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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Southern HU (Who vs Hue)

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  • Ingrid
    Hello all, I think that pronounciation as WHO is the original sound - the sufis pronounce it that way, and eckankar stole it from them. I always thought the
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 21, 2009
      Hello all,
      I think that pronounciation as WHO is the original sound - the sufis pronounce it that way, and eckankar stole it from them. I always thought the ekkie pronounciation odd because I never heard any sound in nature like that but always as WHO. I think that PT just adapted it to the English way of pronounciation - we German-speaking people would never think to pronounce it as HU! ;-))

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      Subject: Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Southern HU (Who vs Hue)

      "Hello Non ekster,
      Actually there was a post where I believe
      Etznab mentioned that HU was supposed
      to be pronounced as WHO instead of HUE
      or HUGH. [....]"

      No, that wasn't Etznab that mentioned it.
      I tend to favor the "i", or "y" sound between
      the H & U. I think the "Who's" were people
      from Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss, whatever :)


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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsA nonymous] Southern HU (Who vs Hue)

      Hello Non ekster,

      Actually there was a post where I believe

      Etznab mentioned that HU was supposed

      to be pronounced as WHO instead of HUE

      or HUGH. Upon hearing this it suddenly

      made sense to me as to why certain ECKists

      I knew would sing HU as WHO. I always

      thought that they were odd balls and non-

      conformists. And yet, they aren't all that free

      of thinkers or that unique since they are still

      H.I.s and are living the lie of vanity and delusion

      by remaining in Klemp's new old time religion

      of ECKankar!


      Non ekster wrote:

      Southern HU lol Re: Questions for the Master #2 - Jan. 2009

      And the pronunciation of HU (HYOU) may be off, from all the research

      I've done. It is supposed to be pronounced like WHO, suggesting that

      the Southern accent
      of Paul Twit may have more to do with this, really

      self-aggrandizement . He knew the right way, as he studied in India.

      Hyou did he think he was anyway? Oh, that's right, he thought he was

      the incarnation of God, so I guess God is a Southerner. LOL

      Nonekster ; )

      &lt;prometheus wrote:


      &gt; Hello Jonathan,

      &gt; You're correct! And, the HU is Not supposed

      &gt; to be directed as prayers are. Thus, the

      &gt; HU cannot be a PRAYER. I remember it (HU)

      &gt; being promoted as "A Love Song to God."

      &gt; I guess one could argue that chanting

      &gt; prayers are similar to chanting HU, but isn't

      &gt; that the Christian definition versus the ECK

      &gt; version. Why is Klemp always so quick to

      &gt; adopt Christian values and appearances when

      &gt; it's really just a facade! It's bait and switch!


      &gt; Klemp is making everything "ECK" into a

      &gt; religion of dogma. Perhaps, since the HU

      &gt; is used at the ECK Worship Services (EWS)

      &gt; and is "sung" on Sunday mornings at the

      &gt; major EK Seminars it is only fitting to, now,

      &gt; refer to it as a "PRAYER" in order for it and

      &gt; ECKists to fit in with all of the other "normal"

      &gt; believers and Churches in town.


      &gt; BTW- Getting back to Klemp's remarks about

      &gt; "HELICOPTER PARENTS" - this is just another

      &gt; o
      ne of his swipes at the Baby Boomer Generation.

      &gt; These "Helicopter Parents" he's referring to are

      &gt; of the "Baby Boomer" Generation. However, the

      &gt; nutty "helicopter parents" (H.I.s) that I know of,

      &gt; and whom Klemp has mentioned in his talks,

      &gt; are of Klemp's "old timer" pre-Boomer generation!

      &gt; Klemp may not be one of these heli-parents,

      &gt; but I don't think the kind of parent he was is

      &gt; anything to brag about. He didn't treat his daughter

      &gt; with all that much love, respect, or compassion.

      &gt; And, HK didn't watch over her and guide her as

      &gt; he should have and could have! I doubt that he

      &gt; is helping her and her children now!


      &gt; Prometheus



      &gt; jonathanjohns wrote:

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; Prometheus,

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; You are exactly right about Klemp. He can't even write

      &gt; something that is logical and coherent.

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; A couple of months before Eckankar came out with it's new book "HU,

      &gt; The Most Beautiful Prayer," one of Klemp's articles appeared in the

      &gt; local Eck newsletter. It told of a guy. "John," let's call him.

      &gt; had a sick dog or something and asked God "Is there anything that

      &gt; be done to help my dog?" Klemp immediately jumped on him saying

      &gt; that "John" was a good example of the wrong way to pray
      . He went on

      &gt; to say "The wrong way to pray is to tell God what to do. The right

      &gt; way to pray is to sing a love long to God."

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; I know, Prometheus, you obviously "get it," . But I need to point

      &gt; to any Ecksit reading this, "When did John tell God what to do?"

      &gt; fact is, he asked God for help, even leaving it up to God to decide

      &gt; the next step.

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; The Klempster delivers everything. Illogical? No problem.

      &gt; No problem. Delirium? No problem.

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; But this brings up another point. I think you are familiar with the

      &gt; brand new (very late 2008) publication by Eckankar "HU, The Most

      &gt; Beautiful Prayer." The constant manta in this book is:

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; "The wrong way to pray is to tell God what to do. The right way to

      &gt; pray is to sing a love long to God."

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; So this earlier article in the local publication was paving the way

      &gt; for this new publication which is actually a bastardization of the

      &gt; Eck teachings.

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; The HU is a prayer? When did Klemp figure that out? From 1965

      &gt; 2007 (42-43 years) Eckankar has constantly emphasized that THE HU

      &gt; NOT A PRAYER. Now all of a sudden it is. Way to go Klempster.

      &gt; &gt;

      &gt; I have an ent
      ire essay written about this.


      ************ ********* ********* ********* ******


      Jan. 2009 - Youth in ECK Letter of Light:

      &gt; Q: 1) "Do you have any suggestions

      &gt; on what to do when a person is angry

      &gt; at you or hates you?


      &gt; 2) How can you remain detached and

      &gt; loving and at the same time not give

      &gt; that person any sort of power or control

      &gt; over you? Especially when it is someone

      &gt; you have to continue working with.


      &gt; 3) And another question about coworkership:

      &gt; Do you have any tips you could give to

      &gt; youth, young adults, and adults who are

      &gt; trying to find better ways to work together?


      &gt; A Loving Coworker"


      &gt; *ME: I'm Not so sure that this "coworker"

      &gt; is all that "loving." And, the other two,

      &gt; who asked questions, signed their names!


      &gt; Answer-


      &gt; HK: "Dear Loving Coworker,

      &gt; You pose TWO questions; we will address

      &gt; them in order."


      &gt; *ME: Actually, there were THREE questions!

      &gt; Does this mean that Klemp will ignore or

      &gt; side-step one of the questions and chose

      &gt; to comment on a different topic of his choice?


      &gt; HK: "Why does an individual hold such

      &gt; feelings of anger
      or hatred against you?

      &gt; Is it from something you once said or did?

      &gt; In that case offer a sincere apology. Ask

      &gt; for forgiveness. (This is a general response

      &gt; to cover situations in which you have caused

      &gt; the offense.)"


      &gt; *ME: I'll have to admit that a lot of ECKists

      &gt; do tend to blame others when it was their

      &gt; fault to begin with. Just because a person

      &gt; HUs, does S.E.s daily, and carries around

      &gt; a pic of the Klempster doesn't mean that

      &gt; they think, act, or behave properly or that

      &gt; these ECKists demonstrate love, empathy,

      &gt; and compassion!


      &gt; However, what if it's not the fault of the

      &gt; ECKist? Klemp didn't respond to that!



      &gt; HK: "More specifically, your unspoken

      &gt; question is about 'HELICOPTER PARENTS.'"


      &gt; *ME: Why Not just respond to the SPOKEN

      &gt; question? Is Klemp psycho or psychic?

      &gt; Anyway, it seems he wants to change the

      &gt; subject. Maybe he's read about this on

      &gt; the Internet recently, in Readers Digest,

      &gt; or in one of his encyclopedias and wants

      &gt; to impress us with his intellect and insights.

      &gt; I'll have to GOOGLE "helicopter parents" to

      &gt; see what HK's been up to lately.


      &gt; HK: "This term refers to parents who hover

      &gt; over their offs
      pring, even into young adult-

      &gt; hood. School administrators and teachers

      &gt; are all too aware of them. These parents

      &gt; refuse to let their children grow up. At

      &gt; the very least, it reflects their own immaturity.

      &gt; You may expect the same from their kids.

      &gt; You can be sure that people like this are

      &gt; incapable of predictable reactions. So when

      &gt; they accuse others of meddling in their

      &gt; children's lives, they are really broadcasting

      &gt; their own interference in their lives.


      &gt; Such self-delusion would be amusing were

      &gt; it Not for the sad fact that it causes so much

      &gt; ill will and disharmony. Just love and tolerate

      &gt; them."



      &gt; *ME: That wasn't what this person was asking!

      &gt; Klemp went off on a tangent! He had his mind

      &gt; on another letter someone had written him or

      &gt; upon something he discovered about some

      &gt; ECK parents he knows personally.


      &gt; I know some ECK "helicopter parents" who

      &gt; interfere in the lives of their children. Two

      &gt; of their adult children are so needy they have

      &gt; to call their parents three or more times per

      &gt; day! The other adult child is a psycho and

      &gt; doesn't have anything to do with her parents.

      &gt; Yet, these H.I. "helicopter parents" are highly

      &gt; respected and admired in t
      he ECK community.

      &gt; Klemp might be talking about them, as well as,

      &gt; the many others like them! Yes, they're very

      &gt; delusional, immature, and impressionable, but

      &gt; Klemp looks for and encourages these delusional

      &gt; traits and thinking from his H.I.s! This is the

      &gt; perfect receipt for HK's loyal lifetime chelas!


      &gt; BTW- When Klemp says, "Just Love and Tolerate

      &gt; Them" who is it he's speaking to? Is Klemp

      &gt; speaking to other ECKists who know these parents,

      &gt; to the children of these "helicopter parents,"

      &gt; or to the heli-parents to love and tolerate their

      &gt; children's delusional and immature behaviour that

      &gt; they've created? How does this advice solve the

      &gt; problems created by ECK "helicopter parents?"

      &gt; Or, is Klemp, finally, responding to the FIRST

      &gt; Question without assigning blame to the ECKist!



      &gt; HK: "As to the SECOND part of your question,

      &gt; Leaders Must Keep Reminding Youth and Adults

      &gt; alike that coworkership means Always Keeping

      &gt; the MAHANTA Foremost in HEART and MIND."

      &gt; [end]


      &gt; *ME: Actually, that doesn't answer any "part"

      &gt; of any of the the questions! What if that's what

      &gt; they're doing too (the "heart and mind" thing)

      &gt; and they are being directed differently! Isn't this

      &gt; what happens! Anyone and everyone20can say that

      &gt; they got it on the "Inner," or from the Mahanta,

      &gt; or from an ECK Master (Known or Unknown), or

      &gt; from the ECK directly! Perfect! And who's to say

      &gt; who's right and who's wrong... only Klemp! So,

      &gt; don't ask (don't tell) just act "as if" you know,

      &gt; you know!


      &gt; Klemp definitely took the Easy Way Out from

      &gt; answering a difficult question concerning the

      &gt; RESA Hierarchy, Leadership Roles, and being

      &gt; a coworker. But, Why does Klemp use lower

      &gt; case letters for "coworkership? " Also, is this

      &gt; Mahanta or God Co-Workership that Klemp

      &gt; is talking about, or RESA org. coworkership,

      &gt; or something like a generalized and unified

      &gt; "We Are The World" kind of coworkership?


      &gt; Prometheus


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