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Let's get real; Truthdecider

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    As I was reading the latest post by Truthdecider I have a question.... Let s get real and share what those ecksperiences were / are that we claim we had,
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2005
      As I was reading the latest post by Truthdecider I have a question....  
      Let's get real and share what those ecksperiences were / are that we claim we had, while in eckankar! 
      Truthdecider wrote:  I am aware that there are many who will always be
      grateful for what they learned in Eckankar, and the miraculous things that the Eck masters showed them.
      So give me an example of those miraculous experiences.  How do you know what is spiritual or religious, and what is just daily life experiences?  What actually made you a better person, and would you be that same person now?    
      I'm a 45 year old kid, looking at life with different eyes for the past several years.  Did my thinking become more logical, did I stop allowing suggestions of the mahanta / eckankar from manipulate my experiences.....  and just what were those experiences anyway? 
      Am I a better citizen in my community because of my experiences in eckankar, am I spiritually more aware because of.....  maybe if I were still a devoted card carrying member!  ;-D  Did all my awareness and growth just get erased when I sent in that letter to ESC to remove my membership?   Or do I still have 3 more years to change my mind and if I do will I find I haven't lost my 6th, and the status and responsibilities that goes with it?  
      Truthdecider wrote:  It has also been scientifically proven and documented that thoughts and feelings send out electromagnetic waves of energy. So the kind of thoughts and feelings and words that we give out, do return to us, and affect us.
      But isn't that just a life lesson we become aware of without any spiritual or religious path?  I could spend way too much time giving examples of what I thought were spiritual experiences,  yet let's pin down just one major experience and share it.  Tell me something I haven't heard already by one of those e-cult borgs repeating in verse what wonderful inner experiences they had with the mahanta.....  some discourse lead inner higher world experience, running through the higher god world fields of gold..... 
      Truthdecider wrote:  I'm not saying this to suggest that there is never a need for some healthy criticism as a catharsis. For sometimes there certainly is, and this can be very healing and healthy. But there is a big difference between this, and getting stuck on the hate-wheel of criticism for the sake of criticism, in my opinion.
      I have to agree for the most part, and actually what Truthdecider wrote does resonate with me....  but I just want others in this group to share what they think their eckankar experiences were / are.  What great Truth was imparted, was it a one on one talk with Harji in a dream, what.....
      I've also heard people claim eckankar answered many of their questions, or explained their experiences to them.  What was the big question that eckankar needed to answer for us / you?  For me, I was having out of body experiences and recalling it from somewhere around 2 years of age....  I died when I was 5, recall thinking at that moment, gosh this dying thing isn't that bad after all, it was like taking a deep breath of the most pure air!  What 5 year old thinks that?  Sure eckankar had answers.... at least more than what the Presbyterian Minister had for my mother. (I should have been in a children's ward getting a lobotomy) I didn't need eckankar's spiritual exercises to do soul travel, I was doing it from the time I arrived on this Earth.  My question now is, why would anyone care if they can accomplish an OOB, or travel to a dream world temple, or....  what is wrong with seeing the spiritual that is right in front of us.  Let's wake up from our inner dream worlds and see what was created for us to enjoy...  the beauty of nature! I'm hopeful the season will be changing soon and with it all the beautiful colors of Autumn.   
      Gosh I think I need more coffee...  ;-D
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