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    More than any other path Paul Twitchell studied, I think this was the path where the most similarities come from. The Path Of The Masters. Even if Paul
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      More than any other path Paul Twitchell
      studied, I think this was the path where the
      most similarities come from. The Path Of
      The Masters.

      Even if Paul Twitchell only "studied" with
      Kirpal Singh for a couple years, apparently
      he was studying that path for many, many,
      more! [Judging by the number of info that
      was shared in his writings.]

      Whether knowing it or not, Eckists who
      read Julian Johnson's: The Path Of The
      Masters could find they studied parts of
      that book even before they read it! They
      could have studied it in Eckankar works.


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      Hello Mish and All,

      I recall Twitchell using this Buddha quote

      your friend commented on. BTW- She sounds

      very enlightened.

      I don't think that Twit ever gave Buddha

      credit for any of the quotes that he used

      and neither does Klemp!

      There was another quote that both Twit

      and Klemp stole from Buddha that is listed

      in "THE PATH of the MASTERS."

      What's interesting is that ECKists took it

      for their own and even made a song about

      it, but never gave Buddha the credit. Klemp

      evens plagiarizes it for his ECKankar LexiCON

      on page 159.

      HK: "Path of
      the Trinity. Three questions to

      ask oneself when in doubt about an action:

      Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind?"

      From "The Path of the Masters:"

      "A rule laid down by the noble BUDDHA is

      a most excellent one for all men to follow.

      He said that if you propose to speak, always

      ask yourself-- 'Is it true, is it necessary,

      is it kind?'" [Eleventh Edition CH. 6 page 349]

      Let me see if I can find more "ECKankar"

      quotes from "The Path of the Masters."

      "Spirituality cannot be taught but caught."

      [page xxix]

      "No religion is to be condemned." [pg. 31]

      "Religions have been fostered through feelings

      and metaphysical speculations. But in every case,

      the founders of such religions claim they got their

      knowledge by sight and hearing, not by feeling.

      Thus they speak from personal knowledge. Hence

      the ever-recurring need for living Masters."

      [pg. 30]

      "The disciple in a human body must have a Master

      in the human body." [pg. 74]

      "The living Master, and he only, can fill the vessel

      with the water of life." [pg. 76]

      "It is a fixed law of Nature that only a humanly

      embodied soul can act as a Guru for those who

      are still in their physical bodies. After his death,

      or departure from his body, the Guru will still

      take care of all whom he h
      as initiated; but he

      cannot receive the instructions and the initiations

      from an invisible Guru." [pg. 172]

      "The Masters speak from personal experiences based

      upon knowledge which was first handed down to them

      by their own Masters and then proved by themselves.

      Each fact, or experience, or hypothesis, is tested and

      proved. After that it becomes their own knowledge

      and then they can speak as one having authority."

      [pg. 197]

      "They take nothing on belief. They accept nothing

      simply because it is written in a book. The book

      only records the experiences of other men... With

      the Master, only positive knowledge has final value."

      [pg. 198]

      "... the only law that the Master recognizes... the

      universal law of all laws--love... He belongs to

      no race or time, but to all nations and all times.

      He is a citizen of the world." [pg. 204]

      "The Master lives and teaches positive truth. He

      overcomes evil with good. To correct faults in his

      disciples, he simply points out the opposite virtues.

      He teaches that to point out a fault is only to only

      advertise and strengthen that fault. It never removes

      the fault. It only accentuates it and at the same time

      awakens other evil passions in both the fault-finder

      and his victim. Nor does the Master ever hold ill-will

      not even against his enemies." [pg. 206]


      ME: Hmmmmm. Does Klemp ever point out the faults,

      or finds fault in his chelas? All the time! This is being

      Negative not Positive. The negative focus only accentuates

      and strengthens these passions of the mind... including


      "To understand a real Master fully, one must oneself

      become a Master." [pg. 212]

      "Suppose we agree that the Supreme Being is all love,

      all wisdom and power, that he is omnipresent, all

      pervading. The Master is exactly the same, except as

      to his physical limitations. Spiritually he has no limitations."

      [pgs. 214-215]

      "One of the oldest sayings of the Eastern Wisdom is:

      'When the chela is ready, the Guru appears!'" [pg. 226]

      "WHY SURRENDER TO A MASTER? ... The answer is that

      complete surrender to the Master is the only avenue or

      path to complete liberation." [pg. 239]

      ME: Does anyone notice that this is exactly what ECKankar

      teaches? Klemp is always regurgitating the same old dogma

      as Radhasoami and Ruhani Satsang teaches because Twit

      stole it from them!

      "... any argument based upon logical premises is just as

      likely to lead us astray as the dogmatic assertions of the

      theologians. Just as one cynic has said--'there is no lie

      like history;' so it may be said that there is nothing more

      misleading than logic. God can never be made a reality

      0any man by mere logic, by books, by feelings." [pg. 273]

      "Ekankar means the 'One Oneness,' the body of oneness."

      [pg. 283]

      Note: In the "glossary of foreign terms" on pg. 559,

      Ekankar is spelled "Ekonkar."

      "The whole universe is considered as ONE, the true Ekankar."

      [pg. 284]

      "... there are lords and rulers appointed by the Supreme

      One through his hierarchy of subordinates. The duty of

      each of these is to carry out the will and purposes of the

      Supreme. They are his executives, his viceroys, his duly

      appointed governors... It is thus that the entire universe

      of universes was created and organized, and is now

      governed by the Grand Hierarchy... In this Grand Hierarchy,

      the Great Masters occupy a unique position." [pgs. 300-301]

      "... the way of the Masters is the Way of independent

      development, of soul culture and of spiritual mastership.

      It is the only right way, and it is the only possible way,

      except that of the yogi, to go beyond the lowest sub-

      planes of the subtle worlds. The yogis may go to the

      pure Astral, but only the Saints, the Masters, go to the

      higher regions of pure spirit." [pg. 433]

      ME: Well there's more of course! There's mention of

      the Third Eye, (Tisra Til, the Tenth Door) as being

      an Astral chakra, and a means of meeting the Master

      in his Radiant Body,
      on the Astral Plane, and then going

      to "higher" planes from there.


      mishmisha wrote:

      No, we are not but we are responsible beings

      who are learning as much as we can for the time

      we have in this life.

      A couple years back I was in a discussion with

      a very close friend on a private site. I threw out

      a quote attributed to Buddha:

      "Believe nothing, no matter where you read it,

      or who said it - even if I have said it -unless it

      agrees with your own reason and your own common

      sense." - The Buddha

      My friend who was never a member of eckankar

      or any religious or spiritual group--she claimed

      to be more of a pagan--responded to the quote

      this way, she wrote:

      "I think this is one of my favorite quotes of the

      Buddha. It pretty much says it all. No matter what

      religious persuasion (or non-persuasion?) you

      may be......if it doesn't agree with your own reason

      and common sense, you've got to question it. And

      it goes beyond religion......it cuts to the very core

      of who we are. We're so often led astray. We want

      so badly to believe in something or someone, that

      we let our own sense of reason take a back seat.

      If we're only patient enough with ourselves, (and

      give ourselves enough credit) to listen to our inner

      voice we can=2
      0see through to the truth. It sounds so

      simple, but in reality can be much more difficult.

      Especially giving "ourselves" credit."

      ****end of my friend's remarks.

      She really struck to the essence of our responsibility

      which in a sense speaks of mastership in that we need

      to be in tune with and recognize our "inner voice." This

      is nothing to be boastful or arrogant about--that is

      why I guess I don't like to use the word master. However,

      we work to master and improve our awareness. It doesn't

      mean that we are ever done doing this--and that is

      why I say we are not masters--perhaps, we are more

      students, students of ourselves because we are always

      learning and growing until we die. My friend passed away

      this last weekend, but it seems she went a long way toward

      learning all she could about life. She used her thinking

      skills instead of allowing others to pretend to do that for

      her! Eckankar and such cults were not a draw for her!!

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