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Twitchell-- Everyone Is God!

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  • prometheus_973
    These quotes are from Twitchell s The Flute of God where Twit makes a case for the True Seeker and Realized Soul to discover It s own Truth. However, after
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2008
      These quotes are from Twitchell's
      "The Flute of God" where Twit makes
      a case for the True Seeker and Realized
      Soul to discover It's own Truth. However,
      after softening and disarming the reader,
      PT claims to be the middleman needed
      to intercede for Soul in order for these
      ECK Masters to visit and guide them as
      well. Then, of course, PT becomes the
      ultimate Master that all of the other
      "Masters" report to. It's obvious that
      Twitchell is promoting himself and
      another manmade religion rather than
      what subjective "Truth" he personally
      discovered. However, I too, have had
      miracles and awakening experiences,
      etc. similar to Twitchell's prior to
      ECKankar! It's not really uncommon
      for seekers of "Divine Truth" to have
      or notice mystical experiences.

      PT: "Do you believe that God cannot do
      wonders for you? In my life, wonders have
      happened so often that sometimes I become
      complacent and think they are commonplace.
      Then something happens and I am again
      awakened to what God is doing for me. It
      is miraculous in this world and other worlds.
      I do not dispute what God Is, and what God
      does for me in the present, has done in the
      past and will continue to do for me in the
      future, throughout eternity.

      We do not pray for the Divine to give us
      something, as individuals. Instead, we ask
      in a positive manner for that which would
      benefit all in our receiving."

      *ME: Directing a Group HU Chant toward
      something positive like World Peace fits
      this criteria of Paul's, doesn't it?

      "By so doing we are lifting ourselves above
      self-involving thought and giving greater
      significance to helping ourselves by doing
      for others.

      What does this do for the individual? Praying
      in a manner as above keeps the self from
      forgetting that it is a part of that greater Self,
      we call God. We are Gods of course, but gods
      of our own universe, and gods-among-other
      gods. EVERY MAN, WOMAN and CHILD is GOD!
      No one can dispute this basic fact of cosmic
      wisdom! As said before, I am haunted--perhaps
      haunted by the fact that beyond my concept
      of God there is something else. The secret of
      all secrets--and not many know what that
      might be. I have had an opportunity to catch
      a glimpse of it, and for that very reason I feel
      haunted--destined to walk this earth for centuries,
      among the crowds of the great cities, over the
      majestic plains, through the jungles, by the
      rolling seas, and in the mountain heights."

      *ME: It just occurred to me--I wonder how
      much of this stuff was partially written by Gail?
      She was a librarian and PT's proof reader, editor,
      and personal secretary in the beginning before
      Anya Foos.

      "Not looking for IT, but seeking within myself
      that which opens the inner sight again to find
      IT, in its wonderful glory!

      The closest I can come to IT, which I call the
      Truth, is looking into the heart of a morning
      glory on some summer morning before the
      flower has closed its petals to the rays of sun-
      light. Have you ever experienced this?"

      *ME: Yes, and more! Is seems Twitchell is saying
      that ECKists can find God-Consciousness, IT, or
      Truth in nature and through their own Beingness.

      "My glimpse of the Divine brings with it a strange
      sound of music with its glories, a marvelous melody
      sounding like a multitude of flutes. I have called
      it the FLUTE OF GOD... So the whole Truth IS.
      And nothing more. It is that we must find our
      own way to God. THERE IS NO TEACHER, LIVING
      UNDERSTANDING OF TRUTH. A teacher can only
      put your feet upon the path and point the way.
      THAT IS ALL. It is wholly dependent on the individual
      to make his own way to TRUTH.

      When he learns, suddenly he finds out THE SECRET
      OF THE AGES, the SIMPLEST of all things. That EACH
      OF US is TRUTH. We are the Living Truth--the very
      embodiment of God. That is, we are each God, ITSELF.
      Rather we are a part of the great whole of Truth!"

      *ME: Interesting that Twitchell states earlier that
      "every man, woman and child is God" and then later
      states, "That each of us is Truth... the living Truth
      ... we are each God, ITSELF" and then PT takes our
      Oneness (non-duality) away with an after-thought
      by saying "Rather we are a PART of the great whole
      of Truth!" This is where Twitchell got his Dualistic
      Religion back on track.

      BTW- Isn't it strange, here in these spiritual
      revelations, that Twitchell never once mentions
      the SUGMAD. Instead PT refers to the Divine as
      God, IT, or Truth. The "Mahanta consciousness"
      (pg. 39) is only mentioned once in this entire book
      in what seems to be another after-thought which
      was probably inserted just before the book went
      to press in 1969.

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