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Tisra Til (Tenth Door) versus Crown Chakra

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I thought I d bring this back for another look. Isn t it strange that after 27 years of Klemp that both ECKists and newcomers are still directed to
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 20, 2009
      Hello All,
      I thought I'd bring this back for another look.
      Isn't it strange that after 27 years of Klemp that
      both ECKists and newcomers are still directed to
      focus upon the Third Eye (a.k.a. 6th chakra, Tisra
      Til, Tenth Door) instead of the higher (highest)
      CROWN Chakra!

      Only in the EK Discourses is the use of the Crown
      Chakra taught. And yet this, too, is only an ASTRAL
      Chakra and a means designed for the chela to meet
      with the Master, in his Radiant Body, on the Astral
      Plane. And, of course, all of this, too, is mentioned
      in "The Path of the Masters" that Twitchell plagiarized
      and used to develop his Westernized sect of Ruhani
      Satsang that he named ECKankar! Even the word
      "Ekankar" came from "The Path of the Masters." Twit
      just added the letter "c."

      Anyway, why is it that Klemp (the most powerful and
      advanced Mahanta ever) can't take newcomers or his
      "experienced" followers beyond the instruction of using
      the Third Eye? Any guesses?


      drubezarne wrote:

      Hello Prometheus,

      Yes, Sant Mat like Eckankar with its Living Master is a cult too. What
      I find interesting is their recommended time for contemplation, their
      Simran, the focus on the third eye and the crown chakra, and their
      techniques for participation with the Sound Current really work.
      Somewhere in their history, someone got it right and taught something

      If Paul Twitchell hadn't stolen the spiritual exercises from Sant Mat,
      Eckankar wouldn't have worked for many of us. Of course, he diluted
      Sant Mat's contemplation down to 30 minutes (barely enough time to
      control the mind) and falsely wanted us to focus on him as a Godman.

      It wasn't until I learned when and how to really contemplate,
      according to Sant Mat tradition, that I started having the experiences
      that showed me the fabrications of Eckankar and the false claims of
      its fraudulent master - Klemp. During these contemplations I learned
      there is no master who intercedes between God and Soul, rather it is
      the Supreme Being's presence that is with each individual quietly
      helping them develop into a greater self.

      False masters like Twitchell, Gross, and Klemp laid claim to this
      inner presence by saying they were the ones guiding Soul.


      prometheus wrote:
      > Hello Liska,
      > Yes, Sant Mat which includes Radhasoami and
      > Ruhani Satsang Beas have Living Masters too!
      > This is where Twitchell copied most of his
      > ECKankar dogma and cosmology.
      > However, I question the validity of these Sant
      > Mat religions as well. There's as much myth,
      > speculation, and wishful thinking (faith & belief)
      > involving higher plane experiences, promises,
      > guilts, and fears, here, (and for the Master to
      > intervene or to eliminate Karma) as there is with
      > ECKankar!
      > I agree that there are many decent people who
      > have been deceived by ECKankar. However, there
      > are also many decent people in other religions
      > as well. Not all of them are narrow minded
      > fundamentalists, narcissists, and mean-spirited
      > hypocrites!
      > Prometheus
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