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Re: Tom Flamma 1920-1974

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, Yes, it s too bad that Twitchell s other books didn t get printed by Gross or Klemp like Flamma s did! I m sure that there was enough of
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      Yes, it's too bad that Twitchell's
      other books didn't get printed by
      Gross or Klemp like Flamma's did!

      I'm sure that there was enough
      of PT's biography "The Wind From
      Heaven" completed that it could
      have been printed. Paul said that
      it was supposed to be ready in the
      Spring (of 1971, pgs 238-241).

      And, the Shariyat 3 was supposed
      to have been completed (pg. 136)!
      What happened to it? Actually, Paul
      said that "the Shariyat is a continued
      writing, but I've got three books actually."

      So, why was Klemp supposedly sending
      people to India to find Sudar Singh
      (aka Kirpal Singh) instead of printing
      the material Paul left behind? Does Gail
      still have these manuscripts and was paid
      off by Klemp Not to have it printed?
      It does show one thing... Paul was capable
      and planned on doing all 12 Shariyats,
      whereby, Klemp is incapable of writing
      anything on the same level of con as PT!


      Etznab Wrote:

      Yes, I do keep an information timeline
      for Eckankar trivia. I find it helps when I
      want to locate specific dates and facts.
      I wouldn't call this the same as writing a
      book. Besides, this particular timeline is
      a personal file and not a public one. The
      updated version, that is.

      Paul Twitchell read books, studied and
      compiled information about religions and
      world history. He wrote about cosmology

      I wonder why the exploration and the
      research didn't continue where Paul left
      off. Didn't he mention something about
      his writings in the talk Difficulties of Be-
      coming the Living Eck Master. I mean,
      how he felt about them in the 70s com-
      pared with early on?

      Sometimes I find it ironic when Eckists
      are critical of my probing questions and
      research about Eckankar history and ot-
      ther things. Afterall, I'm not claiming for
      a source so many masters in so many
      temples that are hard to find the physical
      history for. Instead, I try to make it clear
      when something is my own opinion, when
      I am not sure what is the actual truth, and
      I try to give a source and credit the actual
      authors of the information I come across.

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