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HK's Opinions of Consciousness & Realization

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  • prometheus_973
    I was looking at Klemp s EK Lexicon and saw some contradictions on levels of consciousness and realization. Some of these are usually not taught or shared
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2009
      I was looking at Klemp's EK Lexicon and saw
      some contradictions on levels of consciousness
      and realization. Some of these are usually not
      taught or shared openly with EK chelas.

      *NOTE: This is an Update since I discovered two
      more interesting tidbits of info to add. So, those
      getting the email messages will have another in
      their mailbox. Sorry!

      "PSYCHIC Realization. The realization of the
      intellectual powers, and the psychic strength
      and abilities that come with it; many mistake
      it for illumination, or cosmic consciousness,
      which is another degree on the spiritual path;
      the learning of control over Mind and Matter."

      Note: This is not saying control of mind OVER
      matter, but control of MIND and MATTER!

      "SAMADHI. A psychic state of consciousness
      of the lower worlds. See also NIRVIKALPA."

      "NIRVIKALPA. A spiritual state of consciousness;
      belongs in the area of the true ECK worlds; leads
      to Detachment, which eventually takes the chela
      through the varied initiations into the NINTH,
      when he becomes a candidate for possible entry
      into the Order of the Vairagi, the ECK Masters;
      a state of GOD Consciousness. See also GOD-

      Strange that Samadhi and Nirvikalpa are defined
      as the same, and yet Samadhi is of the Lower Psychic
      Worlds while Nirvikalpa equates to GOD Consciousness/

      BTW- Here's Twitchell's definition of SAMADHI from
      his ECKankar Dictionary:

      "SAMADHI (SUMADHI) Self-Realization; a state of
      consciousness. See NIRVIKALPA."

      That's odd! In Klemp's EK Lexicon it states that
      SAMADHI is a psychic lower world state of consciousness
      instead of SELF-REALIZATION!

      "COSMIC Consciousness. Spiritual Awareness;
      the state of constant life; the first phase of
      awareness toward reaching SELF-REALIZATION;
      Enlightenment of the intellectual senses in the
      Mental realm; main feature of Hinduism."

      "COSMIC Realization. The awareness of Self and
      the spiritual heights by Soul, which can be gained
      through the practice of Soul Travel. See also Self-

      "SELF-Realization. The entering of the Soul into
      the Soul Plane, the first plane of the heavenly
      country, and there beholding Itself as pure Spirit,
      stripped of all materiality; Soul recognition on the
      ATMA LOK, the fifth plane."

      "SPIRITUAL Realization. A level of realization which
      comes AFTER Self-Realization and BEFORE God-
      Realization. Includes mainly the initiations of the
      Sixth and Seventh Circles."

      "SPIRITUAL Consciousness. Truth realized via
      Eckankar; consciousness of the presence of the
      Sugmad, the activity of It; being aware of and
      living in closeness with the supreme Spirit."

      "GOD-Realization. Void, omnipresent, silent,
      pure, and strangely peaceful; cannot be apprehended
      with the physical senses; realization or awareness
      of the God State, the knowledge of God; attainment
      of the higher spiritual state of the supernatural
      life; the uniting of the human and divine natures.
      See also God Consciousness."

      "GOD Consciousness. Levels of consciousness
      beyond the margin of attention; the manifestation
      of spiritual energy, ECK power, made up of atoms
      in space; God Awareness, that which lies beyond
      the physical consciousness; GOD-REALIZATION,
      full awareness of identity with God; complete and
      conscious awareness of God."

      "State of Consciousness. The level of acceptance
      that one has to changes in conditions; the amount
      of love that one can accept from God. It is the ability
      to accept change."

      "States of Consciousness. The Four States with which
      Soul works in following the spiritual path of ECKankar:

      BTW- While looking at these definitions I saw one
      that seems to describe the Astral Experiences that
      ECKists mistaken for something "higher." According
      to Klemp this "Protean Soul" is what they actually
      experience when they "see" an ECK Master!

      "PROTEAN SOUL. Higher form of the Astral Body
      used at times by the Master to appear to the chela;
      his thought can force it to assume any shape or

      "INDIVIDUAL Consciousness. The personal Consciousness
      or Awareness of self as a single being; the Lowest of
      the channels through which the Divine Spirit manifests
      Itself. See also States of Consciousness."

      However, Klemp now seems to contradict himself
      with this next definition.

      "INDIVIDUALITY. The divine, impersonal, and immortal
      self of man; the ECK, the Light and Sound, is the symbol
      of individuality."

      Note that "self" wasn't in Caps and that he refers to the
      "self of man," and that the individual is "the ECK" and that
      the "LIGHT and SOUND" is the "symbol of individuality."

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