackaged
      "How the Inner Master Works." This is book 12
      of the Mahanta Transcript series. And, there is
      even a picture of the "new" cover which shows
      a young girl playing on the beach.

      BTW-Why can't HK have the EK Springtime Seminar
      in San Diego, or Orlando? What's with that? How
      selfish of Klemp! Where's his empathy and compassion?
      Ooops! I guess a narcissist, like HK, doesn't have

      Anyway, getting back to Klemp's stupid little book.
      Mary Carroll is making it look like this old book,
      full of old words, is going to help you as much as
      Twitch's 1970 Shariyats will! Yes! Just do a make-
      shift "Shariyat Technique" and read (imagine) whatever
      you need from HK's 4th plane words! Amazing how
      that works!

      And, this newly repackaged (new cover) old Transcript
      is $16.00!

      ALL of the other Mahanta Transcripts are $14.00,
      except, for Transcript 2. This book has been reduced
      from $14.00 to $8.95!

      Another thing that is interesting is that Nowhere,
      on ECKankar.org, can one find the following Mahanta
      Transcripts: # 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12!

      Something Smells in Chanhassen!

      Yes, that's right! Transcript Number 12, "How the Inner
      Master Works," the one that Mary Carroll is promoting,
      is Not Available, anywhere, on the EK Website! I looked!
      If it's there... where is it? I looked everywhere!

      Isn't this more proof that Klemp, the M/LEM, doesn't
      have his "act" together and isn't a real Master! Shouldn't
      a "real" Master at least "Know" things in the Lower Worlds
      and, especially, everything involving ECKankar! Of course!
      Look at Klemp's claims and his definitions for the M/LEM
      in his own EK LexiCON! He's supposed to be All KNOWING!
      There's No Excuse.... not even a Catch-22 can explain away
      HK's screwup!

      Really, IF ECKists are actually seeking the TRUTH then why
      aren't they taking a long hard look at this! H.I.s are Not as
      observant as they "think" or "imagine" they are... are they!
      Klemp can't Truthfully make the claims he does (for himself)
      and Not "know" what is going on right under his nose and
      on his watch at the ESC! But, he gets away with it! These
      ECKists must really be needy and can't stand upon their
      own two "spiritual feet." Why is that? Are they brain-dead,
      or numb, dumb, dazed and confused? Apparently so!

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