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How Do ECKists Rationalize?

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  • prometheus_973
    ECKankar teaches that the 1st Initiation will come in a dream on the inner. However, the EK Master that appears, and gives this initiation, is seldom Klemp!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2009
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      ECKankar teaches that the 1st Initiation
      will come in a dream on the "inner."
      However, the EK Master that appears,
      and gives this initiation, is seldom Klemp!

      Thus, most ECKists are Initiated by
      a Master other than Klemp and, thus,
      tend to look to him, or her, for inner

      BTW- Except for the 2nd Initiation, all
      Secret Words (mantras) are received on
      the "inner," and usually at one's initiation
      ceremony. The EK initiation rite is somewhat
      similar to that of Eastern religions. When
      receiving an initiation (mantra) in TM one
      gives the initiator fruit (oranges or apples)
      as an offering to the gods or devas. It is
      wrapped in a clean white handkerchief,
      white rice is also offered up, incense is
      burned, and prayers are chanted. ECKists
      are told to never burn incense at ECK Centers
      or when doing their Spiritual Exercises (S.E.)
      i.e. contemplations!

      ECKists view Out-Of-Body Experiences
      over the written word, and yet they read,
      memorize, listen to, and quote Klemp's or
      Twitchell's "words" constantly. Mental Focus
      and the Reading of the Master's "Works" is
      even considered a Discipline.

      Klemp has kept things simple for people.
      His message is down-to-earth and is simplified
      with "common language" for better understanding.

      However, if things are so simplified for better
      understanding why are initiations (i.e. spiritual
      growth) Slowed Down under Klemp? Are Klemp's
      chelas "slow" and Not all that advanced as well?

      Be Skeptical! New ECKists are told to be skeptical
      and "prove it" to oneself.

      However, before too long, these newbies learn to
      stop asking questions and to accept things until
      one can prove or disprove them. They are, also,
      told to take it to the "Inner." However, if the "inner
      experience" goes far beyond one's initiation level
      then it is said to be false or coming from an "Astral"

      One must learn their place within the RESA Hierarchy.
      No longer are ECKists permitted to skip initiations.
      However, if one is a professional and has good
      management, leadership, and speaking skills, or
      are a close friend of the RESA, they will be promoted
      before someone more spiritually "aware." After all,
      those Guidelines and Leadership Books, and trainings,
      and requirements for positions, as well as, the RESA
      police and ESC investigations into H.I. behavior are
      due to chelas Not being of a "Higher" consciousness!

      Some ECKists, and non-ECKists, have experiences
      with the ECK Masters. Of course, these same non-ECKists
      will, also, have "experiences" with Jesus and others.
      Except, Jesus will strangely becomes Gopal Das! It
      doesn't matter that other believers of other religions
      have the same, if not more and better, experiences
      with their Masters, Prophets, and Saints. ECKists have
      experiences with these entities too, except, Jesus or
      Buddha, or whomever, always miraculously becomes
      an ECK Master in disguise! Maybe Rebazar is actually
      Jesus in disguise rather than vice versa!

      ECKankar never puts down other religions. However,
      Klemp does put them down in "Autobiography of a
      Modern Prophet" on page 385. Klemp states that all
      other religions worship either the 2nd or 4th Plane
      God. In ECKankar, the 2nd and 4th Plane "GOD" is
      known as the KAL or Negative Force. In the ECK Holy
      Books (The Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Books 1 & 2) the
      KAL is also defined as the Devil and Satan. Thus,
      according to Klemp and ECKankar, all other religions
      worship SATAN (the 2nd or 4th Plane God)!

      Does anybody have something to add?

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