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  • Ma-li
    Greetings, and thank you for the welcome.  It s been around 5 years since things just didn t feel right...it was like there was no one/no energy there when I
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 7, 2008
      Greetings, and thank you for the welcome.  It's been around 5 years since things just didn't feel right...it was like there was no one/no energy there when I was trying to connect with the Mahanta.  That became frustrating, so I gave up on that aspect of my spiritual contemplation.
      Perhaps the eye opener was that for so long there has been no new information etc. written by Harold.  Every book is about chela experiences.  That's not what I joined Eckankar for way back when.  I may not be the brightest Light in the area, but even I can tell that things have changed, and wanted to know why.  These things being: how time has speeded up, out of norm positions for the moon, seasons out of season, strange weather events, etc., and of course, the Ascension, and the approaching 2012 shift.  Nothing has ever been discussed by Harold, and who better to look to for guidance and information than our spiritual leader????  I had to go to other sources to read about these things so I could understand some of what I was sensing and experiencing.  How could he not know, or be aware of what was transpiring in this physical world?  Why didn't he make some comments on them?  Just ignoring things does not make them go away.  In this case, the chela went away.
      Yesterday I read Ford Johnson's 2 letters to Harold.  It came as a shock to me to realize I am staying with Eckankar out of guilt.  Now I feel so stupid.....I actually bought into the fear/guilt that was part of the teachings.  I should have seen it earlier on.  Last night my guide made it very clear to me that leaving Eckankar was just another step on the path of spiritual growth.  It is no different than when I left various other religions that I had gone thru while searching, and before I found Eckankar.  Takes a while to get over the guilt I guess. lol  You know how we've all been taught to feel guilty about everything.  Later.

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      Subject: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Re: New to this group
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      Hello and welcome Ma-li and Skypilot4mr. A number of us are former
      H.I.'s. I can only speak for myself. I got into Eckankar in 1972 and
      even bought the lifetime membership. In the long run, it did save me
      some money, but I could have saved a lot more if I had been smarter
      and never joined.

      Like many here, I had all the Eck booby prizes (ESA, Initiator, etc.)
      None of them meant anything. They are just the cult's way of keeping
      you from leaving by feeding the ego. They are also used by the
      organization to get you to work for them for free. I was glad to give
      it all up and left it behind including the lifetime membership.

      By now you've realized that H.I.'s are no better than anybody else.
      They're not more spiritual. In all likelihood, they're more
      brainwashed than the rest of the Eckankar membership.

      A lot of the H.I.'s hold onto their cult memberships because it gives
      them status and a feeling of worth. One can really see this with
      H.I.'s who perform at Eck functions. This is their only chance to
      actually take the stage and sing, play, give speeches, act, dance,
      etc. in front of an audience. What would they do if they were no
      longer members of Eckankar? Who would want to see their 3rd rate

      Please feel free to tell us why you woke up from this deception called
      Eckankar. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them. Unlike
      Eckankar, we don't discourage questions and we don't practice the law
      of silence.


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      > Hi all,
      > I just joined your group because I have so many questions about
      > Eckankar, and don't have anyone to confide in, or ask. I am an HI who
      > is contemplating leaving Eckankar.
      > I don't know just how this group works, so please bear with me, and if
      > I mess up, let me know.
      > Thanks
      > Ma-li

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