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Female ECK Masters, Kata Daki and ECK Master in the making Joan Klemp!

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  • mishmisha9
    This is a repost of message #1081, Jan. 2006 that should be a fun revisit. In this message, I pointed out what I saw as Klemp s attempt at preparing chelas
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 9, 2008
      This is a repost of message #1081, Jan. 2006 that should be a fun
      revisit. In this message, I pointed out what I saw as Klemp's attempt
      at preparing chelas for Joan becoming an eck master and possibly a
      co-l.e.m. Klemp was at a low point, I believe, when he wrote his
      book "Those Wonderful ECK Masters" (2005). Ford Johnson had
      caused a roar when leaving eckankar and setting up his own
      movement, and of course, Klemp then as now is continuing to age.
      The wolves are at his feet, more than ready to take over when Klemp
      steps down. But of course, he's not ready yet so it seems he needs
      to enlist Joan into helping him maintain his power and position.
      I do suspect in pointing out this plan in early 2006 that Klemp
      has delayed implementing it. It was sort of a tease to have Joan on
      stage singing at the EWWS 2007, but of course, Klemp did show
      cruelty toward her--it had to be humiliating and embarrassing to
      Joan for Klemp to say she talks too much and sometimes at home
      he has to tell her to close her mouth . . . . Anyway, here's the old
      post that suggests that Klemp has or had a plan underfoot when
      writing his book--and might I add, Klemp's writing style and its quality
      seems to be at a 5th grade reading comprehension level. I suppose
      this is the level of new chelas he prefers for some reason! LOL!

      --- In EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous@yahoogroups.com, "mishmisha9"
      <mishmisha9@...> wrote:

      From "Those Wonderful ECK Masters," page 62, there is this
      description of the female ECK Master, Kata Daki:

      "Kata Daki (KAH-tah DAH-kee) is an ECK Master in the Ancient Order
      of the Vairai Adepts, who is a woman. Although her true age is
      beyond belief, she appears to be in her midtwenties to early
      thirties. Like all ECK Masters, she serves the Sugmad (God) by
      helping others find the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master."

      From page 63, Klemp writes:

      "Before we get too far along, we need to say a word about the female
      members in the Vairagi Order. There are precious few of them in
      relation to the number of males, and it is for a good reason.

      In past ages, and sometimes even today, it was easier for a male to
      move about in harsh societies and environments. So a Soul that had
      earned the right to incarnate into a lifetime devoted to the quest
      for Mastership often chose a male body. It was simply easier to get
      around in."

      So, there are not, as we know, as many female eck masters; however,
      the reason is that in the past it was harder as a female to move
      around in society. Souls who wanted to achieve mastership most of
      the time chose to incarnate as males. Today, it is not as difficult;
      therefore, we can expect to see more female ECK Masters today--this
      is what Klemp is implying IMO!

      All ECK Masters "help others find the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      Master," and it seems that Joan is doing this in some chelas'
      dreams. Klemp writes stories in which Joan is appearing in dreams
      and introducing/taking chelas to meet the Master! The following two
      excerpts from "Those Wonderful ECK Masters" demonstrate that Joan is
      in the process or has achieved Eck Mastership. How else is she
      showing up in these dreams if she is not a master or a master in
      training? I don't believe that anything has ever been written about
      wives (Gail?) of any other L.E.M./Mahanta appearing in chelas'
      dreams. The fact that Joan is doing this is highly unusual and
      suspect! LOL!

      From page 101, Klemp writes this story:

      A chela named Robert "awoke in a lifelike dream.
      A woman approached him.
      'I'm Harold Klemp's wife,' she said. 'I want to welcome you to
      Eckankar. My husband will help you anytime and in any way he can.'
      then Wah Z (a name for me on the inner planes), the Inner Master,
      entered the room.
      His wife continued, 'I want to introduce you to my husband.'
      Wah Z repeated, 'Yes, I will help you in any way I can.'"

      So there we have it--clearly, Joan is helping others in dreams to
      find the mahanta, so doesn't this make her an eck master?? And as
      such she can be in training to become the next L.E.M.! I think this
      might be the preparation that is paving the way for Klemp to put his
      wife right up there beside him in leadership. Joan will be the next
      L.E.M. serving with her aging husband Harold who will maintain the

      Here's an excerpt from one other story, page 234, in another chela's

      "One day Kate was delivering a package to the Master's house. Joan,
      his wife, brought her into the kitchen, where the Master stood at
      the kitchen sink. He was preparing dinner. . . . "

      Once again the eck master Joan is linking a chela up with the
      Master! Doesn't this make one wonder how and why Joan is appearing
      in chelas' dreams! Isn't she intruding? Or is it because she is
      indeed an eck master, a female one, just like Kata Daki? Perhaps,
      the reason why Joan was so upset with the temporary postal clerk
      (09/2003 H.I. Letter story that has been discussed previously in
      some other posts/archived on this site) is because he failed to
      recognize who she really was, a very important and to be respected
      eck master! LOL!

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