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"The Square Peg" & "The Cliff Hanger" (etc.) by Paul Twitchell

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  • prometheus_973
    FYI: Twitchell s The Cliff Hanger is actually a rewritten and sanitized version of an article originally entitled The Square Peg. [SCP] {BTW- This is a
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 28, 2009
      FYI: Twitchell's 'The Cliff Hanger' is actually a
      "rewritten and sanitized version of an article
      originally entitled "The Square Peg." [SCP]

      {BTW- This is a repost of a repost}

      Check this out about Kirpal and Twitchell:

      This is a repost of message #2590. It's relevant to the
      PT/HK scam that is being discussed.

      Here's some more info on Twitchell that ECKists should read.
      From: "The Square Peg by Paul Twitchell... 'Eckankar' a Hindu
      word meaning union with God." Actually, it's spelled Ekankar.
      Twitchell added the "c."

      [THE SQUARE PEG a.k.a. the Cliff Hanger]:


      From: Soul Travel: Thousands Join Up For a Journey to the Cosmic
      by Wanda Sue Parrot, Herald Examiner Staff Writer

      "... Over lunch recently, at which time Twitchell dined on a diet
      plate of chopped sirloin (well done), jello and coffee, he explained,
      'ECKANKAR, or ECK, is an old name that comes out of prehistoric

      Check this out too!


      FYI: Look at the paragraph under PT's photo. It states:
      "He encourages all students to assume responsibility--
      and he admits he established his organization on a tax-
      paying basis. 'Because, why shouldn't I be like the man
      in the street? He has to pay his taxes. Why shouldn't I
      have to do the same?'

      Note: On ECKANKAR.org Klemp mentioned that at age 27
      (1935) that Twitchell 'exaggerated' and 'twisted facts' to
      get into Who's Who in Kentucky. Klemp also referred to
      Twit as a 'rascal.' Below are more exaggerations, but note
      the dates as Twitchell continues to twist facts and exaggerate.

      Reprinted From The Courier-Journal
      Louisville, Kentucky, Roto Magazine
      Section, NOVEMBER 7, 1943.

      [BTW- Gail was born on July 17, 1942]

      "... Twitchell, a short, light-haired citizen, is a jack of all trades.
      [and master at none?] In his relatively few years he has been, in
      addition to writer and sailor, a star high school and college
      athlete, a physical director, track coach, swimming coach,
      college athletic director, member of two college faculties,
      recreation director, professional baseball scout, and river
      traffic manager for an oil company. However, his strong point,
      aside from his ability to grind out a story on just about any subject,
      is his ability as a promoter. It's no exaggeration to say Twitchell
      sold himself as a writer... Twitchell works on the theory that no
      market, even the lowest pulp magazines, is too small."

      [This person believed Twitchell was younger than his actual age,
      Twit told Gail that he was born in 1922 instead of 1908!]

      "Twitchell has been featured in Ripley's syndicated cartoon
      column six times in four years... his initial appearance in
      'Belive It Or Not' ... A Western Kentucky farmer had a mailbox
      in the shape of a prehistoric animal. Twitchell made a picture
      of the box and sent it to Ripley, believing he would be paid
      for the contribution... For several weeks after the cartoon
      appeared people from all over Western Kentucky kept
      dropping by the Twitchell home to take a peek at the oddity."

      [Sounds like Twitchell was conning people non-stop]

      More to look at!


      Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle, Washington,
      JULY 9, 1963

      Paul Twitchell, Man Of Parts by Jack Jarvis

      "He spent nearly a year in India in a monastery [the head
      of a monastery is called the Mahanta] and five years with an
      Indian religious cult in Maryland. He still writes occasionally
      for a magazine published in Japan by an Indian religious
      group... In his best writing year, Twitchell says, he sold
      1,200 stories and articles. Of the five novels he's had
      published (four of them in England), one, a mystery, may
      be filmed in England soon. Unpublished manuscripts share
      bookshelf space with scrapbooks of clippings. And he feels
      that if a certain New York publisher had more men than women
      reading manuscripts, his diatribe 'All About Women' would
      have been published too. During his three years in Seattle,
      he's had one book and five short stories published and has
      sold one television script... by his own admission he's an
      'authentic nondescript individualist' who is against... many

      he [Twitchell] dislikes career women... he is against 'the
      flapdoodle of these modern times,' i.e. togetherness, credit
      cards, insurance, and ranch-type homes in the city. He shuns

      thinks the NEGRO is 'whacky as a bug' for wanting to get into
      the White man's society, is a loner and a rebel..."

      Here's more!


      Is it no wonder that Twitchell used Psalm 25.5-6 as Lai Tsi's
      prayer or anything else after reading some of this! And Klemp
      supports this this con job because what would he be otherwise?

      BTW- Twitchell was initiated by Kirpal Singh in 1955 on
      Kirpal's first visit to the U.S. And, Gail was initiated by
      Kirpal on his second visit in 1963. Kirpal returned PT's
      Tiger's Fang manuscript to him in June 1966.


      mishmisha wrote:

      Speaking of plagiarism, this is a new topic/thread on
      Chela Chat, message #16463, that a seemingly "critical
      thinking" eckist has posed to the group from uncovering
      "Lai Tsi prayer" spoken by an actress in a 1983 movie! Here's
      the post by the eckist followed by the thus far only response by
      another eckist:

      "Hello Chela Friends,

      I am on the list and receive the daily postings from this group.
      Thank you. I've learned so much from everyone in the last few years.
      Something has shaken me to the core. Perhaps you can provide some
      insight for me. If not, then I'll go to a Spiritual Aide in our area for an

      A few nights ago we watched a movie with Tess Harper and Robert Duvall
      called 'Tender Mercies' 1983. Towards the end of the movie Tess Parker
      was worried because Duvall was not yet home. Parker went to bed and as
      she lay there she said a prayer. The prayer went like this:

      'Show me thy ways oh Lord, teach me thy path, lead me in thy truth and
      teach me.' She started the next line but was cut-off because Duvall came

      ??? How can this be??? Isn't this a prayer written by Lai Tsi?
      Can anyone shed some light on this for me?
      BB, Jo" (end of quote)

      The responding eckist wrote:

      "This is Psalm 25. It's what I tell people to refer to when it isn't safe to
      talk about ECK openly, use ECK words or ECK books. When they're
      ready, they'll ask me about the religion I belong to, but until then, this
      can help them enlist the power of God into their lives.

      It used to bother me a lot that Paul associated 'Show me Thy ways...',
      which has a truly Old-Testament ring and consciousness to it, with an
      Oriental Taoist sage (Sage meaning Way-Shower). A recent Internet
      posting quoted a speech by a Chinese general last year, where he said
      that Chinese civilization was superior to teh Western, because Chinese
      do not 'worship' an individual as a 'God', but rather follow Sages,
      who point the way to the Heavenly worlds.

      But who am I to question why Paul did anything? I have seen and been
      guided by the ECK Master Lai Tsi for years (as well as the other Masters
      who are familiar to most modern ECKists). . . And if he saw fit to
      paraphrase the 25th Psalm for Paulji, he surely knew what he was doing."
      (end of quote)

      This last eckist asks, "But who am I to question why Paul did anything?"
      Well, obviously, he IS NOT a critical thinker--or he would realize how
      ridiculous this sounds. I recommend that all eckists take the time to
      read Ford Johnson's "Confessions of a God Seeker." Such a reading
      will help these eckists to understand why it is important to "question
      why Paul did" what he did and what is wrong with his plagiarizing--since
      eckists didn't seem to learn this in high school!! LOL!

      From page 112, "Confessions of a God Seeker," Ford Johnson wrote:

      "Apart from the legal component of plagiarism, there is also a moral
      one. Such acts are dishonest, for they seek to mislead the reader into
      believing that the plagiarist is responsible for something that he is not.
      Acts of plagiarism can range from the purely accidental to the blatant
      lifting of paragraphs and pages, which cannot be construed as accidental.

      In the case of Paul Twitchell, plagiarism reaches such a level as to
      legitimately get him into Ripley's Believe It or Not. Indeed, I would venture
      that his plagiarisms are among the most widespread and systematic in
      the history of literature. . . . " (unquote)

      So why should one question why Paul Twitchell did what he did? It comes
      down to a moral investigation into the matter of religious beliefs--after
      all religion is suppose to be about being moral and ethically correct,
      isn't it? If not, how can one expect to make his way home to God?

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