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Re: Russell's Cosmic Consciousness Is Way Beyond Klemp's!

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liska and All, Oops! Sorry! My bad! I have some of Russell s books in my library, but not online as pdf. I have The Secret of Life, and The Message of
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 29, 2008
      Hi Liska and All,
      Oops! Sorry! My bad! I have some of
      Russell's books in my library, but not
      online as pdf. I have "The Secret of Life,"
      and "The Message of the Divine Iliad
      Volumes 1 & 2."

      Hmmm, I just noticed that Volume 2
      is a first edition (1949) and is signed!
      Russell signed it under a picture of
      Jesus in the very front of the book.

      In this same book Russell gives his
      First Lecture [22 pages] "Concerning
      Sex Practices." I wonder why Klemp
      doesn't talk about this subject?

      Here's excerpts on this lecture from
      pages 160,165, 167, 168, 169 & 172:

      "The waves formed between the two
      poles of a battery are balanced and
      harmonious, but if the two units which
      formed the battery were of different
      sizes, the current which oscillates
      between the two would be unbalanced
      and inharmonious; therefore, damaging
      the battery... Sodium and chlorine are
      good examples of positive and negative
      opposites of a pair which are equally
      but oppositely balanced with each other
      and each equally unbalanced with its
      fulcrum equator. If these two chemical
      elements 'marry,' they may become such
      perfectly balanced and stable mates that
      the chemists call them 'affinities'... It is
      a common saying that people should
      marry their opposites. Nothing could be
      more contrary to universal law than this
      statement... All opposites of all kinds extend
      from a mutual equator which is their common
      unity, and to that equator they must eventually
      return in order to repeat. Every pair must
      become one in order to again become two...
      All bodies of all creatures are mechanisms
      created for purposes of manifesting God
      through action. Each bodily mechanism
      must be created true to purpose."

      I guess we can see where Twit probably
      got his views on positive and negative
      poles (like a battery) for males and females!


      drubezarne wrote:

      Prometheus, can you give us the
      links to Walter Russell's pdf books?

      prometheus wrote:

      > Hello All,
      > I've never heard anything this insightful
      > coming out of Harold Klemp's mouth!
      > Why is that? Russell's Cosmic Consciousness
      > was greater (80 some years ago) than Klemp's
      > current "mahanta consciousness!"
      > Of course, in the following excerpts we
      > also see another source for PT's plagiarized
      > material. Twitchell, obviously, did some
      > tweaking with a few embellishments and
      > some paraphrasing, but basically Twit
      > stole these concepts too. I'm sure that PT,
      > especially, liked Russell's comments about
      > "Universal Illusion" and "the Imaginary thought
      > processes of God's mind."
      > Anyway, enjoy the read- I forget the site
      > I found this on-just Google Walter Russell
      > or Cosmic Consciousness.
      > BTW-There are LINKS to Russell's books in pdf
      > Prometheus
      > Walter Russell on:
      > *Cosmic Consciousness
      > People consider the Golden Rule just an
      > ideal for practice in close family and social
      > relations, but not for business dealings. …
      > Jesus said, "Love ye one another", and
      > "Do ye unto one another as ye would have
      > them do unto you", but few since that day
      > have known what He meant, or have practiced
      > it in their daily lives.
      > The way to gradually attain cosmic consciousness
      > is to intensify one's conscious awareness by
      > much aloneness and companionship with God
      > while manifesting Him in every moment and
      > in every task of life.
      > Moment-by-moment companionship with
      > God brings with it so great a realization
      > of Oneness with Him that the transformation
      > into that full realization of unity is apt to
      > take place at any time.
      > The deterrent to cosmic consciousness is
      > the feeling that God is far away instead of
      > being within, and that we can reach that far
      > away God only through sources outside of ourselves.
      > ("The Dawn of a New Nay in Human Relations",
      > Address by Walter Russell, May 19, 1951)
      > Since he experienced Illumination during 39 days
      > and nights in May and June of 1921, Walter Russell
      > was very much concerned with the development of
      > a "cosmic consciousness" of as many people as possible.
      > To this end, he and his wife Lao Russell developed the
      > "Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness" and
      > founded the still existing private "University of Science
      > and Philosophy".
      > *The Evil
      > "The first and most conspicuous effect of Illumination
      > into full Cosmic Consciousness is one's awareness
      > of the utter absence of evil, sin, or shame. There
      > is no thought of such an unbalanced condition while
      > in the one ecstatic condition of perfect balance,
      > which the Light of love is. …
      > That which Man calls evil, sin, or shame – or any
      > of its attributes, such as anger, jealousy, worry,
      > fear, cruelty, lust, or the greeds which lead to
      > murders and wars – are unbalanced conditions
      > created by Man who has not yet learned the law
      > love, which demands equal interchange between
      > all opposite conditions in all human relations.
      > Man, himself, has manufactured evil, sin, and
      > shame because of the impossibility of keeping
      > himself in balance due to his greeds, which impel
      > him to take what he wants without giving in order
      > to be regiven. There is no such thing in Nature
      > as evil, sin, or shame. Nature is never unbalanced.
      > The heavens give light and rains to earth and earth
      > regives equally of her forests, crops, and vapors
      > that replenish the heavens. That is Nature's manifestation
      > of the law of love, which keeps Nature ever in balance."
      > (Walter und Lao Russell, Home Study Course
      > in Cosmic Consciousnes, Unit 2, Lesson 7)
      > *Illumination
      > My ability to prove God as a scientific fact and
      > bring Him within the range of man's comprehension
      > through incontrovertible evidence of His controlling
      > Presence in all creating things is the result of
      > having fully experienced that rarest of all spiritual
      > phenomena known as the Illumination into the
      > Light of Cosmic Consciousness, during a thirty-nine
      > day and night period in May and June of 1921.
      > I will not describe that phenomenon here, for
      > it will be fully described in the following pages,
      > except to say that the seat of sensation becomes
      > completely severed from its centring conscious
      > Mind for intervals, followed by intervals of complete
      > severance, one becomes wholly Mind, the One
      > Mind of God, in which exists all-knowledge, all-power,
      > and all-presence. Relatively few such experiences
      > of illumination have been recorded throughout world
      > history.
      > Naturally, the entirety of the secrets of Creation
      > were mine to know as a complete and consistent
      > cosmogony, which knowing enabled me to envision
      > the universe as a whole. Underlying the creative
      > process of the universe was a fundamental principle
      > of such simplicity that I felt that I could gather the
      > great scientists of the world together and give them
      > that entire principle of such simplicity that I felt that
      > I could gather the great scientists of the world together
      > and give them that entire principle in a few minutes,
      > for I had been aware that for decades science has
      > been searching for such an underlying principle,
      > which would apply to all phenomena.
      > (Walter und Lao Russell, Home Study Course
      > in Cosmic Consciousness, Prelude
      > *Home Study Course in Cosmic Consciousness
      > The purpose of these lessons is twofold. First,
      > and paramount, is to prepare the layperson
      > who desires personal power and progress through
      > achievement in personal creative expression to
      > attain that end by full understanding of the Cause
      > of all the Effects he produces in order that he
      > may command those effects to his obedience.
      > With cosmic knowledge as a foundation upon
      > which he can firmly stand to face every problem
      > of his daily life, whether social, domestic, business,
      > health, family, friendships, professional or otherwise,
      > he can meet all problems with a clarity of vision
      > to conquer them with intelligent action and decision
      > instead of complexing his problems because of his
      > inability to fully comprehend their cause.
      > The secondary purpose is to so thoroughly define
      > and explain this universal illusion, which seems
      > so real to the human senses, and proves to the
      > satisfaction of the most exacting scientists that
      > the entire electric wave universe is but a cosmic
      > cinema picturing a cosmic idea of cause and effect
      > with cosmic projection cameras called wave fields
      > of light. These imaginary cosmic projection cameras
      > of light wave fields are as describable and definable
      > mechanically as the projection machines of their
      > earthly counterparts are describable and definable.
      > The cosmic cinema is a glorious manifestation
      > of the imaginary thought processes of God's Mind,
      > but the projected light images of God's imagining,
      > which seem to move and have life of being in themselves,
      > are but electrically-sensed thought forms of thought
      > imaginings that but constitute a mirage of the reality
      > which they but simulate. This fact will gradually be
      > clarified as these chapters unfold, as will God's reason
      > for limiting the senses of men in order that he should
      > believe the simulation to be reality.
      > The solution of the seemingly unfathomable mystery
      > of Creator and Creation fulfils a prophecy made by
      > Sir Oliver Lodge who said, in effect, that if in the
      > coming centuries the great cosmic secret was ever
      > revealed to man, its discovery would not come from
      > the trained scientific Mind but would be the supreme
      > vision of some poet, painter, philosopher, or saint who
      > could see the universe as a whole.
      > It is my hope that every reader will so clearly comprehend
      > each part of this whole picture of God's cosmic plan that
      > he or she will envision and comprehend the many parts
      > as One Whole. Those readers who can so strongly see
      > the Oneness of all the seeming many parts of God's plan
      > may make of their own lives a divine extension of that
      > One and thus become master Creators of their own creating
      > universe.
      > (Walter und Lao Russell, Home Study Course
      > in Cosmic Consciousness, Prelude
      > *Mystics
      > Beyond the genius is the mystic.
      > The mystic is one who has attained cosmic consciousness
      > by a complete severance of the seats of consciousness
      > and sensation. He is then almost totally unaware of his
      > body and is totally aware of the Light of God centering
      > him. Omniscience comes to him in that timeless blinding
      > flash of light which is characteristic of a complete severance.
      > This experience was described in the illumination of St. Paul.
      > Every timeless flash of intense inspiration which comes to
      > any man is a partial illumination, for inspiration is the manner
      > in which new knowledge comes to man from the cosmos.
      > Of all mystics, Jesus was the outstanding example of
      > all time. He was the only One in all history to have known
      > complete cosmic-conscious unity with God.
      > The Bible refers to cosmic-conscious experience
      > as "the illumination" or "being in the Light" or
      > "in the Spirit."
      > In all history less than forty cases of partial cosmic
      > consciousness are known, and probably not more
      > that three of these anywhere nearly approached
      > the complete state of illumination experienced by
      > the Nazarene.
      > Cosmic Consciousness is the ultimate goal of all
      > mankind. All will know it before the long journey
      > of man is finished, but there are many in this new
      > age just dawning who are ready for it in part, if
      > not fully.
      > Many desire it fully, but it is best that it come bit
      > by bit for the complete severance is very dangerous.
      > The ecstasy of this supreme experience is so great
      > that one does not wish to come back. The power
      > of severance of soul from body is within easy
      > accomplishment, but to step back into the body
      > is very difficult.
      > (Walter Russell, The Secret of Light, pp 27-28)
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