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Re: TruthDecider?(Responce To Ingrid And Liz)

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  • ctecvie
    Hi Liz, wow! Thanks for sharing all this. I had no clue about the stories that are never told! And I agree - in the light of everything you said, stories like
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 29, 2005
      Hi Liz,

      wow! Thanks for sharing all this. I had no clue about the stories
      that are never told! And I agree - in the light of everything you
      said, stories like Truthdecider's are very dangerous to share indeed.
      And I like what you are saying at the end - that if we find a good
      therapist or counseling group, this would help us to realize that the
      power to deal with our problems is within us. That's what I knew all
      along, and that's what I did before joining Eckankar. And in the back
      of my mind, it was always very clear to me that I had made the most
      important steps already long before Eckankar.

      And, as Prometheus said - I was an attached fool, too, for quite some
      time. Fortunately I woke up eventually and got out!


      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, ewickings@a...
      > --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "truthdecider"
      > <truthdecider@y...> wrote:
      > >
      > > I was an unemployed ex drug addict and ex drug dealer when I
      > > Eckankar,
      > >snip
      > > When I discovered Eckankar, this all immediately began to
      change. It
      > > started with conscious out of body experiences, sometimes
      > > by an Eck master. I had never experienced anything like this in
      > > life, not even when I had tripped on LSD! These experiences
      > > me, so I began to discipline myself to sit down and do the HU
      > > everyday, for at least 20 minutes or so. And when I did this,
      within a
      > > few weeks, I began experiencing profound inner healings and
      > > that literally straightened out my disarrayed thought processes
      > > feelings.
      > **** I don't intend to try and change your views that you
      seemingly give
      > credit to eckankrap for your recovery.... what I will focus on
      are the stories
      > not shared! Like the ones I and several other ESAs were
      confronted with by
      > similar folks like you struggling to get out of an addiction,
      abuse etc.
      > What you won't hear about in any of harold's talks, or by any of
      the membership
      > are the stories, the countless stories of those that either ended
      up in a
      > mental health ward, or dead because those so called masters never
      showed up in
      > their hour of need. Let us not sugar coat the obvious! You gave
      credit to a
      > false master, when all the while it was YOU that did the work!
      But why do I
      > see harold's sick phony grin as he sits on his pedestal smiling
      and waving
      > to his captive audience?
      > As an ESA I would get phone calls from these poor souls that just
      > kick the drug or alcohol habit, and wanted something new to try,
      maybe a new
      > spiritual exercise, or a link up to the mahanta. When in fact
      these people
      > needed to check themselves into a drug rehab, or hospital to get
      the real help
      > they so desperately need/ed. I in no way would tell anyone to
      take it on
      > the inner, hand it over to the mahanta. I directed them to seek
      > attention, or I would contacted a family member to ensure they
      followed up. The
      > problem eckankrap found themselves in years ago when they had to
      change their
      > ESA guidelines was, too many members were either killing
      themselves because
      > the mahanta didn't help, or they ended up on the streets or
      worse.... to
      > cover their asses they had to make sure that ESA's were not giving
      the wrong
      > advise, they had to include a disclaimer that if the session
      didn't work it
      > wasn't eckankrap's fault.
      > Thinking back here on a young man I was introduced to while at a
      seminar in
      > MN. This young man was very active in the youth program, and by
      > accounts no one suspected he had any problems! A couple weeks
      after the seminar I
      > got word he was found dead in his apt. It was explained away as
      > causes..... but turns out it was suicide. Seems he had issues
      with drugs, and
      > wasn't getting any help from harji.
      > Truthdecider the only thing about your history that moved me was
      the obvious
      > fact even if you didn't see it at the time, was the strength you
      must not
      > have known you had to pull yourself out of your addictions. Our
      minds are a
      > very powerful tool, that not even the scientific community can pin
      > everything it is capable of accomplishing. We only use a very
      small percentage of
      > our brains.... I could give you a word, or a factious picture of
      > schmuck in a leisure suit and call him a master and I could most
      likely get you or
      > several others to believe he is going to fix your life. Just
      keep focusing
      > on this mantra, or smooth dude and you'll be saved. It reminds me
      of that
      > movie with Steve Martin, where he was this gifted minister that
      could heal
      > etc.... anyone recall the name of that movie?
      > Anyway when I was 17 I was experimenting with pot, and beer.....
      and I
      > wasn't too worried about what the master thought of me. Although
      on the outside
      > by all appearances I was a devoted eck youth, who received her 3rd
      > during my pot smoking days. When the pink slip arrived, I laughed
      to myself
      > and even back then knew the master doesn't know a damn thing about
      what is
      > going on with it's membership! Another example; how about when
      > appoints someone that is a known locale home wrecker and HI
      drunk.... let's make her
      > an ESA. To everyone else's amazement they couldn't figure out
      what the heck
      > was harold's problem. Why would he appoint someone like her?
      Well, the
      > point is, he doesn't have a clue what any of us are doing on the
      inner or
      > outer! You are just a number in the computer, and if you are best
      buds with the
      > local HI click you'll get moved right on up that eckankrap social
      > The answers given by the HI's that promoted her and recommended
      her to ESC,
      > well it must be her karma at the time and she needs to work things
      out this
      > life time. Harold must feel she should be an ESA so she can
      experience this
      > from the other side of the coin, it will change her behavior in
      the long run
      > after all we are the mahanta's representatives and should behave
      > What BS....
      > >
      > > Eventually, this led to me feeling totally re-balanced and
      whole, for
      > > the first time EVER in my life, as I had also been an abused
      > > which was what had led to drug addiction at the ripe old age of
      14. I
      > > was now also able to hold down a job, support myself in my own
      > > apartment, and to finally start to have a real life.
      > **** Yep I was an abused child too even as an adult, by my HI
      mother who
      > thought she had the right to behave the way she did / does. After
      all she is a
      > 6th, initiator and ESA she must be in good standing with the
      mahanta. And no
      > one questions the mahanta and his intimate wisdom of our heart and
      > right!
      > >
      > > This is just a thumbnail sketch of some of the experiences that
      I had
      > > in Eckankar. There were also things like prophetic dreams that
      > > accurate to the minutest little detail that saved me much
      > > because I listened to them. And over the years that I was in
      > > I gradually became a far more loving, caring, and balanced
      > *** Yep had and still have those prophetic dreams even when I am
      > awake! I had them before eckankrap..... I am still a very
      spiritual person, and
      > know that I am a decent caring, loving and balanced person.
      > might be able to delete my membership records or take away my
      initiations, which
      > I laughed at when sending in my letter that there wasn't one tiny
      piece of
      > truth to any of the cults initiation BS.... LOL
      > >
      > > I realize that the argument could be made that it was me who
      > > did all of this all along, and that it actually had nothing to
      do with
      > > Eckankar, the Eck masters, or anything else. But even if that is
      > > ultimately the truth of what happened, as soultraveler pointed
      out on
      > > the TS web site, then it was the imagery and the mythology that
      > > created that allowed my mind to buy into the concepts that
      opened the
      > > door that allowed my higher being to create those experiences.
      > **** And, had you found a good therapist or counseling group,
      they would
      > have given you the power to recognize your own power over those
      > eckankrap has been confronted by more family members of dead eck
      relatives as
      > to why did they depend totally and completely on the mahanta
      fixing them.
      > You know what their answer is; we never encourage members to
      forgo true
      > medical help or attention. Yet in all their books, discourses
      etc, they say just
      > the opposite. Sorry but I find sharing a story such as yours
      and giving
      > credit to those fake masters very dangerous!
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