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Re: TS and HconS

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Mish and Liz, I enjoyed reading your thought provoking comments and analysis of Ford s BBs and of his higher consciousness and truth objectives. ...
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 27, 2005
      Hello Mish and Liz,
      I enjoyed reading your thought provoking comments and analysis of
      Ford's BBs and of his "higher consciousness" and "truth" objectives.

      mishmisha writes:
      > I believe that several posters on Ford's BBs are intentionally
      manipulating the readers in order to discredit Ford. The newest
      poster on HCS asking about the alien eyes is just one such
      detractor wanting to stir things up in order to make HCS look

      ### Yes, there is a subversion of Ford's HCS org taking place both
      on the BBs and from within his organization, and it seems to be
      rather successful. I find it interesting that Ford allowed
      the "Alien Eyes" post to go up on the HCS BB instead of the TS BB?
      He must not be paying attention to his BBs that much... pity.

      Liz writes:
      > *** I suspect the same as you Mish. One reason why I call it the
      HconS, so many trying to con the well meaning folks there wanting
      to share. If they can't get across their agenda about eckankrap,
      why not bring up other ridiculous topics. My other observation (I
      haven't read from these BB's in over a year btw) is maybe one
      reason Ford allows Betty and Mario to dominate with their self
      serving comments, is because they are one of his bigger donators to
      his cause? Just a thought.... can you buy up the BBs with
      donation money, there by getting away with posting all sorts of

      ### I think that one reason Ford has for the B&M permissiveness is
      that they stepped up when Ford was asking for volunteers. He sees
      them as his Canadian representatives. And, I think Ford is curious
      about some of the scam/cult things they promote because one can find
      some truth mixed in with anything. But, that's what makes a lie work
      best! Just look at Eckandcrap! Some people never learn! Maybe Ford
      never explored these subjects or the psychic prior to joining
      Eckankar and now he has this new found freedom to look at it all,
      and he finds it interesting. And, who can say, with complete
      knowledge (100%), that something is true or Not? See the Catch-22!
      Ford doesn't want to be close minded or come across as being All-
      Knowing. But, this is the trap of these scams and cults! Clue:
      Discrimination is the path to be walked about and not talked about!

      mishmisha writes:
      > And then you have his "serious" followers, some of whom, do the
      same thing without realizing or caring that is what they are doing,
      because they have their own agendas and beliefs they want to
      incorporate into Ford's NSP! : ) But Ford allows it all, perhaps,
      because he believes that he is a bit like Huck Finn, floating down
      the Mississippi on a raft, just letting this stream of
      consciousness take him where it will and at the end of the journey
      it will all fall together and then all will be right with the
      world. Perhaps! Not sure what his purpose and goals are, very

      ### Yes, Ford seems very astute when describing this or that or his
      philosophy, but where's the follow through and direction? He doesn't
      see the significance of giving his BBs the attention they need. Ford
      seems distracted with other things and can't see that his BBs are
      vital for anything else he has to offer... like a second book! And,
      what ever happened to that? Yes, Ford needs to communicate more
      through his BBs, give responsible direction (no scam/cult
      promotion), and edit or delete some of the postings (the nutty and
      Eck vahanas)... more than he has in the past.

      Liz writes:
      > *** At one time I thought Ford had a goal, that being letting
      others flow with the stream of their higher consciousness,
      exploration etc..... Or maybe we should call it awareness. ;-)
      And maybe that is why he allows so much? I was focusing on higher
      consciousness as an eckist, and low and behold, I finally became
      Aware..... and left!!!!!! LOL So my comments on "Agenda"
      is if the goal is awareness, then yes I attained that while in
      eckankrap, but not by any guidance from Klump. ;-D

      ### Yes, I too thought Ford had a realistic goal, but now it seems
      that the goal is a journey into anything and everything and that
      there are layers and degrees of truth to be found here or there.
      Unfortunately, these "things" only confuse and distract from higher,
      greater, and purer forms of truth. This new philosophy of
      exploration into any and every combination of truth and fiction only
      leads to different representations of confusion and delusion... much
      like Eckankar! Knowledge can protect us only when it is based upon

      ### I too made the leap in Awareness. It was Not easy to admit
      that I had been scammed for all of those years and, at first, I
      thought that the "Eckperience" had benefited me with some spiritual
      growth. But, that was not so! I gradually began to realize that it
      was Me and SPIRIT all along just as IT had been with Me before
      Eckankar and Not through the help of the Klumpster and scam of

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