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John-Rogers of MSIA & Former Follower of PT

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  • prometheus_973
    Hello Sharon and All, Twitchell mentioned John-Rogers, but not by name, after he left ECKankar in 1967. One can see how JR used some of Twitchell s, then,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2008
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      Hello Sharon and All,
      Twitchell mentioned John-Rogers, but not
      by name, after he left ECKankar in 1967.
      One can see how JR used some of Twitchell's,
      then, pre-copyrighted materials to start his
      own church (schism) as PT did with Ruhani

      where All Initiations are explained away
      via lower plane descriptions of "Incense":

      "The Mental Initiation is represented by the Air
      into which the Incense Smoke Flows. What Form
      does Air take? That's how subtle it gets. The Air
      is everywhere.

      The Etheric is represented by the Smell that comes
      from the Burning Incense, you have to have All the
      other Levels present and function. You have to have
      it all together.

      The Soul Level encompasses All Things. It goes
      beyond the Intellect. It's all. How it functions for
      you depends on the way your "Incense" is put together.
      It depends on how you put the Incense together in
      the past, who made the Incense, and what kind of
      Essence was used. How quickly or slowly the Incense
      Burns is what is called Karma. If you have an Incense
      Stick that's Thick, you may take a long time getting
      through it.

      All Levels Exist Simultaneously. The Physical, Astral,
      Causal, Mental, and Etheric are all present at the same
      time. You are Not Limited to one Level, but in the Initiations,
      one Level at a time is Focused On more than the others.
      In the Causal Initiation, the Focus is on the things you
      can do, with the Shape of the Smoke; at the same time,
      of course, the Air and Smell are also present.

      The Purpose of Initiation is to Awaken You on Each
      Successive Level of Consciousness. If you happen to
      Die before you reach the Next Initiation Level, You
      Won't Have To Come Back Below the Level Into Which
      You Have Been Initiated. For example, IF you've been
      Initiated into the Mental Level, you won't have to come
      back into the Physical, Astral, or Causal Level. That's
      the value of the Initiation. It Doesn't Necessarily
      Awaken You Into the Soul, BUT it Does Awaken You
      to Your Level of Initiation and allow you to have Conscious
      Awareness of that Level." [my caps]

      Sharon wrote:
      > Hi everyone!
      First of all, I just uploaded MSIA's hilarious "Top Secret"
      Causal Initiation Handbook over at ET, and I don't remember
      if I announced recently that I'd also uploaded Peter McWilliams'
      "Life 102" there - MSIA got the copyright and tried to "disappear"
      it before McWilliams died, but like Twitch's pitiful "East of Eden",
      you can still find it used. Altho McWilliams said he sort of "took
      back" the book before he died and changed his mind because
      John-Roger's successor wasn't as bad, I don't totally believe it,
      and the book's definitely a worthy read.
      They're at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eckankartruth/files
      - you have to be a member to access the files, but you can "join"
      quickly & easily then "unjoin" when you're finished.
      > Personally, I think the "handbook" makes it quite clear that
      John-Roger didn't have much respect for his members, just
      by the way it's written. If I had to describe it in one word,
      I'd say it's puerile.
      On former eckfriends, for most of my years in the cult,
      I only met a small handful at local meeetings and "worship"
      services. They seemed like nice but totally "normal" people,
      no more or less "spirichul" than anyone else, although as
      time went on I really wondered more & more where all that
      "high" stuff was. Towards the end I moved to another area
      and met a few more, and finally got to a couple big seminars,
      which made me wonder even more. And then I got on the
      internet....WOW!! Yep, all those questions were finally answered
      and I got out!!
      > I did make a few internet eckfriends, and when I went
      to a.r.e. I was so *totally* shocked at how horribly nasty
      & vicious one particular e-friend was, I ended up giving
      that one back what she'd been dishing out to former members,
      only I was much worse. <gg> There are still a few I'd
      normally still be friends with, especially one longtime HI
      & bigtime "vahana", they were more or less "okay" with my
      leaving and we just didn't discuss it & focused on families
      & critters, but they just can't help tossing in "eckisms" now
      & then, and it just became so difficult for me to keep my
      mouth shut about their delusional states...heartbreaking,
      actually. Especially the "vahana" - I began to sort of feel
      like I was going along with and keeping my mouth shut
      about people who think it's all right to have sex with children,
      like NAMBLA preaches. So I just had to totally stop "talking"
      to them. One of them had to ask me to make sure I never
      mentioned our friendship on the internet or said "hi" or anything
      if we ran into each other in "public" because it would be noted
      and they'd be "punished", and not get any more initiations
      or something. Gawd, can you imagine, feeling that way
      and not realizing how you're so controlled and brainwashed????
      Did anyone else think something was not quite "right" about
      Twitch's making his birthday the "Spiritual New Year" but stifle
      it? <gg>
      Have a good one, everyone!
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