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Wheel of Becoming/Wheel of Life (ECK-Vidya)

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab, You wrote: Anybody want to hazard a guess how Monkey changed to Money ? (The Eck- Vidya wheel has Money in the third spot.) Okay, it s
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 26, 2008
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      Hello Etznab,
      You wrote: "Anybody want to
      hazard a guess how 'Monkey'
      changed to 'Money'? (The Eck-
      Vidya wheel has 'Money' in the
      third spot.)"

      Okay, it's obvious that Twit used
      the Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Life
      in order to create his ECK-Vidya
      Wheel. Why did Twitchell change
      monkey to money? Well, as you
      can see there is only one letter
      to omit. Twitchell was playing his
      game of change to create ECKankar
      via omitting, adding, substituting,
      altering, creating, plagiarizing,
      and paraphrasing text, dates, words,
      letters, numbers and names.

      Perhaps Twit speed read it and
      thought it said money instead of
      monkey because his subconscious
      was focused on making money for
      Gail. Thus, monkey became money
      as a mistake in perception or vision.

      Maybe Twit wanted to change it
      around and mix it up some to give
      it a modern Western twist and spin.
      Thus, he made what the "monkey"
      represented into "money."

      Two things are clear. Twit took
      this from another source and altered
      it for his own purpose. And, it is
      clear that Twitchell's version
      (i.e. ECKankar's) came LAST.
      The monkey to money change is


      etznab wrote:


      Thank you for sharing that one!


      prometheus wrote:

      Hello Etznab,

      Here's another wheel that's interesting.


      I also Googled "Wheel of Life" and
      the first site gave pages of these
      wheels. The above one was on the
      third page bottom left side.

      I'll have to find my ECK-Vidya, do
      comparisons, and see where Twitchell
      got his info. BTW-Since this book was
      supposed to teach ECKists the Ancient
      Science of Prophecy why isn't Klemp
      using it or reprinting the book for new
      chelas? Maybe it's over his head and
      there's no one is capable of teaching it!


      etznab wrote:


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