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Re: [EckankarSurvivorsAnonymous] Nothing is mentioned of gail twitchell

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  • etznab@aol.com
    Paul married Gail in about 1964. The first letter to Gail is dated December 1962. Etznab ... From: Leanne Thompson To:
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 26, 2008
      Paul married Gail in about 1964.

      The first letter to Gail is dated December 1962.


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      I thought paul married gail atkinson in 1961 or 2? Nothing is mentioned
      here of her.
      By this time Paul's marriage was on the rocks. (He and Camille would
      later divorce in about 1961.) Paul then left Washington for England,
      saying he had grown tired of the whole artificial scene and especially
      the social consciousness which was prevalent at that time. Paul as the
      Cliff Hanger was now coming forth. He began to reassert himself as the
      rugged individual who had suffered a lot, simply because he wouldn't
      take life the way society dished it out.
    • prometheus_973
      Hello All, I thought I d bring this informative and interesting post back to the front page. Prometheus Hello forum, I am a former Eckist who was in for around
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        Hello All,
        I thought I'd bring this informative and interesting
        post back to the front page. Prometheus

        Hello forum,

        I am a former Eckist who was in for around 14 years, more or less. I
        vowed to myself that I would one day discover where Twitchell got his
        material from, and after a long exhaustive search, I did. Working
        with professor David Lane, I uncovered the sources of many of his

        One of the books that captured my imagination was the Tigers Fang,
        particularly the parts where the Lords of various planes went off on
        long scientific sounding dialogues. This material comes straight out
        of Walter Russell's books such as; The Electric Nature of the
        Universe, The Secret of Light, and the Universal One. See Walter
        Russell Wikipedia link:


        The other main authors that he borrowed from are Julian Johnson:


        Thomas Troward:


        and Neville;


        From my research and experience, Neville was an authentic mystic. He
        went agaisnt the grain of the times by saying that the Bible was
        actually a story about the descent of each individual Soul (you and
        I) into this 3-D world of materiality, and then our eventual rise
        back into the eternal world we came from.

        Many of Neville's statements are controversial such as "The
        individual has no free will other than to chose his thoughts".
        And "Everything "happens" to us automatically". But this is actually
        being corroborated by modern neuroscience.

        Benjamin Libet's experiments using an oscilloscope clock conclusively
        demonstrated that humans act spontaneously and then become "informed"
        of their intention to act approximately 1/2 second later. Motor
        movements are initiated before a person is aware that they "want" to
        do something. This is very significant in the argument against free

        Neville suggested that the only freedom we have is to choose
        a "state" which is a set of probabilities tied to our current
        thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Then the events and circumstances
        flow from the state which has been embraced, knowingly, or by

        I think the new Supercollider will prove some of this out if we are
        able to find dimensions of existence above the three that we know.
        Physical reality is believed to be a stand-alone construct and
        Neville disputes this saying that the universe we observe around us
        is actually propped up by a subtler and more fundamental reality.

        Neuroscience is starting to support what Neville said back in the
        sixties and seventies. It appears that there may not really be an
        external world outside of our own mental ideas, and that the universe
        appears to be "sparked" into existence in our own individual heads
        via the synapses.

        This suggests that the information that is coming into our awareness
        may be coming from a higher reality or life that we may be living,
        providing order and substance for the life we know here.

        The reason that I spent so much time researching where Twitchell got
        his material from, is that I died one night. I laid down in my bed
        and I soared above the physical universe going up through layers of
        reality, much like the planes described by Twitchell. At the top of
        my excursion, I entered what I would call the "real" world, the one I
        came from before deciding to be born. This world was an ideal world.

        I met my parents (who were living in their ideal home) and they were
        beautiful, about thirty years of age with pure glowing skin and
        glistening smiles. Everywhere in the neighborhood were pristene white
        picket fences, perfectly landscaped yards, and the feeling of joy and
        optimism was indescribable. This was not anything like a dream, in
        fact it felt like I was awake for the first time in my life.

        Neville in his writings says that after death we are restored in a
        body of youth around twenty-five years of age (healed of all
        afflictions). This has been proven out in my experience.

        Twitchell had a knack for finding good authors to borrow from.
        Eckankar, as such, has elements of truth in it, something that has
        probably confused many (like myself). Many Eckists have experienced
        these other planes like I have yet they know that Eckankar is a scam.
        This can be deeply confusing. I hope what I've posted here can help
        to make some sense of what Twitchell did in his patchwork quilt

        Chuck Stockdale
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