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Re: ATOM vs ATOMdoers - P.M. the (other) 973rd LEM!

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  • prometheus_973
    I have a question about the Numbers (973rd, etc.) and Time-Line order assigned to the M/LEMs of ECKankar, ATOM, and of ATOMdoers. Paul Marche (of ATOMdoers),
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 13, 2009
      I have a question about the Numbers
      (973rd, etc.) and Time-Line order assigned
      to the M/LEMs of ECKankar, ATOM, and
      of ATOMdoers.

      Paul Marche' (of ATOMdoers), supposedly,
      took over for Darwin Gross, the 972nd
      M/LEM, as the 973rd Living Master.

      However, Darwin Initiated and handed
      the Rod of ECK Power to Klemp on 10/22/1981,
      thus, making HK the 973rd LEM.

      Therefore, how can Paul Marche' be the
      ATOMdoers 973rd LEM? P.M. should be
      the 974th Living Master, and Not the 973rd!
      And, ECKankar's next LEM should be the

      Did ATOM chose a new LEM on October
      22, 2008? If so, was he the 974th LEM?

      Even though Klemp booted Darwin, and
      kicked a FULL Mahanta/Living ECK Master
      to the curb, this doesn't change or take
      away from the (EK) fact, or his number
      in the Time-Line of the EK hierarchy, that
      D.G. was, and will always be, considered
      the 972nd M/LEM by both ECKists, ATOM
      members, and ATOMdoers. Thus, HK should,
      also, be seen by ATOM members and ATOMdoers
      as the 973rd M/LEM, although, HK has
      fallen from GRACE as HK claimed Darwin

      BTW- Why is it that Sudar Singh is never
      referred to as the 970th LEM? Was he, also,
      a 14th "FULL" Mahanta or a 12th or 13th

      And, what number(s) was Rebazar Tarzs?
      Was R.T. the 793rd M/LEM? Let's not forget
      (according to EK dogma) that Rebazar was,
      also, the LEM for 35 days after Twitchell's
      death (translation).

      Does this mean that R.T. was actually the
      972nd M/LEM and that Darwin was, thus,
      the 973rd M/LEM, and that Klemp is really
      the 974th LEM? If an ECK Master comes
      back to FILL-IN, a second or a third time, etc.
      as the M/LEM, wouldn't they have that Time-
      Line Number as well? How many other ECK
      Masters, other than Rebazar, have done this
      and FILLED-IN more than once? Someone
      had to have FILLED-IN previous to Rebazar
      since he is only 500 years old.

      Who was the 666th M/LEM? Was it Zadok?


      prometheus wrote:

      It looks like another ECKankar schism
      is blowing in that Wind of Change!

      First, we had Kirpal breaking with Radhasoami
      to start Ruhani Satsang. His master did not
      choose a leader so when the "Master" died
      the one with the most supporters took over
      Radhasoami and Kirpal took the rest to start
      his own sect.

      Next, we had Twitchell break with his Master,
      Kirpal Singh, and Ruhani Satsang to start his
      own sect he called ECKankar.

      Then, we had Gross appointed the ECKankar
      LEM after Twitchell died, unexpectedly, with
      Gail (his young wife) claiming to have had a
      dream where Twitchell selected her lover (Gross)
      to take over. The EK Board agreed!

      [Etznab (or anyone), who was on the ECK Board
      in 1971 when P.T. translated?]

      Later, Gross selected Klemp to take over for him,
      after ten years, but was then kicked to the curb by
      Klemp. Gross then started ATOM.

      And, Gross didn't select a successor either! Paul Marche'
      decided to fill the void after Gross' death. He did this
      with the help of his new (young) wife Tammy Latimer
      (clammytammy) who wrote a book claiming that she
      was the reincarnation of 8th Initiate, and EK Prophet,
      Tom Flamma!

      BTW- I saw where another Latimer is on the other
      (ATOM) side of the issue! There's the main group of
      ATOM chelas who have sued Sri Paul Marche' and Tammy.

      Therefore, this newest ECKankar sect is now called:

      Check out the pdf files on this site about the lawsuit!



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