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Re: Animated Thoughts-Forms (Tulpas)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, I found this to be interesting information and thought I d repost it since it is discussing various EK Masters. Prometheus jivatmananda wrote: Hi
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 10, 2009
      Hello All,
      I found this to be interesting information
      and thought I'd repost it since it is discussing
      various EK Masters.


      jivatmananda wrote:

      Hi All,

      As I wrote earlier today, I think many people are aware that Paul
      Twitchell plagiarized, but they or their friends have had convincing
      vivid experiences with the Eck Masters. They consider the validity of
      these experiences as more significant than anything that could be said
      or proven regarding Eckankar.

      The Eck literature mentions people who have had experiences with the
      Eck Masters before they had even heard of Eckankar. In some cases, it
      was something as vivid as an appearance of Gopal Das saying: "I'm
      Gopal Das and Thou shalt listen to Me. Take your phone book, find a
      religion called Eckankar and join them. I have spoken!"

      On one hand, there is unquestionable evidence that Paul Twichell made
      up most of the Eck Masters (not Milarepa and other historical
      figures). On the other hand, many Eckists have convincing experiences
      with these fictional characters.

      Some people decided to discard the unquestionable evidence. Harry
      seems to be one of them, as he obviously believes what he is teaching.
      Others decided to discard experiences with the Eck Masters as mere
      delusions, or at best, as insights from the higher self.

      Yet I found an explanation that reconciles the unquestionable evidence
      with the most convincing experiences regarding the Eck Masters. I also
      remembered a personal experience that seems to validate the
      explanation I found.

      In her book "Magic and Mystery in Tibet" (University Books Inc., 1965)
      Alexandra David-Neel mentions a strange phenomena called "the creation
      of tulpa". Tulpas are animated thought-forms that can become
      autonomous from their creator and interact with people who never heard
      of them.

      Here is an excerpt of her book:

      "However interested we may feel in the other strange accomplishments
      with which Tibetan adepts of the secret lore are credited, the
      creation of thought forms seems by far the most puzzling. [...]

      Phantoms, as Tibetans describe them, and those that I have myself seen
      do not resemble the apparitions, which are said to occur during
      spiritualist séances.

      As I have said, some apparitions are created on purpose either by a
      lengthy process resembling that described in the former chapter on the
      visualization of Ydam or, in the case of proficient adepts,
      instantaneously or almost instantaneously. In other cases, apparently
      the author of the phenomenon generates it unconsciously, and is not
      even in the least aware of the apparition being seen by others. [...]

      Once the tulpa is endowed with enough vitality to be capable of
      playing the part of a real being, it tends to free itself from its
      maker's control. This, say Tibetan occultists, happens nearly
      mechanically, just as the child, when his body is completed and able
      to live apart, leaves its mother¹s womb. Sometimes the phantom becomes
      a rebellious son and one hears of uncanny struggles that have taken
      place between magicians and their creatures, the former being severely
      hurt or even killed by the latter.[...]

      Besides having had few opportunities of seeing thought-forms, my
      habitual incredulity led me to make experiments for myself, and my
      efforts were attended with some success. In order to avoid being
      influenced by the forms of the lamaist deities, which I saw daily
      around me in paintings and images, I chose for my experiment a most
      insignificant character: a Monk, short and fat, of an innocent and
      jolly type.

      I shut myself in tsams and proceeded to perform the prescribed
      concentration of thought and other rites. After a few months the
      phantom Monk was formed. His form grew gradually fixed and lifelike
      looking. He became a kind of guest, living in my apartment. I then
      broke my seclusion and started for a tour, with my servants and tents.

      The Monk included himself in the party. Though I lived in the open,
      riding on horseback for miles each day, the illusion persisted. I saw
      the fat tulpa; now and then it was not necessary for me to think of
      him to make him appear. The phantom performed various actions of the
      kind that are natural to travelers and that I had not commanded. For
      instance, he walked, stopped, looked around him. The illusion was
      mostly visual, but sometimes I felt as if a robe was lightly rubbing
      against me, and once a hand seemed to touch my shoulder.

      The features which I had imagined, when building my phantom, gradually
      underwent a change. The fat, chubby-cheeked fellow grew leaner, his
      face assumed a vaguely mocking, sly, malignant look. He became more
      troublesome and bold. In brief, he escaped my control. Once, a
      herdsman who brought me a present of butter saw the tulpa in my tent
      and took it for a living lama.

      I ought to have let the phenomenon follow its course, but the presence
      of that unwanted companion began to prove trying to my nerves; it
      turned into a "day-nightmare". Moreover, I was beginning to plan my
      journey to Lhasa and needed a quiet brain devoid of other
      preoccupations, so I decided to dissolve the phantom. I succeeded, but
      only after six months of hard struggle. My mind-creature was tenacious
      of life.

      There is nothing strange in the fact that I may have created my own
      hallucination. The interesting point is that in these cases of
      materialization, others see the thought-forms that have been created."

      Did Paul Twitchell purposely create "Eck Master" tulpas? I don't know
      if he did it consciously, although I can't discard that possibility.
      Yet the concentrated psychic energies of Eck chelas may definitely
      have created "Eck Master" thought-forms or tulpas.

      If such a theory is true, we may assume that the conflict between
      Darwin and Harry generated two different versions of these "Eck
      Masters" tulpas. In other words, respective followers of each leader
      were creating images of the Eck Masters that fitted their respective
      loyalties. From that time, there were possibly different versions of
      Rebazar Tarz, Yaubl Sacabi, Fubbi Quantz, etc. One version being
      faithfull to Darwin, the other to Harry.

      Here is the point where my own experiences come into play and seem to
      validate the whole "tulpa" theory. In January 1984, I experienced two
      contradictory versions of Fubbi Quantz!

      In 1983/84, my busy travel schedule totally prevented me from
      socializing with Eckists or listening to any rumors about Darwin. I
      became "physically" aware of the situation when I got Harry's letter.
      Several days BEFORE reading the letter, I felt the presence of Fubbi
      Quantz in the bedroom I was occupying. He telepathically told me that
      Harry was given a chance to be the LEM, but failed in his duties. He
      had been demoted and Darwin was once again the LEM.

      (By the way, I recently read on the Internet that other people also
      "met" a Darwin-friendly version of Fubbi Quantz and got the same message.)

      A few days later, another version of Fubbi Quantz told me that Harry
      was still the LEM and I considered my previous experience as being
      from the Kal (universal mind power).

      I now realize they were both generated by the mind power.

      I'm proposing a spiritual exercise to prove me wrong: Sit quietly near
      the phone. Choose one of the Eck Masters who supposedly have a
      physical body they can teleport anywhere on Earth. Ask him to call you
      and confirm over the phone that he has a physical body. Repeat the
      exercise 12 times on different days if you don't get any result. After
      all, your chosen Eck Master may be busy and won't just call as you

      Discount any kind of inner communications or visions. Also
      discount anything that looks like a physical manifestation, unless
      your guest accepts to write his name on a piece of paper. A seemingly
      physical appearance won't suffice to disprove that your distinguished
      visitor is an animated thought-form (tulpa).

      I especially urge Harry to try this spiritual exercise. After all, the
      Eck Masters are working under his authority and should show up
      whenever he calls them. Harry, please try this exercise at least 12
      times, then look at yourself in the mirror and say that I'm totally
      wrong. Are you ready to take my challenge? I guess you will imagine
      all kinds of excuses as to why the Eck Masters won't manifest
      themselves as requested. The truth of the matter is that excuses are
      just... excuses.

      By the way, I don't mean people should discard any insight they may
      have gotten from the Eck Masters. In most cases, these insights come
      from their higher self. In some occasions, they may also be invisible
      guides who assume whatever form fits people's expectations.

      If Yaubl Sacabi gives you daily insights, there is definitely no need
      to fire him. Yet Eckankar doesn't desserve money just because you have
      these wonderful experiences.

      For your information, some people also have inspiring inner
      experiences with the Jedi Master Yoda.


      You may just enjoy him! :)

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