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Re: Katherine (Kay-Dee, Kata Daki) Twitchell's D.O.D.

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab, Remember, Twit mentioned that he visited Kay-Dee in Paris and even Marman points out that this was Paris, Kentucky and Not Paris, France as Twit
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 22, 2008
      Hello Etznab,
      Remember, Twit mentioned that he visited
      Kay-Dee in Paris and even Marman points
      out that this was Paris, Kentucky and Not
      Paris, France as Twit was leading us to believe.

      Plus, let's not forget when Twit was trying to
      get into Who's Who in Kentucky and lied about
      traveling to India when he was 27 years old
      (1935). Or, that on Twit claimed on his "second"
      trip to India that he met Rebazar (1951)!


      BTW- Even Marman once stated (on Ford's The
      Truth-Seeker site) that Rebazar was probably a Myth!

      Therefore, I can see where Twitchell was more than
      likely lying about the details surrounding his visit
      to his sister in her last days. And, isn't he, also,
      recounting these details years afterwards? As I
      said before, it's much more difficult to remember
      lies than to remember the truth. With Twit, the two
      (lies and truth) became intertwined with fantasy
      and subjective perception which was influenced
      by his desires and ego.


      etznab wrote:


      Thanks for sharing that.

      I've come across a number of different dates
      for similar events when reviewing written history
      found in Eckankar writings. Not just this one in-
      stance. Why this is I am not completely certain.
      When compiling data on a timeline, however, it
      seems that the placement is, in itself, a form of
      statement. Opinion at least.

      Well, I'd rather not give false statements and
      opinions if I can help it. In this one case, for the
      passing of Paul's sister, I thought I could help it
      because it seemed that somebody had already
      uncovered the accurate information. Yourself.

      Here is some of the other trivia I encountered
      for the year 1959 and thereabouts.

      " 'Well, I've always been a Cliff-Hanger, I guess; but
      yes, this was before I took roots on the West Coast
      in the late 1950's' "

      [Based on: IN MY SOUL I AM FREE, by Brad Steiger
      (Copyright 1968?), p. 62]

      It isn't clear to me whether this date is an accurate
      recollection by Paul, but it could be (IMO) if the date
      he was referring to was 1959. Perhaps late 1959?

      I am curious about why it appears that Harold and
      Doug's reports seem to suggest later in 1959 for the
      time when Paul came home to visit his dying sister
      if, in fact, she died in the earlier part of the year. And
      I'm curious about where was Paul Twitchell after the
      death of his sister? Did he stay in Kentucky or20leave
      for someplace else?

      In Harold's recollection

      "[....] In about 1959, Paul left Washington, D.C., and
      moved to England. Six months later he found out that
      his sister Kay-Dee (Kate) was dying of an incurable ill-
      ness. He immediately returned home to Paducah,
      Kentucky, and stayed with her for the final two months
      of her life. [....]"


      it seems to suggest that Paul was with his sister for the
      final two months of her life. If she died on 03/11/59 that
      would indicate Paul was home by at least January 11th
      of that year (1959), which could hardly qualify for "late
      1959" in the other example I gave:

      "[....] Well, here is what I found: I have seen a number of
      letters that show he moved out from DC in early 1959. By
      early 1959 he was living in Europe. He came back to the
      states when his sister was on her deathbed in late 1959.
      From there he went to Davenport, Iowa, and then on to
      Seattle. He was living in Seattle by 1961."

      [Based on: A.R.E. Post by Doug Marman (Conversation with
      Roy Eugene Davis, September 14, 2007.) Sept. 22nd, 7:54

      I've noticed how a lot of Harold and Doug's writings are
      similar when it comes to recorded history for Paul's life. I
      am now starting to wonder who got their information from
      who? When Harold did research on Paul's life did he do it
      himself? or did he have others helping and giving him the

      information too? I wonder about the same for Doug? Like,
      how much of what he discovered was based on others &
      what they told him? I seem to remember that Doug had
      access to a number of materials, & in that case it would
      seem to be Doug doing reseach for himself and not nec-
      essarily depending on what other people thought, or said.

      In a way, I find this reasearch somewhat like working a
      Rubic's Cube. Change one thing and a lot of other things
      change with it. Also, it takes a long time to get everything
      straightened out.

      On the trivia timeline for 1960, in the *Trivia section for
      the first article, I've compiled an excerpt from an article:
      (The Cliff-Hanger Period) @


      [Sorry, I haven't uploaded this section yet.]

      In that section it appears to suggest that, after his sister
      died, "He returned to Washington, D.C., long enough to sell
      off some things he had left in storage and then headed for
      San Francisco." Later on it recounts how Paul stopped, on
      his way to the west coast in Des Moines Iowa on his way
      to Seattle. Now, I'm not sure if this is accurate or not, but it
      looked, to me, like after about a year ... "First he went down
      to Acapulco, back up through San Francisco, then on to
      Canada to visit a few Scientology friends who were staying
      at a ranch, followed by a swing across the southern part of
      the United States. After stops in Housto
      n and Dallas, he
      went back to Washington, D.C., and even made a return
      trip to England."

      Even made a return trip to England? I'm not sure what the
      actual date would have been then. However, perhaps this is
      other section is helpful:

      "In about 1961, Paul's father translated. Paul had just moved
      from Washington, D.C., to the West Coast. At the time of his
      father's passing in Kentucky, he was not able to be there."

      [Based on Article (Struggle for Mastership) @
      [T.D. (transcription date) - 06/21/07]

      I'm not sure exactly when Paul's father translated.

      So, it seems, to me, that somewhere between late 1959
      and 1961 Paul Twitchell traveled quite a bit - after about a
      year stay in Seattle. I think there was some mention about
      a Catholic woman, that Paul was wanting to marry, as late
      as 1961. Also, in 1961 (July), I saw it recorded that L. Ron
      Hubbard left England for about ten days to purchase a ship
      in Spain. Cape Finisterre, Spain.


      I mentioned this last bit of trivia because I'm curious, in
      part, about Paul Twitchell and his relationship with Hubbard
      in 1959 and 1961. Whether his trips to England had anything
      to do with Scientology.

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