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The 2009 ECK Springtime (Easter) Seminar

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I thought that this Seminar info needed a second look to determine: Who are these EK Seminars for? Any ECKist advanced in Soul Travel techniques
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 21, 2009
      Hello All,
      I thought that this Seminar info needed
      a second look to determine: "Who are these
      EK Seminars for?"

      Any ECKist advanced in Soul Travel techniques
      certainly doesn't have to "physically" travel
      to the EK Temple in Chanhassen anymore than
      they need to "physically" travel to the Hindu Kush
      Mountains! And, how many years does it take
      for an ECKist, via Klemp's "INNER" tutorage, to
      learn Soul Travel and Direct Projection techniques?
      Does it take 20 years for these advanced seekers
      to learn these techniques? After all, most of these
      ECKists had already found these teachings in past
      lifetimes, or so it is said. Thus, 20 years sounds
      like a rather long time when it's added to another
      20, or more, from past lifetimes!

      How many "Newcomers" come to the seminar and
      then join? How many of these newbies actually stay,
      and pay, for more than one year? Actually, it's not
      that many people who are really serious about joining
      up with ECKankar. So! Once again, "Who are these
      EK Seminars for?"

      The EK Seminars are really just for show! True, they
      are, also, designed to brainwash lower and mid-level
      adult initiates, as well as, the EK Youth via various
      positive reenforcement techniques. And, there's always
      the need to place more attention upon "volunteering"
      for the leadership/missionary effort by promising
      God-Realization, Co-workership, and Spiritual Growth.

      However, all ECKists know, by now, that all of these
      promises can ONLY be fulfilled via "Higher" and "Higher"
      Initiations! Except, Klemp slowed them down and has
      kept them slowed down in order to maintain his control
      over the long-time H.I.s. Actually, Klemp wants these
      old timers to die off, or just fade away and stay away
      and be forgotten. Klemp doesn't want the EK Youth to
      see people who have been loyal members of ECKankar
      for 39 plus years who are still 6th and 7th Initiates!

      There are no other living ECK Masters other than Klemp!
      Why is that? Everyone knows that there are 9th Initiates,
      but the RESA police prevents ECKists from speaking about
      the 9ths and who is or who isn't. Dogma states that the
      9ths can't reveal who they are, but Klemp could! Still, why
      are there only a few 9th Initiates when there should be

      And, there should be, at least, one 12th Initiate who could
      be either male or female. Only the LEM needs to be male.

      So, what's wrong with this picture of Modern Day ECKankar?
      It's Klemp's fear, pride, and selfishness that is holding things
      back. HK's willing to make any kind of promise and to print
      dozens of testimonials in order to make his reign seem like
      it's the best ever. But, if all of these ECKists are really having
      all of those Divine "experiences" then why isn't there proof
      via more HIGHER INITIATIONS? Why are there 7ths Initiates
      who have been 7ths for 20 or more years! Why aren't those
      spiritually advanced ECKists, that Klemp talks about, HIGHER
      in rank than they are?

      It's obvious that something is wrong, with Klemp, when
      the number of 8ths have remained the same as when
      he first took over. True, some died and some took their
      place and some remain, but shouldn't there be, at least,
      a few dozen more after 27 years! HOPES, and dreams and
      afterlife promises, fueled by the imagination, keep them
      tied to Klemp's empty lower plane words. What a pity!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello All,
      While ECKists are being enticed to make
      another Easter pilgrimage they are also
      being encouraged to use e-mail communication
      with the ECKankar Spiritual Center (ESC).
      And, the ESC makes an Internet Broadcast
      of Klemp's Saturday evening talk available!

      What about those harmful EMR rays
      being emitted from chelas' computers?
      Is it, now, not a problem? Was it ever
      a problem, or was it more of Klemp's
      fear tactics to keep ECKists away from
      reading info from anti-ECKankar sites!

      The 2009 ECK Springtime Seminar is
      coming up on April 10-12.

      Actually, this whole EMR situation reminds
      me of a psychic (Black Magic) technique of
      PUSH/PULL that I read in Twitchell's "Letters
      to Gail III."

      One mentally pushes someone away and then
      (mentally) pulls them back. Twit gave a example
      of using this technique on a waitress and said
      it can confuse a person and even make them

      Here, Klemp is pushing chelas away from their
      computers via his EMR statements and at the
      same time he is pulling them back to using
      their computers. HK had a letter sent out,
      with the seminar info, stating that the ESC,
      "is sending more ECKankar information to
      ECKankar members around the world via e-mail.
      We plan to send timely and useful information
      about upcoming ECKankar seminars, books
      and publications, spiritual study tips, and more!"

      Next, the letter goes into the "Benefits of e-mail
      communications" which includes "lower cost."
      But, why doesn't Pete Solheim (the Director of
      Operations) caution ECKists about the potential
      EMR hazard, or give them "tips" on how to protect

      Klemp is overseeing and approving this whole
      process which means HK is practicing Black Magic
      ... again! Klemp is using this Psychic push-pull
      technique in order to further confuse chelas.

      BTW- I noticed that the Springtime Seminar won't
      be held at the Convention Center. Instead, it will
      be held at the Hilton. Numbers must be down!

      Isn't it rather pathetic that Klemp is encouraging
      chelas to make an expensive pilgrimage to Minneapolis/
      Chanhassen. Where's Klemp's compassion and
      common sense? It costs about the same amount
      of money for the EK Seminar with a three night stay,
      transportation, food, seminar donation fee, etc. as
      it does for a 7 day Caribbean cruise with a balcony
      cabin. It will cost a couple about $2,000 to attend
      the seminar. It's obvious that Klemp doesn't care
      about his chelas or else he'd have the seminar in
      a warmer location.

      Besides, why the emphasis on making a Physical
      Pilgrimage to an ECK Temple or to the ESC? I thought
      that ECKankar was supposed to be heads above
      the other 2nd & 4th Plane Religions that, also, have
      "pilgrimages." Aren't those "INNER" pilgrimages more
      important? And, instead of e-mail communication
      why not "INNER PLANE" communication? ECKists
      should take a long hard look at what has happened
      to ECKankar with Klemp in charge!

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