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The Wisdom Notes Dec. 2008

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, This is another look at the Wisdom Notes. Klemp is giving another lecture where he is once again preaching about using discrimination, although,
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      Hello All,
      This is another look at the Wisdom Notes.
      Klemp is giving another lecture where
      he is once again preaching about using
      "discrimination," although, "results may
      vary." The Catch-22 is that the M/LEM
      "has to come: to help you achieve it,"
      but when does he ever let them go?
      Not in this lifetime!


      THE WISDOM NOTES by Harold Klemp
      December 2008:

      "Dear Ones,
      Degrees of wisdom vary. Wisdom comes
      in different measures, like a pinch of salt
      to the highest degree possible.

      The manifestation of wisdom may be likened
      to a light in a lantern with shutters that
      allow only a portion of the light to escape.

      A given state of consciousness determines
      the amount of wisdom shown.

      One factor in determining the amount
      of wisdom an individual displays is vanity.

      The ego in a vain person stretches his
      importance to an extravagant degree,
      which others note with caution. Why the

      They may well hesitate to rely upon his
      judgment in serious matters. So, he must
      exceed their expectations. They want to
      be sure his discrimination is sound before
      committing to his direction. How much
      wisdom has he?"

      *NOTE: Klemp now tells another "FABLE"
      by the same person mentioned in his
      front page article: "Problems and Their

      Fable: 1.) A short tale used to teach
      a moral, often with animals as characters.
      2.) A story not founded on fact.
      3.) A legend or myth.
      4.) A lie; falsehood.

      HK: "Jean de La Fontaine, the seventeenth-
      century poet, tells a fable that demonstrates
      the peculiar judgment of one such character.

      An elephant and a rhinoceros once had
      a quarrel. They each had a different opinion
      about the boundaries of their domains and
      were determined to do battle over the issue,
      both willing to pit their might against the other's
      brawn. Thus would the two settle the matter."

      *ME: It seems like there is still in-fighting going
      on within the ESC/RESA Hierarchy. Apparently
      Klemp, the ESC, as well as, the ECK Satsang
      Societies and the RESAs are incapable of controlling
      the negative behaviors of local Officers, Directors,
      Vahanas, and Coordinators. However, the territory
      ("boundary") disputes are created, mostly, via
      the focus upon Position and Rank (Initiation level),
      which feeds and inflates the Ego. It's really not a
      surprise that this is still a problem even after the
      H.I./L.I. Leadership Books/Workbooks, and Leadership
      classes. These are, supposedly, the "highly evolved"
      ECK Leaders Klemp is referring to! Chelas can't
      receive "Inner" guidance because Klemp is a fraud!
      Thus, HK needs to use lower means, verbal and
      written words, in order to communicate his wishes.

      I wonder, Who are the H.I. "Elephants" and Who
      are the "Rhinoceroses?" Do they, also, look like
      these animals? Klemp is implying that they are
      behaving like these lower consciousness animals!
      But, Why is Klemp, being indirect and ambiguous
      as to How, Who, and What he Specifically Wants
      done? Instead, Klemp is being obtuse and wishy-
      washy, once again, by using a "fable!" No wonder
      ECKists are confused, and that there are still problems
      within the EK org (after 27 years) under Klemp's rule!

      HK: "As fortune would have it, just then someone
      ran up to announce the imminent arrival of the
      god Jupiter's monkey, magic scepter in hand."

      *[It should be noted that HK states in the EK
      Lexicon (page 105) that JUPITER was: "THE
      the "monkey," now, represents either an ECK
      Master or, at the very least, a RESA! BTW- Is
      that a White or a Black "magic scepter" (sword)
      that Klemp's flunky/"Monkey" is holding?]

      HK: "The Elephant IMAGINED that Jupiter's
      messenger had come to enjoy the contest
      between him and the Rhino, so he prepared
      to welcome the ambassador into his own
      majestic presence. But the monkey was
      slow in coming to pay his respects."

      *ME: WOW! Can it be any clearer than this!

      HK: "Finally, he arrived. The Elephant was
      truly PUZZLED, however, when the Monkey
      sat completely silent after giving a causal
      salute. So the Elephant said, `I would say
      that JUPITER and all of his court are soon to
      enjoy a tremendous battle!' `What battle?'
      asked the Monkey with a sober face. `Why,'
      sputtered the Elephant in bewilderment,
      `the grand fight between me and the Rhino.
      Surely, you've heard of the Rhino's challenge
      to my pride? My honor must see revenge.'

      *ME: It is true, HK, and his Elephants and Rhinos
      [ECK Leaders] have Big Egos and seek revenge
      upon others. Klemp, himself, holds onto grudges.

      BTW- I thought of Joan when I read that "the
      Elephant was Truly Puzzled" because of that
      "puzzled look" JK gave that Third temporary
      Postal clerk who wanted to see her I.D. before
      wasting his time to look for a package for
      someone that might Not have their I.D. with
      them. The clerk was just following the (EK) Law
      of Economy! It's strange to think that Klemp
      thought it was okay to negatively chastise the
      clerk for following the Law (both man's and
      God's)! HK mentioned and spun this incident
      in the 09/2003 H.I. Letter. Poor, 9th Initiate,

      HK: "The Monkey, barely able to stifle a yawn,
      regarded the other with curiosity. After a long
      pause, Jupiter's ambassador said, `To be
      frank, in the vast celestial palaces such
      trifles are seldom spoken of at all.'

      *ME: Is Klemp blind, arrogant, or stupid?
      This is Why there is a problem in the first
      place and Why Klemp is using this fable
      to speak about it. Yet, JUPITER (the Mahanta)
      and the Monkey (the RESAs) sit in their ivory
      "palaces" oblivious to any problems until it's
      too late and, thus, it is now necessary to use
      an entire Wisdom Note to speak about this
      problem in order to SHAME ECK Leaders into
      cleaning up their "acts." Klemp expects, and
      demands, submission to his Will versus Soul
      having Its own Free Will.

      HK: "The SHAMED Elephant, in a subdued
      tone, asked, `Then what is your business
      here in the land of Elephants?' The Monkey
      fingered his Scepter and replied, `Why, I've
      come to divide and distribute a blade of grass
      among some ants.' The gods shower care upon
      all creatures, great and small."

      *ME: So, the Monkey (RESA) came to divide
      a blade of grass (Vahana Tips, or excerpts,
      from the RESA Star?) among some ants
      (chelas). That's so special!

      HK: `As to your affair, that's not yet been
      discussed in the heavens above.' "A person
      with an Elephantine Ego is only a Fool. Of
      course, No Fool is Wise."

      *ME: Apparently something is being "discussed"
      now! Klemp must be looking into the mirror
      often, and is, thus, speaking of his own Huge
      EGO. HK is a Fool! Anyone who has to say that,
      "No Fool is Wise" must think that he is "Wise"
      and, therefore, cannot be a "Fool."

      [Next, Klemp brings Rebazar
      and Twitch into the fable.]

      HK: "So, then, what is the path of
      wisdom, the highest and best way
      to conduct our living?"

      *ME: Is this where Klemp, once again,
      preaches to the (EK) choir?

      HK: "Consider the example of the
      ECK Masters. Their life's mission is
      to bring all who are spiritually ready
      into the presence of the Mahanta, the
      LEM. That is their calling. That is what
      they do. What better role models could
      a high-minded seeker ever hope to

      *ME: Wasn't Darwin one of these ECK
      Master "role models" for, at least, 10 years!
      And, let's not leave out the biggest liar
      and con/god man of the three M/LEMs...
      Twitchell! Besides, these INVISIBLE, as well
      as "Unknown" EK Masters are imaginary
      and are pretend characters... like in a fable!
      Klemp can't see it but those "high-minded
      seekers," who join, eventually, become
      the "high-minded" ECK Leaders that
      became hugely Egotistical Elephants and
      Rhinos that are running amuck and creating
      chaos! Or, perhaps, some of these ECK Leaders
      are merely expressing their independence
      as SOUL.

      BTW-Klemp states that his "life's mission
      is to bring all who are spiritually ready into
      the presence of the Mahanta," When does
      he let them go? When do they graduate?
      When is Spiritual Freedom and Self-Mastery
      achieved? Shouldn't it take, these so-called
      Highly Advanced EK Souls, LESS TIME versus
      a Lifetime?

      HK: "The Master will then do everything
      possible to deliver the seeker into the heart
      of SUGMAD. That was also the mission of
      Rebazar Tarzs during his own tenure as the
      foremost leader of the ECK community, years
      and years ago, as that age's M/LEM."

      *ME: Okay, once the chela is delivered to
      SUGMAD when does the chela become
      free of the M/LEM? The Mahanta's or at least
      the LEM's "Mission" has been accomplished!
      Also, since R.T. stepped in for Twit, for 35
      days, those who came into ECKankar during
      that time are Rebazar's chelas! It wasn't in
      another "age."

      HK: "As the Master, he instructed a willing
      chela, Peddar Zaskq, in the practices and
      understandings needed to walk the path
      to God with love and wisdom."

      *ME: Haven't most H.I.s, by now, developed
      the "Practices and Understandings NEEDED
      to Walk the Path to God [on their own] with
      Love and Wisdom!" Or, are these just more
      empty words by H.K. proving that ECKankar,
      the M/LEM, and the ECK Masters are merely
      shams invented by Twitchell!

      HK: "Peddar's instruction took in the
      Spiritual Exercises of ECK and how to
      do them. Furthermore, Rebazar also
      told him what his experiences in the
      Light and Sound of God signified and
      the ways to ride the celestial Sound
      Current. Nor was that instruction the
      whole of it. Not by any means. Rebazar
      also told Peddar how to conduct himself
      in regard to the many attitudes lurking
      within him."

      *ME: What did it "signify" when Klemp
      admitted that he worked (daily) in, and
      met with Darwin, in a Sound Proof Dark
      Room at the ESC? It "signifies" that the
      ECK (the Sound & Light) was absent in
      Klemp's life, and those plans they both
      made to transfer the Rod of ECK Power
      to Klemp were done so Without the ECK!
      Look at Ch. 7 of "Soul Travelers of the Far
      Country." Why isn't this book offered
      anymore? When Klemp did his "Autobiography"
      he edited out the fact that this room was,
      also, Sound Proof! This is why HK doesn't
      offer the other book any longer. It's another
      cover-up of sorts! Klemp was tying up loose
      ends because he revealed too many details
      in Ch. 7 of "Soul Travelers of the Far Country."

      HK: "He showed him how to be free of
      grief, to live in oneness with others,
      and to find deep and satisfying peace
      and love."

      *ME: Why don't ECKists just by-pass old
      wishy-washy Klemp and adopt the timeless
      500 year old Rebazar (the Torchbearer
      of ECKankar) as their Spiritual Leader!

      HK: "It was in this way that Peddar gained
      wisdom. His unfoldment went from that of
      a neophyte in ECK to the Mastership itself.
      Yes, he and all ECK Masters stand as models."

      *ME: Yes, ECKists are to emulate 14th Initiate
      Klemp via their imaginations, and to pretend
      "as if" they, too, are "Higher." BUT, why would
      ECKists want to have tired old looking simple-
      minded Klemp as a role "model" versus 500
      year old Rebazar and other, timeless, ECK Masters
      as role models?

      HK: Practice, then, the Spiritual Exercises
      of ECK. Avail yourself of the Talks and Writings
      of ECKankar like the Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad,
      Stranger by the River, and ever so many
      more titles. Be the sage, not a fool. Walk
      the path of ECK wisely." [END]

      *ME: Why is it that Klemp No Longer Offers
      the "ECK-Vidya," or "Difficulties Of Becoming
      The Living ECK Master?" Thus, Klemp is being
      deceptive when he says, "and ever so many
      more titles" (by Twitchell). "Difficulties" is a
      historical ECKankar book! That story about
      the "Moon Virus" is one of my favorites!

      Also, isn't it strange that Klemp is referring
      ECKists to books that were written by
      the first ECK Master (P.T.) around 1970!

      Why hasn't Klemp (the greatest Mahanta ever)
      written a Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad Books 3 and 4?
      Why hasn't HK written poetry to rival RUMI
      who wasn't even an ECK Master?

      Thus, according to Klemp, Rebazar gave
      ECKists the "Spiritual Exercises" while
      Twitchell gave them the "Shariyat-Ki-
      Sugmad Books 1&2," as well as, "Stranger
      by the River" (with Rebazar's help of
      course)! So, why should ECKists continue
      looking to Klemp? I don't get it!

      In ECKankar, Degrees of Wisdom and
      Degrees of Initiation are related to
      one another. In this Members Only
      pub (The Mystic World) Klemp is speaking
      to ALL of his Initiates.

      Thus, HK is intentionally contradicting
      the ECK teachings and is feeding his
      gullible, immature, and impressionable
      followers bullshit!

      According to the ECK teachings, concerning
      the powers and abilities of the Mahanta,
      the vain and narcissistic H.I.s, who
      still have those Huge Elephant Sized
      Egos, as well as, those with Thick Rhino
      like skins cannot, also, have those Higher
      initiations, or be promoted! And yet,
      these chelas are whom Klemp is talking
      about! Thus, they have been promoted
      and maintain Positions and Initiations
      of power and authority with the Mahanta's
      Knowledge and Blessings!

      However, Klemp, once again, tries to have
      it both ways. If ECKists have Higher Degrees
      of Wisdom they should, also, have Higher
      Initiations UNLESS they have fallen, like
      Darwin, or there was a mistake made in
      giving them their Higher Initiations! Does
      Klemp's printed words correct this defect?
      Of course Not! But, such things happen
      when religions are based upon lies and
      myth. Klemp has to write articles because
      the "Inner" communication is imaginary!

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