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Freedom to BE

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  • Ma-li
    Hi Sharon and All,   You stated:  I d just like to say, go easy on yourself. You *will* get over it, and you re going to feel absolutely *wonderful* the
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2008
      Hi Sharon and All,
      You stated:  I'd just like to say, go easy on yourself. You *will* get over it, and you're going to feel absolutely *wonderful* the longer you're out. Don't beat yourself up for being conned. You might find yourself totally consumed with all of this, but do your best to do "normal" non-eckthings every day to slowly make the transition to "normal". Laugh as much as you can, watch comedies, smile at cute babies in the grocery store, get outside in the fresh air & take walks, hug a tree,
      whatever! Another thing you might consider doing that really works is volunteer work, if you're able to. Try to do "normal" things to start replacing time you used to spend on eckstuff, including spending more time with "normal" people. Or...if not "normal", at least not eckists. <gg>

      Be careful about being sucked into something else, another group, religion, or even belief system. Which reminds me, you mentioned the "Shift", 2012, etc. - yeah, I love all that stuff but I'm not extremely "into" it - but I had to laugh when you mentioned time speeding up, don't believe I've ever run into any "teachings" about that in my meanderings, but it's something I've been noticing with myself the past few years, and it's been really getting to me, but here I've been blaming it on the aging process!!! I feel better now, I'll just keep reminding myself it's not me, it's the rest of the world and it *is* going much too fast!!!
      I have to tell you I do feel lighter and better since I came to the decision to leave Eckankar.  Better to walk away that feel all the negativity and confusion that I've felt for so long.  Don't think I will get sucked into any other group/cult/religion again.  At least I hope not.  Think it's time to just BE, and to live in the moment doing whatever I do, with love for all life....but, that's what I have been doing for years anyway.
      The way time has speeded up sure does make us feel like we are just getting old. lol  However, we have lost something like 4 months of the year to this speeding up of time.  The seasons are out of whack too, and if you notice, sometimes the moon does wierd stuff over a 3-4 day period......it is in positions it couldn't possibly be were it following the "normal" rise and set.  Sometimes it rises a lot further North or South than it should at a particular time, but in a night or two, is back where it started.  That's just not "normal".  If I could find all the information I had on the speeding up of time, I would send you the links.  However, I'm one of those people who dumps everything after it's been read/replied to/forwarded.  If I ever get any more, I'll send them on to you.  Ok?
      Thanks for all you input.


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