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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Excerpts From Klemp's 2008 EWWS Talk

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    Key words about that Kali quote (IMO) are: There is said to be.... When someone says said to be , the context can involve hand-me-down history. That doesn t
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2008
      Key words about that Kali quote (IMO)
      are: "There is said to be...."

      When someone says "said to be", the
      context can involve hand-me-down history.
      That doesn't make it true. Pseudo inform-
      ation can be (and has been) handed down
      as history.

      So Paul read a lot and heard a lot. Then
      he wrote it down.

      Does anybody remember his reference
      to ... how do you spell it? Ramakrishna?
      How, this Indian guy waited for hours and
      days for the mother goddess to appear?

      I think it was in one of the earlier books.
      Maybe I can find it sometime.

      The problem with hand-me-down history,
      IMO, is that if your just writting it to write
      it, eventually different accounts about the
      same topic are going to contradict. Maybe
      a reason is that reported history contains
      true and false, and every shade in between.

      Paul, Darwin and Harold probably could
      have researched the sources of dogma &
      history better (IMO). Admitting when they
      are not absolutely certain that something
      is the God's honest truth.

      "Said to be ..." is one indicator, IMO, that
      something may not represent the total truth.


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      Hello Everyone,

      These quotes are from anot
      her person's

      notes listening to Klemp's Seminar talk,

      thus, these notes (if not word for word)

      do provide the proper context of what HK

      was saying.

      ***Excerpt From Klemp's 2008 EWWS Talk:

      HK: "Groups of nations change and shift

      gears just as various groups of people do.

      These things, like the economic crisis and

      wars, don't just happen. They are caused

      by people acting as Unconscious Agents

      of the KAL or Negative Force. BUT there is

      a process of purification involved with shifting

      gears. Whether a government is Totalitarian

      or Democratic, the leaders that are in place

      there, are there because the people of that

      country have things to learn."


      While looking at Twitchell's 1969 Copyright

      of The Flute of God I saw what looked to be

      a different perspective than what Klemp gave.

      From "The Flute of God" pages 7 & 13:

      "There are individual living upon this earth

      who are centuries old. THERE IS SAID to be

      one, a woman, who is supposedly a MILLION

      YEARS OLD. Her purpose for living is DESTRUCTION,

      and for that reason SHE PASSES FROM ONE


      SHE GOES. She is known by many names.

      In India they call her Kali, the mother goddess,

      the goddess of destruction."

      "If Soul is the effect of something, then
      It must

      always change this, take the initiative and become

      cause. That and that alone! Soul can always be

      cause, can take care of Itself. Of course, It can

      be effect, but It must be knowing effect, never

      unknowing. Always look at life this way."

      So, is Klemp's 2008 Seminar message just

      a rehash reflecting PT's consciousness from

      49 years ago? Compare it for yourself!

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