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Re: Eckankar's New Pitiless Policy Toward the Destitute

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  • prometheus_973
    I d like to make some additional comments. Isn t there supposed to be a Plus Element in ECKankar? Why, then, are initiations tied into a time-frame, and to
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      I'd like to make some additional comments. Isn't
      there supposed to be a "Plus Element" in ECKankar?
      Why, then, are initiations tied into a time-frame,
      and to "outer" training classes and membership fees?
      Why is Klemp ignoring the "Plus Element" of Soul?
      Isn't it true that one cannot tell a book by it's cover?

      Why is Not paying the "full" ECK membership donation
      the sole (soul) factor when it should be on a case by
      case basis and determined by one's inner "spiritual"
      standing within the Inner ECK Hierarchy versus ECKankar's
      "outer" hierarchy?

      It seems Klemp wants to have it both ways. On one
      hand he says don't judge people by their actions or
      by appearances. Then, on the other hand, HK's saying,
      Yes, let us judge them and let us punish them too!
      That was the purpose of the H.I. Leadership book
      where he said call your RESA if you're having a problem
      with someone going against the Guidelines or is
      behaving badly. Or, call the ESC if you can't share
      your observations and complaints with the RESA.

      I previously stated: "Of course, long ago Klemp said that
      there was "No free lunch."And, if an H.I. is that "high" and
      cannot pay $130.00 per year then are they really using their
      "abilities" to manifest their reality? Apparently they're not!
      Thus, they are demonstrating that they aren't capable of
      maintaining that high initiation. Catch-22!"

      However, why does Klemp tend to equate spiritual growth
      to Capitalistic materialism? Under Klemp's reign those ECKists
      who are highly paid and successful professionals (extroverts)
      tend to climb the initiation ladder quicker than those who are
      less ego driven and more introverted. And yet, the ego is so
      strong that it's the last thing that Soul lets go of before reaching
      spiritual freedom. It's no wonder that Klemp is having problems
      with his Ego driven ECK Leaders... they're just like him!

      Of course, when looking at this "Plus Element" thing, again,
      ECKists have been told that sometimes things get bad before
      they get better. And, this tends to happen "before" someone
      receives that next "Pink Slip" for initiation. Wouldn't it be
      funny if an ECKist lost their job and had their wife leave them
      and Not be able to pay their upcoming annual EK membership
      fee and that this was all related to receiving that next initiation
      that they, now, wouldn't receive because they weren't a "current"

      BTW- Isn't there always some explanation for the "bad"
      (common place) things that happen to ECKists! Even
      Cancer is seen as a test of faith! But isn't that, also, true for
      Non-ECKists as well! Why are ECKists more "special" than
      anyone else? Oh, I know! It's because of, The Modern Profit...


      Hello Liska and All,
      I knew that Klemp was getting desperate to generate
      cash, but these policies show he's truly lost his way and
      is Not, and never was, an ECK Master as he has claimed.

      Klemp talks and talks of having a Loving Heart, and yet
      he doesn't demonstrate the same values himself. I wonder
      how many ECKists know of these cold hearted membership
      policies? Probably not all that many except for those at the
      ESC, and they can't do or say anything because they need
      their jobs! Many ECKists who can't pay are more than likely
      embarrassed to share these details, and yet how insulted
      and betrayed they must feel when they are informed about
      these new rules of procedure.

      It seems Klemp has confused the business side of ECKankar
      with the spiritual side, and is intertwining them more and
      more. Thus, ECKankar is truly looking more like other religions
      of the world that it claims to be above. This "Path," that
      seemingly started out so high, has over the years been brought
      down by a former Lutheran minister. ECKankar has become
      the "Church" that Klemp was always looking to fashion after
      himself in order to feed his ego, OCD, and narcissism. And,
      now, it seems, he's completed the transformation.

      Refusing to accept ANY Donation amount for EK memberships
      seems to be in violation of IRS laws that permit their Non-
      Profit status. It's really too bad that these ECKists don't file
      complaints with the IRS. Also, I think that this new policy, in
      regard to donations, would be grounds for a member to ask
      the state of Minnesota to have ECKankar open their books to
      the public for scrutiny, and for an audit.

      Yes, it's very strange that a religion as "advanced" as ECKankar
      would take Initiations away if people don't pay the full annual
      membership donation, or fee! Actually, instead of calling it
      a "donation" they can now call it a fee because that's what it's
      now become! Isn't there a law covering truth in advertising?
      But, I'm not surprised that Klemp has done this he's actually
      pretty easy to read, and there's a lot of Bait and Switch that
      takes place anyway. It just takes a while for some to figure it
      out while others never do!

      I was aware of the 5 year inactive status thing. But, I had
      always read that it was for those who needed a "rest period."
      I never knew that it was, also, for those who couldn't pay!
      That was a private matter, but sometimes I would refer people
      to the membership desk at the ESC if they were having trouble
      paying. Leanne seems to have gotten around paying the full
      donation amount by claiming to be on SSI, especially, since
      she made it to the 4th in 15 years. I'd like to ask her if it took
      15 years to get to the 4th? If so, maybe not paying the full
      amount was seen as a "rest period" where initiation (time) is

      However, this stopping of the clock for initiations, also, shows
      that initiations are tied into "time served" versus "spiritual growth."
      And, for those who joined during Darwin's reign the initiation
      clock was speeded up and they came faster and were even skipped!
      Maybe Darwin was a more powerful Mahanta who could manipulate
      Time better than Klemp. It seems Klemp's negative focus is upon
      the "effects" of Time.

      Of course, long ago Klemp said that there was "No free lunch."
      And, if an H.I. is that "high" and cannot pay $130.00 per year
      then are they really using their "abilities" to manifest their
      reality? Apparently they're not! Thus, they are demonstrating
      that they aren't capable of maintaining that high initiation.


      drubezarne wrote:

      A friend of ours who is a member of Eckankar contacted us to let
      us know about Eckankar's new heartless policy toward the indigent.
      She lost her job and asked the Eckankar office if she could just pay
      what she could afford toward her annual membership fee. Eckankar's
      response was to put her on inactive status. This meant she would
      no longer receive any written materials and she would lose all her
      initiations if she couldn't pay the full membership fee within the next
      5 years.

      Eckankar used to accept any amount that people could contribute
      if they couldn't afford the full membership fee. These people continued
      to get their discourses and other written materials and didn't have
      to worry about losing their initiations. I knew two people who continued
      as regular members even though they only paid a fraction of their
      membership fee.

      Apparently, this policy has changed and it's probably due to Eckankar
      needing to get more money. So, we're starting to see the cracks

      Eckankar also has a new policy toward H.I.'s who become inactive.
      They only have 6 months to remain inactive before they lose all their
      higher initiations and drop back down to the lower ones.

      You have to ask yourself, why does a path that claims to be the
      highest of all with a master who declares himself the greatest state
      of consciousness in the universe require money from its members
      so they can achieve Self and God Realization?

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