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JUST SAY HU - Another Source!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello All, Here s a site where the Dream Dudes are selling the HU too! They have a book Just Say HU, and some other stuff. ECKists should check it out!
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2008
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      Hello All,
      Here's a site where the Dream Dudes
      are selling the HU too! They have a
      book "Just Say HU," and some other
      stuff. ECKists should check it out!


      Plus, these Dream Dudes met in a
      dream five years before they met
      in person!

      FYI-Klemp was really going out of
      his way to promote the Singing of
      the HU during his 2008 EWWS talk.
      Of course his new 68 page book
      has a HU CD inside and HK gets 50%
      royalties on the book and, thus, on
      the HU CD! Catch-22!

      ***MORE 2008 EWWS NEWS***

      What surprised many ECKists at the
      Seminar was that Klemp said that
      manipulating the HU for even "good"
      outcomes was Black Magic! Therefore,
      if an ECKist is Singing HU and sending
      out waves of Love to an individual with
      cancer or to the World for World Peace
      this is (now) seen by Klemp as using
      (neg.) "Black Magic" and NOT (pos.)
      "White Magic" as most ECKists tend
      to see it! How is sending out LOVE via
      SINGING the HU anything but POSITIVE!
      Klemp has truly FALLEN From GRACE!

      Instead, Klemp condones using the
      HU for Black Magic techniques as is
      shown below.

      In HK's seminar story about "Rose" it
      seemed that Klemp had no problem
      with Rose manipulating the children
      in Rose's care by using the powerful
      technique of Singing HU to do so! HK's
      story was about the children seeing a
      moth land on Rose and saying, "it was
      a gift from God," but this was not an
      original idea of these children. Rose
      implanted this idea and other religious
      concepts with the children and reenforced
      it by Singing HU. Now this WAS definitely
      Black Magic, and Klemp condones this
      type of negative manipulative behaviour
      to promote ECKankar but Not other (positive)
      forms of prayer using the HU! This is
      more proof that Klemp is of the KAL!


      BTW- In another story Klemp repeats the
      "three important things" for ECKists and
      that this "is a way to get up to speed for
      the spiritual gifts you receive and for spiritual
      stamina... 1.) LEM/Mahanta 2.) Sound Current
      3.) Initiation."

      Note: Klemp didn't say that these Three
      things will SPEED UP your Spiritual Growth
      towards God-Realization or that your Initiations
      will be Speeded Up! This will just "Get You
      Up To Speed" in order to receive "Spiritual
      Gifts" and for "Spiritual Stamina."

      Shouldn't pre-Klemp ECKists and even Klemp
      ECKists be UP TO SPEED after 27 years!

      I think I know what Klemp is hinting about
      when he mentions "Spiritual Stamina." He's
      talking about those Initiations that he's "slowed
      down" and "capped off" at the 7th!

      So, you have to have the initiations in order
      to receive the spiritual gifts, but initiations
      have been slowed down and capped off!

      How can ECKists receive all of their "Spiritual
      GIFTS" when the Third Method "INITIATIONS"
      have been "SLOWED DOWN" for the 27 years
      while Klemp's been in charge! Look at the Length
      of Time Between Initiations and the monetary
      and service requirements and all of the other
      physical, emotional, and mental hoops ECKists
      have to jump through! It does tend to keep them
      busy, isolated and only thinking about ECKankar!

      It wasn't like that with Paul and Darwin! But
      since Consciousness has expanded and grown,
      because Klemp is Great, why haven't ECKists
      seen Higher Initiations and sooner? Why has
      Klemp complicated everything with his RESA
      org? Klemp's even more of a con-man than
      the other two Mahantas! HK's doing what is
      called the "long-con!" It's a long term Bait and
      Switch with the Initiations, and this is similar
      to dangling a carrot in front of a mule to get
      him to move and pull the cart! Service anyone!

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