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The Worthless EK Discourses

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  • prometheus_973
    Hi Liska and All, The Master s 4 Discourse, Lesson 3 talks about the Ninth Initiation. It states that there are Three Stages before the initiation is complete
    Message 1 of 15 , Oct 23, 2008
      Hi Liska and All,
      The Master's 4 Discourse, Lesson 3 talks
      about the Ninth Initiation. It states that
      there are Three Stages before the initiation
      is complete and valid. There are Two inner
      stages and a Third outer stage which is
      the physical confirmation. This acts as a
      safety valve so that one's imagination didn't
      completely take them from their EK reality
      and, perhaps, challenge Klemp's position.
      However, these, and all, initiations are
      fantasy and ego driven.

      The greater reality, for ECKists, is the initiation
      number printed on one's EK Membership Card!
      Other than that there is no real difference between

      There is, of course, the "as if" factor where one
      acts like they are something they aren't, but
      most H.I.s can't act their "as if" role 24/7. Some
      H.I.'s only attempt to play or "act" the part when
      they are around other ECKists. This is where
      they "change." Who and What one sees at an
      ECK event isn't an honest reality or even close
      to it. Klemp is more like the Wizard of Oz, but
      without the charisma. Or, maybe HK's more
      like the Old Witch from the North!

      There are certain factors that help EKists to
      maintain their Initiation Delusion. There are
      special titles for all, of course, but the real
      power is, generally, for those with higher

      However, these active H.I.s just have more
      training, higher "settler" positions (within
      the RESA Hierarchy), and (most) have learned
      to work with the Church guidelines, rules,
      and procedures more than the non-active
      H.I.s. Of course, being a friend of the RESA
      or another higher-up at the ESC always helps
      with that climb up the initiation ladder too!

      In ECKankar, the Initiations and Titles and
      Discourses have nothing to do with "Higher"

      Therefore, what value do these "Higher" Secret
      Teachings of the EK Discourses have over other
      Mental Plane and physical plane printed material?

      Twitchell plagiarized the ECK Discourses too!
      It's true that the discourses give info and teach
      techniques that the average newcomer doesn't
      normally read about, but some of this came from
      the Secret teachings of other religions that Twitchell
      had previously explored. I know this because I,
      too, learned of "Secret" words and sutras when
      following Eastern religions before I joined ECKankar.

      Also, there is evidence of the true (non-ECK)
      sources that PT used for his discourses.

      Religions and their teachings are all a bunch
      of crap! And, one doesn't need a Master for
      spiritual growth, or a weatherman to tell
      you if it's raining!

      For a person to get "spiritual indigestion" by
      reading too much is, of course, another lie.
      But, it could strain-the-brain and make one
      somewhat confused and feel out of sorts by
      trying to comprehend something so totally
      different. Calculus does the same for many
      people and it's not what I'd call "spiritual."


      drubezarne wrote:
      Leanne, if he's reading all those discourses,
      he's getting quite a dose of brainwashing.
      Aside from the propaganda and indoctrination,
      there's nothing worthwhile in any of them.
      I know, because I've got a box with all of
      them waiting to be burned in my fireplace.
      Providing a little warmth this winter is all
      they're good for.

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