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Do ECKists Know The Tenets of ECKankar?

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  • prometheus_973
    I remember that in an interview Sarah Palin, the Republican candidate for Vice-President and Alaskan Governor, was asked, Do you believe in the Bush
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2009
      I remember that in an interview Sarah Palin,
      the Republican candidate for Vice-President
      and Alaskan Governor, was asked, 'Do you believe
      in the Bush Doctrine?' It soon became clear that
      she didn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" was!

      Likewise, Do ECKists know what the "Tenets
      of ECKankar" are? I doubt it!

      In the ECKankar Holy Books "The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad
      Books One & Two" on page 245 it is stated that:

      "Any initiate who Violates the TENETS of Eckankar will
      automatically be dropped out of ECK. This means that
      he will be put back in his spiritual unfoldment and will
      Not have an opportunity for growth Until the Mahanta,
      the LEM has reinstated him."

      Well! No wonder some ECKists are having problems!
      They've unknowingly "violated the tenets of Eckankar,"
      and have been demoted in their (inner) initiation rank,
      and have been "put back" in their "spiritual unfoldment!"
      But what do they need to do to get "reinstated?" Well,
      for one thing, they need to STOP violating the TENETS!
      But, aren't these "tenets" basic knowledge that even the
      beginning ECKist should know let alone the H.I.s?

      On pages 172-173 is this:

      "The specific qualifications for the initiate are: a basic
      knowledge of the Main Tenets of the Sacred Scriptures
      of Eckankar, a Readiness to Devote A Certain Number
      of Years to the Study of the Spiritual Works of ECK, and
      practice of the inner teachings under the guidance of
      the Living ECK Master. Thus the initiate will find that
      the Esoteric Knowledge is open to all who are willing
      to exert themselves sincerely and who have the capacity
      to learn with an Open Mind."

      Wow! This is saying that ECKists just need "to devote
      a certain number of years (50?) to the study of the
      spiritual works of ECK," etc. and then they are free?
      Or, is there a Catch-22? And, it's equally surprising
      that ECKists are told to learn with an "open mind!"

      Oops! I just saw another control technique and
      Catch-22 on page 172, but that's for another post!

      Okay! On page 168 are the Three TENETS that are
      tied-into the Three Worlds of the Chela (pg.169):
      1) "the human consciousness," 2) "psychic consciousness,"
      3) "and the spiritual consciousness simultaneously
      and singularly."


      (The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Books One & Two page 168)

      "ALL the works of ECK, therefore, are based upon
      Three Tenets.

      FIRST, the Works of ECK are a nucleus for the universality
      of life through the Spiritual Hierarchy of the ECK Masters.

      SECOND, they Promote an opportunity for all those who
      desire to earn their way past all karmic burdens and enter
      into heaven for eternity on passing from this lifetime through

      THIRD, they Will Prove to All Persons that survival throughout
      eternity is possible through experiences under the guidance
      of the Living ECK Master, here and now."

      Okay. It's somewhat vague, but what I see in #1 is to
      know and follow the "works" of ECK. It seems that it is
      referring to the higher inner "works" since it said "ECK"
      and not Eckankar. Also, it mentioned the "Spiritual Hierarchy
      of the ECK Masters."

      Basically, the second and third are the same. Do the
      Vahana (missionary) thing either in a group, or in a
      private one-on-one setting. Except, number three is
      a little rigid. How can one "prove" to "all persons" anything?
      Especially, if they don't want to hear it, or if they already
      know it's all crap! Catch-22!

      Twitchell continues on and gives a clearer(?) explanation
      of what he really wanted to say:

      "Therefore, one has to think about life as being just It.
      There are No Disclosures given in what are called the Right
      Views or Understanding: 1) right purpose or aspiration,
      2) right speech, 3) right conduct, 4) right vocation, 5)
      right effort, such as the Buddhists give."

      Thus, Twitchell and the "Holy Shariyat" states that there
      are "No Disclosures given" or "Right Views or Understanding,"
      or "right speech," "right purpose," right conduct," or "right
      effort," etc.!

      Twit goes on to say that "the chela is seeking simply one
      thing. This is the Truth... the LEM eventually will separate
      knowledge from Truth for him... Knowledge lies in the
      lower worlds... Most chelas will go through a phase of
      unfoldment and think of Titles and knowledge as the
      ultimate. But this is wrong..."

      I thought that it was the LEM that spewed forth lower
      world knowledge via thoughts and words and rules while
      the inner Mahanta consciousness did its thing in the higher
      worlds to bring forth Truth?

      "One chela who is completely ignorant of any academic
      knowledge and psychic erudition or wisdom can be great
      in Divine Wisdom because of his ability to contact the
      world of God."

      Actually, this same standard can, also, apply to Non-
      chelas too! People don't need a religion, or an expert,
      or a pseudo guru to tell them that their subjective
      "God" experiences are valid!

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