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Marketing the ECKankar Business

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Etznab and All, True, Twitchell started ECKankar out as a business venture, and changed it into a Non-Profit educational organization. However, Klemp
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 28, 2008
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      Hello Etznab and All,
      True, Twitchell started ECKankar out as
      a business venture, and changed it into
      a Non-Profit educational organization.
      However, Klemp changing ECK into a Religion
      doesn't mean that it's still not a business!
      EK's just a different classification of business
      that has even more protection under U.S.
      law! Unfortunately, there are too many
      loop holes in the law and too much protection
      given to religions.

      BTW-I've seen where Klemp & Company
      get their Vahana (missionary) marketing

      It was interesting reading what this one
      marketing promoter said about ECKankar
      being thousands of years old, but coming
      public in the 1960's. LOL! I guess he wants
      to stay on the good side of his potential
      clients by agreeing with their bullshit.
      I doubt that he believes any of it, specifically,
      because he also talks about other New Age
      Religions and their promotional methods
      while giving his suggestions.

      The ESC supplies the marketing tools
      to the Vahanas out in the field. Here's
      an example of one marketing ploy:

      "Another way is to use bounceback cards
      in your books to invite people to respond.
      Ask them anything you want. (As an aside
      I want to stress using author photos whenever
      you can. People lock into the picture of the
      person who wrote the book. One of the things
      that is underrated in selling books is the role
      of the author. You want to expand on that
      wherever you can. Get as personal as you
      can about the author as well as their credentials.
      It is a point of leverage.)"



      > Etznab Wrote:
      > Before the non-profit status during Paul
      > Twitchell's time, I believe Eckankar was a
      > "business".
      > ***
      > Eckankar was founded in 1965 as a business;
      > however, the Panel of Administrators urged
      > Twitchell to conform to usual standards, and
      > the teaching was later registered as a non-profit
      > organization. Eighteen years later, in 1983,
      > Harold Klemp changed it to a recognized religious
      > institution.
      > ***
      > I'm not sure about the specifics on what con-
      > stitutes "non-profit", "religious institution" and
      > "church".
      > Here is something (quote excerpt) from a link:
      > Nonprofit organizations may charge money for their
      > services, and contributions to tax-exempt nonprofit
      > organizations are tax deductible. The Internal Revenue
      > Service must approve the tax-exempt status of all non-
      > profit organizations except churches.
      > I might have posted that link here before. Here is
      > another one about the "definition" of what constitutes
      > a church.
      > For "non-profit status" I believe it depends on how the
      > money is used - "who" or "what" it goes to benefit. This
      > was my impression from what I read on the given links.
      > It also was my impression that things can change over
      > time. I am not exactly sure how the "exempt" status is
      > applied to "for-profits" that "non-profits" contract with to
      > do their work. Neither am I exactly sure what are all the
      > legal stipulations involved. If anything, I'm exploring this
      > topic.

      This last link might have something relevant in it (page
      search for the word Eckankar), but I don't know for sure.


      I only did a really quick search before I came up with
      these links.

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