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Re: Are we Masters?

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  • drubezarne
    Prometheus, I didn t waste my money on listening to another Klemp lecture so I don t have anything by that fraud. On another note, those who have left or are
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 13, 2008
      Prometheus, I didn't waste my money on listening to another Klemp
      lecture so I don't have anything by that fraud.

      On another note, those who have left or are in the process of leaving
      Eckankar, I recommend reading books by the New Thought movement
      writers like Neville Goddard, Joel Goldsmith, Walter Lanyon, and
      others. These writers emphasize finding your own Master power within
      rather than following masters or joining organizations. Here's just a
      sample from Walter Lanyon who talks about how much you can harm
      yourself when you follow a master. I also like what he says about
      these frauds, especially when they damn their followers with the
      direst threats if they dare to leave them (see the Shariyat and
      Klemp's Satsang 3 and 4 series). Lanyon is spot on when he says most
      of them can't even function like normal human beings. Anyway, here's
      the quote...

      "So long as you believe in the Power apart from yourself you will keep
      transferring the expression of your life to some being, or entity, or
      master. ... there is no question of the limitations of the little self
      standing in the way of the glorious expression of your God-self, and
      you will not have to believe in outside help. When you know there is
      nothing outside of you to help or harm you because the whole Power
      lies within, then you have come to the contact with God.

      ...If you keep transferring your power to another point, and
      recognizing powers outside of the Supreme Being, I shall prove to you
      this denial is fruitful, and you shall bring forth the hellish crop of
      fears which you are constantly "treating against.

      Not finding a plausible way to dispose of the evil, you will attribute
      it to other entities, either embodied or disembodied, or you will give
      it a name and run about excusing your failure to Life -- God -- by the
      fact that someone is "mal-practicing you," or that a person of another
      faith is praying against you.

      I have seen people rushing about pronouncing the cursings and telling
      of evil things that would happen to people who did not subscribe to
      their personal teachings, and sometimes engendering fears in others,
      when they themselves could not bring out enough substance to pay a
      subway-fare to their destination.

      Awake, thou that sleepest! The next time the messenger of Light, who
      has a fear thought of cursing and evil in the background, approaches
      you with a sweet morsel of Truth, put him in the strait-jacket of
      proof. Look him over carefully, deliberately; I think you will find
      plenty of signs which indicate his utter lack of ability to bring out
      even the most necessary things of life."

      Walter Lanyon

      You can find some free .pdf books by Walter Lanyon right here...



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      > p.s. Ma-li, Liska, Etznab or anyone... do you have
      > notes or comments from HK's 2008 EWWS talk
      > that you could share with us?
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