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These Insights Are Way Beyond Klemp's Con!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, These insights on change and happiness etc., etc. far exceed anything Klemp regurgitates. I found this on the Faqir Chand Yahoo Groups Site and
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      Hello All,
      These insights on "change" and "happiness"
      etc., etc. far exceed anything Klemp regurgitates.
      I found this on the Faqir Chand Yahoo Groups Site
      and saw where these Insights could be used as
      Contemplation Seeds... or whatever!



      Light on Ananda Yoga


      Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal

      Copyright © 2007

      Insight V

      The Undesirability of Unhappiness

      Death is far better than a life of unhappiness.
      Poverty, the most despicable condition of existence,
      is far better than living a life of sorrow. Unhappiness
      harms humans more than pointed arrows and sharp

      A person, who is in the habit of constantly complaining,
      creates hell in his life through the absence of attention.

      People, who think themselves superior to others,
      abandon their attention with this foolish mental attitude.
      Whenever that feeling of superiority is confronted
      or attacked, they become agitated.

      A person endowed with attention, need not be downhearted.
      Those who make themselves miserable diffuse their negative
      influence around them and those who come under their
      influence cannot escape being affected.

      Misery becomes amplified when an atmosphere is charged
      with it and all becomes gloomy and dark.

      No one has ever been deprived of the sunshine of happiness
      but humans have incongruent temperaments, anxious
      dispositions and discontented minds. Cultivate easygoing
      manners, simple habits, high thinking and the atmosphere
      around you will then be pure. To be happy yourself is to make
      others happy. Therefore, happiness is natural and more God
      like. Unhappiness is just the reverse.

      The world, being a place of contradictions where `pairs of
      opposites' are to be seen in abundance, a person should bear
      in mind that there is remedy for every evil. All misfortune, all
      troubles and all miseries can be removed. All diseases can be
      cured and all wounds can he healed. Humans need not be
      afflicted by unnecessary sorrows.

      Cultivate the habit of mindfulness and the necessary tools
      of happiness will never be far from you.

      Insight VI

      Where to fix attention

      But if attention is the secret key to happiness,
      the question arises where and how we should
      place attention, to ensure ourselves of that happiness.

      If one focuses attention on worldly objects, be they
      wholesome or otherwise, there is the danger of being
      involuntarily separated at every moment, since matter
      changes all the time. Therefore, any amount or attention
      fixed on material things is likely to be disturbed at any
      moment, making freedom from suffering impossible.

      Inconsistency is another name for matter. Nothing
      is constant and its circumstances are so variable that
      they frustrate any efforts in making it durable.

      Here there is no perfection. Perfection, if it is possible,
      must be for somewhere else.

      Someone who is rich today may become a beggar
      tomorrow. A strong healthy person may meet with
      an accident, rendering their strength no more.

      There is onslaught on us at each and every turn.
      Nothing is exempt from change. We are not today
      what we were yesterday. Today's hero will become
      tomorrow's coward. The idea that is pleasant at this
      moment may become distasteful in another moment.
      It appears as if one thing is always devouring another.

      Time is a great devourer. Nothing escapes its terrible
      jaws. It is as certain as night follows the day. They say,
      "Time equalizes and adjusts all." This is a false saying.

      Time is another name for change.

      The Wheel of Providence is ongoing. It is in constant
      motion. The spoke that was uppermost will in time be
      uppermost in influencing our circumstances.

      That which comes now, does not stay with us long.
      All that once glittered like gold has been reduced
      to ashes. History is nothing but a description of these
      changes and it too will fade into a fable in no time.


      Then, where, when and how do we focus our attention?


      It is in your own Self that the principle of change and
      changelessness abides. You are changing and you are
      changeless. It is true that you yourself change; as do your
      words and thoughts. But if you were to study yourself
      a little more minutely, it might be realised that you are
      changeless as well. And that is where your attention is
      to be placed. That changeless you is the pivot around
      which the ever-changing Wheel of Time is revolving.

      A sage once sage said,

      I am not a child

      I am neither young nor old

      I am neither man nor woman

      Thank God, I am what I am

      All these conditions change, but it is the
      `I' that is always the same from childhood
      onto the old age. It is on this changeless
      `I' that attention is to be fixed.

      Insight VII


      That which you are is immortal and that which
      is with you, is immortal. That which undergoes
      change, is mortal, and that which knows no change
      is immortal.

      The ideas of mortality and immortality both exist
      in the mind. It is self evident that if there is mortality
      there is immortality as well. Otherwise, there should
      have been `no-mind.'

      Birth and death are the conditions of the body.
      The One that is bodiless knows no birth or death.

      That One was neither born nor will ever die.
      Birth and death, in reality do not mean that
      one is born or one is dead, but it is the condition
      of manifestation or change.

      Creation is a wrong term. There is no creation
      at all. Manifestation is the appropriate term.
      It is Manifestation that is being mistakenly termed
      as creation.

      God did not create. In truth, God manifested.
      A carpenter does not create an image from the
      wood, but manifests it there from.

      A man or woman thinks that she or he creates
      or gave birth to a child and that the child was
      born of them. This is also wrong notion. For the
      child is another form of manifestation from the
      existence of its parents. It was within them all
      the while.

      A sage was asked, "What is the strangest phenomenon
      in the world?" His calm and cool reply was, "A man
      knows that all are liable to death; all are in the clutches
      of death; none can escape the jaws of death. Knowing
      this, no man has ever thought that he would also die.
      He is conscious of the death of all, while he himself
      feels exempt from it. This idea is prominent in his mind,
      "No man will ever die," and this is the strangest phenomenon. "

      Despite the constant affirmation of death in their
      heart of hearts, people deny the very possibility
      of it for themselves. Think of your own death,
      if you please. Such thinking is impossibility; for
      you will stand detached from while you think of it.
      Death will be somewhere, if death is to be thought
      of, as it is subject to the thinker. The thought of death
      may itself die, but it does not affect the thinker.
      A human being seems to be a vessel where the ideas
      of change and no-change; morality and immorality;
      finite and infinity; limitation and limitlessness; transience
      and eternity etc. These things go to prove that humans
      are something above these pairs of opposites. What
      people really are is a mystery which humanity has not
      been able to solve.

      Unless there is death, one cannot have the idea of life,
      for it is through death that life is born. Life and death
      are both pertain to the body. They do not touch the Soul,
      which is beyond their reach. The body must die and be
      re-born and the more it dies, the more it is the manifestation
      of life. No one can comprehend the value of possessions,
      unless they renounce them. The more renunciation there
      is, the greater the capacity to understand the object of
      existence. Unless there are constantly changing conditions,
      it is impossible to come face to face with changelessness.

      Death, change and renunciation all have their advantages.
      These are the so many screens that veil the expression
      of manifestation.

      *Change is change and must be taken as such. A rupee
      is changed into the currency of annas and pice. We call it
      `change' because it should pass from hand to hand; that
      is its beauty. And there is no reason why one should despair
      with the condition of change. It is inevitable. The Law of Time
      is inscrutable in this matter and it makes no exceptions anywhere.

      A poet illustrates the condition of various changes in
      a very beautiful form. He says,

      Change running into walking,

      walking into standing,

      standing into sitting,

      sitting into lying,

      lying into sleeping,

      and sleeping into dying

      Notice for yourself that at every state of change
      there is more rest and more comfort. And it therefore
      follows, that death is not a disaster or an adversity.
      It is at the very least leading to prosperity and happiness.
      It is on the immortal or changeless aspect of yourself,
      which you should focus attention on.

      Edited & Revised by Sant Harjit Singh

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