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Klemp Confuses EKists With Co-worker Definitions

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  • prometheus_973
    In the Jan. 2009 Tips For ECK Study Klemp has an article titled Just Listen. In this promotion Klemp states thus: People wonder, What does it mean to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 20, 2009
      In the Jan. 2009 "Tips For ECK Study" Klemp
      has an article titled "Just Listen." In this
      promotion Klemp states thus:

      "People wonder, 'What does it mean to be
      a Co-worker with God? Is it to go out and
      give talks on ECK whenever somebody has
      an interest that is beyond ordinary events
      of this world?' It's Not Always Necessary.
      Sometimes Just Listen to People. AND after
      you've listened Enough, they're going to
      feel full."

      I remember (the hypocrite) Klemp saying,
      once, that he himself was more a talker
      than a listener.

      Now, let's look at what Klemp is really saying.
      The emphasis is still on going out and giving
      talks, but "it's not Always necessary" to give
      talks. This is meant to take some pressure off
      of those who don't like public speaking or who
      have done enough speaking over the years.
      This intro/public speaking stress is creating
      problems within the ranks of the RESA org.

      Also, Klemp is misusing the term of "Co-worker
      with God!" ECKists should remember the difference
      between being a "Co-worker with the Mahanta"
      and of being a "Co-worker with God." After all,
      Klemp created the term, "Co-worker with the
      Mahanta." Just look at the EK Lexicon! Nowhere
      in the Shariyats is the term Co-worker with the
      Mahanta! And, it's not listed in Twitchell's ECKankar

      So, can ECKists achieve "Co-worker" status by
      giving talks? ECKists can become, and are, Co-workers
      with the Mahanta by giving talks, but becoming
      a CO-WORKER WITH GOD is much more difficult
      under Klemp. According to Klemp's revised definition
      to become a "Co-worker with God" one MUST first
      become a 12th initiate and then "an ECK Master!"

      Here are the definitions from Klemp's EK Lexicon:

      "Co-worker with God. One who takes his place
      in the guardianship of the beings and entities
      throughout the worlds of God; voluntarily gives
      great love and compassion to the worlds, AN ECK
      MASTER." [Klemp added "An ECK Master" to PT's
      original definition]

      This next quote comes from the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad
      Book 2 Chapter 12 and concerns the 12th initiation:

      "Those who reach these heights begin to learn
      that they are now, in essence, the leaders within
      the spiritual community of ECK. They are Ready
      For Mastership and will be Approached by those
      ECK Masters who are the body and brotherhood
      of the ancient Order of the Vairagi, for membership
      in this august body."

      So, one can be a 12th Initiate and be "ready" for
      "Mastership" but still not be an "ECK Master" until
      "approached," and accepted, for "membership" in
      the club (Order)!

      Now, let's look at Klemp's EK Lexicon definition
      for Mahanta Co-workership:

      "Co-worker with the Mahanta. One who is In
      Training for ECK Mastership. To Give of oneself
      to Bring the Message of ECK to others, is Acting
      as a Co-worker with the Mahanta."

      See how this last definition of being a "Co-worker
      with the Mahanta" actually fits with what Klemp
      was saying. This bait and switch is meant to keep
      ECKists off balance and always second guessing
      him and confused. ECKists actually think that they
      can become "Co-workers with God!" LOL! Under
      Twitchell's definition it seems that this was once
      possible, but Not under Klemp's rule.

      Another thing that is rather comical is Klemp's
      smiling picture next to the "Just Listen" article.
      It's the older "Official" picture that makes Harry
      look 10 years younger. How vain! Anyway, it's
      funny to see him with that big smile while lying
      through his teeth!

      So, to sum it up we have Klemp misleading his
      followers by tossing out the "Co-worker with God"
      term (which he altered) when he should have used
      the, lesser, "Co-worker with the Mahanta" definition.
      Next, we have Klemp's Vanity for still using a younger
      looking picture of himself. All of this can be seen as
      "sign posts" for ECKists proving that Klemp is a fraud,
      and is certainly, Not an ECK Master!

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