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Klemp's Paranoid Narcissistic Behavior

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  • drubezarne
    Prometheus, Ma-li, and anybody else reading this, Paranoia and narcissism go hand in hand. Here s a link that talks about it...
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      Prometheus, Ma-li, and anybody else reading this, Paranoia and
      narcissism go hand in hand. Here's a link that talks about it...


      I extracted a few passages which I thought were relevant to Klemp's

      "Grandiose -- belief that you are an extremely important person, an
      invaluable member of society, and possess or make some special
      unrecognized talent or contribution." (He's already stated that he is
      God on earth and the highest consciousness in all the universes).

      "Persecution -- belief that others are out to get you, are plotting
      against you, foiling your every move, or making you feel guilty or
      ashamed." (This is part of his paranoia which is revealed in the
      extremely tight security around him and the initiative to have
      background checks on all his H.I.'s.)

      "Bodily -- belief in some kind of undiagnosed deteriorative medical
      condition such as dissolving of spinal cord, rotting or deterioration
      of skin, organs, or brain." (We've seen him complain about all his
      bodily illnesses including his obsession with electromagnetic
      radiation - EMR.)

      "Religious -- belief that you are an important religious figure, in
      contact with deities, or serving some special theological purpose in
      the world." (Again, his claim to be God's highest instrument and
      representative with the duty to bring all Souls back to God proves how
      delusional he is.)

      "male narcissists tend to get ahead by becoming involved in massive
      power struggles" (The overthrowing of Darwin).

      "They live life by idealizing those who satisfy their narcissistic
      needs and systematically devaluing and denigrating those who do not.
      Underneath their superficial charm, they feel they have a right to
      control, manipulate, exploit, and be cruel to others." (Giving 8th
      initiations to those who help elevate Klemp's status - people like
      Peter Skelsky and Jack Heil while criticizing many of the Eckankar
      membership - see Eck Satsang 3 and 4).

      "Being a narcissist is close to being an alcoholic but MUCH more so.
      Alcoholism is impulsive behavior. Narcissists have this plus hundreds
      of other problems. Narcissists frequently have uncontrollable
      behaviors, like rage which is an outcome of their grandiosity.
      Narcissists can rarely be cured, but side effects, associated
      disorders (such as OCD), pathological lying, and the paranoiac
      dimensions CAN be modified." (Ford's book talked about his own
      experiences with Klemp's temper and that he was easy to anger).

      What do you think?

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