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ECKankar and Sant Mat

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Non ekster and All, This is why Twitchell Westernized Sant Mat. Twit took out the Vegan and Chastity requirements in order to make it palatable to the
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      Hello Non ekster and All,
      This is why Twitchell "Westernized" Sant Mat.
      Twit took out the Vegan and Chastity requirements
      in order to make it palatable to the Western mindset.
      This was, also, done with other Eastern Religions
      introduced to the West such as TM (Transcendental
      Meditation). And, with TM, the version given to the
      public was different from the version that those of
      the inner circle (i.e. Governors and Siddhas) experienced.
      They were expected to become Vegans, and Chastity
      was promoted but not quite required for house-

      However, with ECKankar, the same approach of Bait
      and Switch is used. At least Sant Mat is up front with
      things, although, one can see where Twit got his fear
      tactic propaganda.

      ECKankar hides many things from the public that
      one doesn't uncover for several years down the road.
      The initiation process and the requirements of service
      and maintaining an annual membership for "spiritual"
      growth are just some of them. Of course, "keeping silent"
      of ECK history and of other uncovered truths are other
      requirements. Anyone talking about Darwin, let alone
      saying anything nice, will be placed on a Black List
      that will delay/prevent their next initiation! Let's face
      it, Hierarchies don't work very well. Look at the military!
      There are many incompetent people that have "Rank"
      over the competent ones! This fact about hierarchies
      applies to ECKankar, too, and is proof that Klemp, the
      Mahanta, doesn't have any Inner Communication.

      When these "spiritual" frauds and mini-masters can
      find people who Need and Want to believe, in the
      Catch-22 of religious dogma, then it seems there
      are always those who get suckered in. It's really too
      bad for the real seekers of TRUTH. We were taken in
      because we noticed changes in ourselves and we needed
      to believe that others were more spiritually evolved
      and could lead the way for us as others did with them
      (or so the story goes).

      However, when I first joined ECKankar it was with
      the idea that I would need X-number of years on this
      "Path" before I no longer needed it because it would
      have given me what I needed for my own Self-Mastery
      by then. I started out knowing more than most H.I.s
      about proper Contemplation, Waking Dreams, Lucid
      Dreaming, Golden-Tongued Wisdom and many other
      things. I figured that I'd give EK maybe 10 years, but
      then it grew to 20 years and then I forgot the promise
      that I had made to my Self. I got lost and caught up
      in the workings of the org, of religion, and initiations
      and all of the busy work to keep us pre-occupied and
      distracted. But, such is religion and such is ECKankar!


      Non ekster wrote:

      I went to one of the Sant Mat orientations, one of the several
      offshoots that had a colony of sorts in Oregon as well as India.
      We were told that if we chose to stay to be initiated, about a three
      hour process, we would be permanently put on the one true path,
      but we would have to agree to a very strict vegetarian diet, chastity,
      and devotion, blah, blah. We were also warned that if we declined
      this initiation that we were giving up our chance for ultimate god
      realization, and so on. The only thing that was different from
      eckankarp was the books and other lit were free for the taking.
      I'm sure they got your money and assets eventually. Threats
      still abounded, just like eckankar.

      By the way, controlling the mind for hours a day is a form of
      mind control for which you will have "experiences". It can be an
      interesting experiment, but not sure it is anything beyond brain
      plasticity or normal and natural stuff. Some of it may even be
      bad for you, like doing drugs too often or in too high a dose.

      Some meditation is just open ended with a soft focus in the present,
      as simple as awareness of the breath and body, receptive allowing
      and being, not repressive. I'm not even sure that there is such a
      state where you are meant to always feel 100% good all the time.

      Oprah was pushing The Secret for a while now, yet she continues
      to have weight problems, as do many who I know who believe in
      this or similar Consciousness schemes.

      It would be nice if the solution to all our problems were so easy.

      Nonekster ; )

      brighttigress wrote:

      > Hi Everyone!
      > Laughing here, I was doing "spiritual exercises" and "contemplation"
      for many years before ekult, but I called it "fishing". <gg>
      > Sometimes I'd admit to people that actually, I was just drowning
      worms. Fishing enables you to just sit outdoors relaxing without
      people thinking you're just trying to escape housework. Okay, so
      every so often a fish would bite, and sometimes it was an "active"
      fish so I'd have to work a bit and even stand up to reel it in, but
      mostly I went for catfish, which are very easy to catch. You just
      cast out and leave it there, and just ignore any "bites" for a long
      time, to make sure they've swallowed the hook so you won't lose them.
      > You know, I've wondered and may have even read something somewhere,
      that the way Easterners do the "master" thing is a bit different from
      the way Westerners do it, simply because our cultures are so
      different. Maybe we translate the words they use in different way?
      Like, a lot of Hindus "worship" all those strange gods and give them
      offerings of various kinds. Do they really believe there are really
      "gods" who are part human and part elephant or monkey or whatever, and
      that their "offerings" really mean something to these "gods"? Or are
      they more like not walking under ladders, or any of the many
      superstitious practices Westerners do but really don't believe in?
      > It's almost impossible to spend a lot of time out of doors in nature
      without feeling a deep sense of awe & gratitude for "God's" gifts and
      all of creation. It's impossible to not feel "one" with the Universe,
      with the rocks and trees and sky, and all the critters who pass your
      way. Except maybe mosquitoes. I especially remember two water-snakes
      who'd come swimming across the lake about the same time every night,
      as time passed they seemed to stop and say "hi", it was a really neat
      > Okay, so I caught & ate a lot of fish, but I guess that's a part of
      human consciousness. If they were bigger and I was smaller and in the
      water, they'd eat *me*!! I wouldn't be nearly as good as fried
      catfish, though.
      > And once, on a really muggy & humid day when the mosquitoes were
      even more ravenous than usual, making it impossible for me to enjoy
      sitting on a huge rock just "being", I somehow found myself sort of
      turning myself into a rock or something, hard to explain, there was
      nothing I could do about those darned pesky bloodthirsty skeeters
      other than just sort of ignore/accept them, and all of a sudden, they
      stopped biting. There were still a million of them and they were
      still landing on me, but they weren't biting anymore. It was pretty
      cool!! And yes, I *did* sort of feel like I'd merged into the rock.
      I do believe they have a certain level of "consciousness" beyond our
      perception. Life, spirit, whatever...but I've always loved rocks & my
      kids & I would always bring home lots of them from our hikes, but
      after awhile indoors, they seemed to "die" in a way, so I'd return
      them to the woods.
      > Anyway, at this point, my "beliefs" have changed so much since I've
      been out, I'm actually leaning more towards perfectly natural
      "scientific" explanations for things like "experiences", it's just
      perfectly natural brain-stuff.
      > After I left, I looked into Yogananda's Self-Realization Fellowship
      for awhile, yakked with several of them, from old-timers to "newbies",
      and it seemed to me that they got much better "results" than eckists
      did. Yogananda emphasized "God" over "guru", IMO. And their
      "discourses" seemd to have more "meat" in them, and not a lot of the
      irrelevant nonsense in the ekult discourses.
      > I also thought Catholicism's "Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of
      Loyola" were "pure eck".
      > And, I thought the same about an old Christian-centered Edgar Cayce
      study course.
      > Ekult membership & its "spiritual exercises" actually seemed to take
      away from what I'd experienced rather spontaneously before I heard of
      it, and made the mistake of joining.
      > If anything, I ended up with a severe case of spiritual
      constipation, totally clogged up from all that nasty eckanstuff!!!
      > Some of it seemed obviously silly, like the Friday fast....that was
      rough on me because I'd often not realize it was Friday until the day
      was just about over. <gg> And since I usually didn't eat all day
      anyway, fasting was silly - and no way would I give up coffee, the
      elixir of life!! So I chose the "mental" fast, which I also thought
      was a bit silly because weren't we supposed to keep our minds & hearts
      focused on "the mahanta" every day, all day? And to "Be The Hu"?
      > Anyway - just some thoughts here. Oh, one thing I was interested in
      for a long time was Patanjali's yoga, didn't pursue it because it was
      "lower", maybe one of these days I'll get around to looking at it
      more, but some people might be interested in a Yahoo group started
      some years back about it, by a former eckist, I read it for awhile but
      didn't quite have time, let me see if it's still there - yep, it's


      > So, what I think is that "the truth is out there", just about
      everywhere you look, especially with the internet & its infinite
      amount of information. Some of it's "safe", some you've gotta watch
      out for.
      > I think what it all boils down to is an answer I got from my
      Oriental Philosophy prof some years back - for the life of me, I could
      *not* really "get" the difference between Theraveda and Mahayana
      (don't know if I've got the right words here), and basically just
      wanted a good "passing" answer to use on exams, one "path" is "instant
      enlightment" and the other is working for it, I just couldn't see the
      difference. His answer was *awesome*, IMO - he said that the "active"
      one is to keep busy & give people something to do until you get the
      "instant" enlightment!
      > I think it's quite possible that some people's brains are wired for
      "experiences", and maybe some aren't. But, I also think you can
      affect your individual "wiring", at least to a certain point. And do
      those "experiences" really matter? Sure, they're fun & interesting,
      and they can feel incredibly good & all, but isn't what really matters
      what's in our hearts, and how we live our lives here on earth?
      > I ran across an interesting little "quote" the other day - something
      like if you really want to leave earth, you haven't been here long
      > Okay, gotta go, just "killing some time" here, making the transition
      from grocery shopping & errands, winding down, now I've gotta get
      moving and go do the dishes & some laundry.
      > Ho Ho Hugs!!
      > Sharon
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