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Re:Being "Black Listed" on EK Initiations?

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  • Leanne Thompson
    I was a member for 15 years. I reached the 4th and at the same time was researching david lane info, ford johnson, etc, and wikipedia and decided that forget
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 25, 2009
      I was a member for 15 years. I reached the 4th and at the same time was researching david lane info, ford johnson, etc, and wikipedia and decided that forget the rules. Its  a spiritual community and I will study where I want and be careful not to fall in the same trap as in eckankar. I left because the answer I got when I asked about david lanes accusuations was "well, what do you think it means" I will tell you what it means. You either cant answer the question (its ok if you say I dont know but not be so rude) or you are hiding something. I read about the depositions of eckankar or court documents on ford johnsons website. I was amazed and at the same time cautious. Was he pulling my leg. Well what broke the camels back was the too many coincidences of the plagiarisms. I said forget it. And, believe it or not, I found the same information about spiritual laws(specifficallly abundance, attraction) from ester and jerry hicks books. I thought boy this explains it in very down to earth explanation. ANd they work.
      The initiations were spaced 5 to 6 years. I dont think I was blacklisted. Most of the HI's are friendly. there were a few that were jerkoffs. Those ones would always answer "what do you think it means" or thats not part of the eck discourse or some other way to embarass you.
      God no. I was never a local coordinator. I viewed some members as a little to die hard and stayed away from that. I volunteered for center sitting or harji dinner (gossip dinner).
      I think I embarassed some eckists when I asked marge klemp "Are you Harolds sister" she laughed it off and said "no I was his wife". I felt weird about it. Noone told me Harold was divorced. I did not say it too loud but I know some folks heard me and gave me that weird look. I did that same booboo to don ginn and gloria ginn. I thought they were brother and sister. heck, they look kind of alike? Noone told me.
      Here is one thing I also observed. With christianity, you have many splinter groups and people come and go through those groups. They are not uptight about being so similar. With eckankar, atom, atom doers, gary ... and some others who copied eck, MSIA all copied eck and when I pointed that out I could tell that there was some resisitance to answring me. It shouldn't technically. Heck they are form the same olive branch.
      The last thing I point out is some folks who were very kind to me in ECK I felt they studied it too much and acted uncharacteristic of them selves. They would talk about astral entities in their living room, sexual or lively dreams, or claim they are in the room with us(during satsang). I thought it was funny at first but then thought they were off balance. Maybe stop studying the path for good. That would help them.
      Before Igo, I want to go back to Ford Johnson and just wonder how the heck he got hold of those documents. Eckankar probably did not think of destroying them. Amazing.

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Being "Black Listed" on EK Initiations?
      To: EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 10:22 AM

      Hello Leanne,
      How long were you a member of ECKankar
      and did you reach H.I. status? Were you
      a local coordinator and did you participate
      a lot?

      I'm curious because there's been a discussion
      about being Black Listed if one didn't pay
      the full amount for the membership donation?

      Did you notice that you were being treated
      differently, or received those pink slips slower,
      than others, due to Not paying the full amount?
      An initiation eligibility list is generated by
      the ESC and approved, or not, by the RESA

      Often, initiations are connected to participation
      and the taking of training classes such as Arahata
      training. Did you feel you needed to kiss up to
      the local H.I.s or RESA? Did you always say the
      right thing, or did you avoid other ECKists? Could
      you share more details of how you viewed your
      EK experience?


      le_anne_thompson wrote:

      I found out along time ago you dont have to pay
      120 (now 130) fee. I used to pay 10 or 20 dollars
      and if they ask why I just say I am on ssi.


      Prometheus wrote:

      Hello Jonathan,
      I agree that ECKankar's tax-exempt status
      should be revoked, or at least questioned.
      The way in which they present and mask their
      "donations" as a "fixed" or "required" amount
      when it's actually a "recommended" or "suggested"
      amount should present a red flag to the IRS.
      I believe they've crossed the line because most
      ECKists think that those "recommended" amounts
      for memberships and seminars are actually "required."

      And, as you have pointed out, chelas who would
      want to "donate" less than the "recommended"
      amount would be chastised and black listed.
      However, I'm not so sure that the IRS, or the
      courts, would or could get involved in that aspect
      of the church's affairs if chelas are black listed
      for donating less than the recommended amounts.

      The ESC could legally code the files of it's members
      so that those Not donating the "recommended" amount
      would be blocked from receiving more initiations.
      However, nobody except certain ESC staffers, the
      RESAs and the Klemp's, would know the truth. After
      all, members files are coded now for all sorts of
      reasons. This is the reason why some chelas get
      initiations early and some are still waiting for years
      and years without a clue as to why that next initiation
      (pink slip) hasn't come.

      Actually, I'm not sure what would happen if someone
      walked up to the Seminar Registration Table and
      threw down $5.00 for the All Sessions seminar donation.
      Would they accept the money as full payment? They
      should. Chances are they'd call Jassie or someone
      over to handle it. Then you'd have to explain that since
      the money was a religious donation that any amount
      had to be accepted. If it wasn't accepted then this would
      be legal grounds for a complaint to the IRS. If they did
      comply I'd make sure that I got a receipt along with the
      All Sessions badge. That does bring up another point.
      Would an ECKist Not show their I.D. in order to have
      anonymity? It's possible, but the badge would be marked
      with an "N" for Non-member, and then the chela couldn't
      get into the Lower or Higher Initiates Meetings. Plus,
      people who knew you might wonder, especially, your
      RESA police! Let's face it, Eckists can't win! They have
      to pay the price to play the game!


      jonathanjohns wrote:

      Eckankar's tax-exempt status should be revoked for two reasons.

      1. Eckankar charges membership fees ($130 per year).

      Why is a religion is allowed to charge membership fees? While it may
      be true that you really don't have to pay it, I have heard that your
      name will be way down the list of people who receive another

      2. Eckankar trademarks things.

      Businesses trademark things, religions don't. Or at least religions
      shouldn't be allowed to trademark things. What if before the
      Protestant Reformation in Christianatity, the Catholic church had
      trademarked the term "Jesus Christ" as well as numerous other words
      and concepts in Christianity at that time. The Protestant Reformation
      would have never happenned because the Catholic Church would have
      sued the breakaway Protestant church. Eckankar trademarks thing for
      the very purpose of protecting their cash cow.

      What does Eckankar claim? They claim that the purpose of the
      trademarks is to protect the purity of the teachings of Eckankar.
      Well, wait a minute. Does the fact that Protestantism exists make the
      teachings of the Catholic church less pure, less valid? Hardly.

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